A Master Badge.

A Master Badge is a badge that will be awarded to you after collecting many minor badges (Diplomat, Body Guard, etc.). Each badge earns a number of Badge Points. You must collect 275 Badge Points to reach Omnipotent. Master Badges are also the key to creating powerful Space fleets. The fastest (and only) way to do this is to create Trade Routes, finish Missions, fill out Ecosystems, destroy Empires, ally other Empires and much more to earn Master Badges which unlock more Allied Ship slots. Every two Master Badges you will unlock an extra ship slot in your allied fleet.

Level Number Badge Points Title
1 5 Commander
2 15 Commodore
3 30 Admiral
4 50 The Celebrated
5 75 The Renowned
6 105 The Great
7 140 The Legendary
8 180 All Powerful
9 225 Ultimate Being
10 275 Omnipotent

Tips and Tricks[]

Some good badges to help get Badge Points quickly are:

  1. Planet Artiste
  2. Terra-Wrangler
  3. Zoologist
  4. Missionista
  5. Warmonger

Further Info[]

Master Badge