In the Cell Stage, the only creatures you will meet are pre-made creations by Maxis. In later stages you may meet creations of other people, in addition to Maxis's creations.

You can also meet cells of your own species. They are less intelligent, as whenever they see a harmful creature their eyes grow big like they were scared but they never run away. This could possibly mean they are ready to fight the harmful cell.

What follows is a list of all the forty-two creatures in the Cell Stage. For more information about each individual cell, visit its page.

Starting Cells Edit

The following cells are those from which one of them is randomly selected when a player is starting a new game on Cell stage. If starting as an herbivore, it is recommended to retry the randomize until you wind up with Dolb, Loobo, or Sporoo, as these cells each have an extra eye that can be sold for an additional 5 DNA points.

Note: All Starting Cells have 1 speed.

Name Diet Image
Bawb Carnivore Bawb
Dolb Herbivore Dolb
Fohlees Carnivore Fohlees
Gaal Herbivore Gaal
Glarg Herbivore Glarg
Ildeeni Carnivore Ildeeni
Jowwi Carnivore Jowwi
Kkroot Carnivore Kkroot
Loobo Herbivore Loobo
Noog Herbivore Noog cell
Oog Herbivore Oog
Simnu Carnivore Simnu
Sporoo Herbivore Sporoo
Urgah Herbivore Urgah
Yurgh Herbivore Yurgh

Opposing Cells Edit

Opposing Cells are the molecular critters the player encounters throughout the stage.

Name First appears at level Disappears at level Diet Image Speed Collectible parts
Minno 1.0 (Peer) 2.0 Herbivore Minno 1
Goldy 1.0 (Predator) in Hard mode, 1.5 (Peer) in other modes 2.5 Carnivore Goldy 4
Pokey 1.5 (Peer) 2.5 Herbivore Pokey 2 Spike
Chomper 1.5 (Predator) 3.0 Carnivore Chomperx 3
Grubby* 2.5 (Peer) 3.5 Herbivore Grubbyx 2
Booster 2.0 (Predator) 3.5 Carnivore Boosterx 2 Jet
Shyster* 2.0 (Peer) 3.0 Herbivore Shysterx 4
Spiked Shyster* 2.0 (Peer) 3.0 Carnivore Spiked Shysterx 4 Spike
Squirty* 2.5 (Predator) 4.0 Carnivore Squirtyx 3 Poison
Pinky 3.0 (Peer) 4.0 Herbivore Pinkyx 2 Cilia
Punky* 3.0 (Peer) 4.0 Carnivore Punkyx 4 Cilia
Ducky* 3.0 (Epic) 5.0 Carnivore Duckyx 2
Nosey* 3.0 (Predator) 4.5 Omnivore Noseyx 5 Proboscis, Jet
Stabbella 3.5 (Peer) 4.5 Herbivore Stabbellax 2 Spike, Cilia
Stabber* 2.5 (Epic) 4.5 Carnivore Stabberx 2 Spike
Buzzy* 4.0 (Peer) 5.0 Herbivore Buzzyx 1 Electric
Needle Buzzy* 4.5 (Peer) 5.5 Carnivore Needle Buzzyx 2 Spike, Electric
Squiggly 4.0 (Predator) 5.5 Herbivore Squigglyx 3 Spike
Jawhead* 3.5 (Epic) 5.5 Carnivore Jawheadx 2 Spike
Puffish* 4.0 (Epic) N/A Carnivore Puffishx 1 Spike, Poison
Jetster 5.0 (Peer) N/A Herbivore Jetsterx 5 Jet
Maa 5.0 (Predator) N/A Herbivore Maax 1
Paa* 5.0 (Predator) N/A Carnivore Paax 3 Jet
Junior* 5.0 (Peer) N/A Carnivore Juniorx 2
Megamouth* 4.5 (Epic) N/A Carnivore Megamouthx 1 Spike
Snorf* 5.0 (Epic) N/A Carnivore Snorfx 5 Jet
Bloato* 5.5 (Predator) N/A Omnivore Bloatox 4 Cilia, Proboscis

*Possesses parts not accessible in-game.

Unused Cell Edit

An unused cell exists in the game files. It cannot be used as it contains invalid parts such as edited flagella and floating eyes. It is possible that it was a test for other parts. When dragged into the editor, the name shows up as Eyeguy. The creation date is June 29th, 2008, and it's username shows up as "sporebuild".


The unused cell in the game files.