Loyalty Booster's icon

"Place on a planet to ensure maximum loyalty."

This tool prevents colony planets with unhappy cities from striking, allowing you to max out a planet's spice-mining efficiency. It seems when an alien fleet is attacking a planet with the player's colony on it, they to go for the loyalty booster first, then they try to destroy the colony, and what's more, the loyalty booster has about 10,000 health so it's very durable. Considering this, the Loyalty Booster's most likely use is to keep a planet safe from capture until it is destroyed. The device can also protect against Uprisings.

It resembles a stereotypical mind control device.

Loyalty Booster.PNG

It also resembles the top of a Dalek from Doctor Who.


  • The same as all the other colony "Booster" tools, if another is placed on top of it before it has fully formed, you can place multiple on top of each other, and if fast enough, all of them can be placed on one spot.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This requires the Body Guard 3 or the Warmonger 2 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §300,000
Bard Empire : §180,000
Diplomat Empire : §150,000
Knight Empire : §150,000
Warrior Empire : §150,000
Zealot Empire : §150,000