Tips and Tricks[]

  • If this achievement was present in the final game, it would be easier to gain in Easy Mode.
  • Also, it would make it easier if all the enemy tribesmen were killed before attacking the tool shacks.


This achievement was removed from the final game for unknown reasons. Also, Luddite is present as an achievement in the game files, but it has no image on the Spore servers.

A possible reason for Luddite being deleted is the fact that only aggressive tribes could accomplish it. There were no other achievements that were made for friendly tribes. Therefore, it was unbalanced and the achievement was deleted. However, the achievement Conclusion for the Civilization Stage is only available for aggressive civilizations.

Another possibility is the inaccuracy about Luddite background through history. It turns out that some scholastics believe the Luddites weren't opposed to new technology, but rather to the abolition of set prices.

It is also possible that it was removed simply because it would take too long to achieve, as players would be required to replay the game many times.