Call to locate your mate and your nest but beware of alerting nearby predators.

SporeMatingCall.png Mating Call is an ability present in Spore and available to creatures in the Cell Stage, Creature Stage, and Captains in Galactic Adventures. The ability is exclusively granted by mouth parts. Mating Call allows the user to perform their species' mating call that may result in a response from a mate, the player can then follow that response to mate and enter either the Cell Creator or Creature Creator (depending on stage).


A Cell using the Mating Call ability

Cell Stage[]

The Mating Call becomes available in Cell Stage after obtaining 14 or more DNA points. When the player's cell performs a mating call, their cell must follow the "response", which appears randomly by sides. When the player's cell swims over the targeted cell (who appears with floating hearts around them), the player will enter the Cell Creator.

Creature Stage[]

A creature performing a Mating Call

The Mating Call can be used to locate the player's nest and to attract a mating partner to mate with. Potential partners will respond to your call by making the same mating call, and their disposition icon will change to a pink "swooning" emoticon, indicating that the player can mate with them by clicking on them. After the animation of laying an egg, the player will enter the Creature Creator. Using the Mating Call near to the nest of a hostile species will attract their attention.

Galactic Adventures[]

In adventures, Mating Call has no purpose but can be used anyway.


  • The Mating Call can be used to escape certain death, as interacting with the mate and entering the cutscene will make the player immune to damage and end any combat.
  • In the Creature Stage, using the Mating Call at your nest when there are no nestmates around will spawn a mating partner behind your creature.
  • Much like with singing and talking, a creature's mating call will vary depending on the mouth they have equipped.
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