Like Earth, the player can find Mars in the Sol system. It is a rocky planet. Unlike the real Mars, which is colder than in Spore and with large valleys and mountains, Mars is plain, and only needs an Atmosphere Generator to reach T1.  Mars will typically have Yellow Spice but sometimes purple or green Spice.


  • Strangely enough, Mars looks like the depiction of Mars from H.G Wells' "The War of The Worlds" if it is T3 and painted red.
  • The Spore version of Mars lacks the well known 'face'. Of course, this is no surprise: the real 'face' is very small in relation to the planet.
  • If a terrasculpting tool that lowers the elevation of the terrain is used, there will be water, or ice.
  • Neither of Mars's two moons (Phobos and Deimos) are present. This is likely because they are not spherical and consequently hard to create.

Real landformsEdit

If the player looks carefully at Mars there are three tall mountains including Olympus Mons. It is the largest volcano in the solar system at three times the height of Mount Everest, and many times larger. Nearby lies a large canyon - Valles Marineris. The Tharsis Bulge is also present, as well as the northern polar cap. These landforms are hard to spot. Also, Mars may vary from game to game, so you may not have these landmarks.

Spore 2012-10-25 16-05-15

Tharsis Bulge

Mars at different T levelsEdit