Maa is a Maxis-made cell appearing in the last part of the Cell Stage.

Maas make their first appearance in the beginning of Level 5 as a predator-sized cell, and soon become weak and slow peer-sized cells. Its uncommon feature is the fact that it lays eggs, which soon hatch into Juniors. Maa also drops eggs when it dies and bursts, which is slightly weird.

Maa, Junior and Paa.


  • Maa is as weak as a Minno, but the Juniors that may be found near it are not.
  • Maa resembles closely to Trooba creatures.
  • They make a wailing sound when hurt.
  • Maa is the only opposing cell that can lay eggs.
  • Maa is the largest herbivorous cell in Spore, aside from the player's cell.

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