In Spore's Sporepedia, there are 42 pre-made cells created by Maxis and unlike the following stages, they're only the ones that can be encountered in the Cell Stage with the exception of the player's correlating cell species.

Starting cells[]

The following cells are those from which one of them is randomly selected when a player is starting a new game on Cell Stage. There are 15 available default cells to play as.

Note: All Starting Cells have 1 speed and 1 flagella.

Name Diet Image
Bawb Carnivore Bawb
Dolb Herbivore Dolb
Fohlees Carnivore Fohlees
Gaal Herbivore Gaal
Glarg Herbivore Glarg
Ildeeni Carnivore Ildeeni
Jowwi Carnivore Jowwi
Kkroot Carnivore Kkroot
Loobo Herbivore Loobo
Noog Herbivore Noog
Oog Herbivore Oog
Simnu Carnivore Simnu
Sporoo Herbivore Sporoo
Urgah Herbivore Urgah
Yurgh Herbivore Yurgh

Opposing cells[]

Throughout the gameplay of Cell Stage, the player can encounter 27 pre-made Maxis cells. Each cell can be encountered in various stage's levels respectively.

Name First appears at level Disappears at level Diet Image Speed Collectible parts
Minno 1.0 (Peer) 2.0 Herbivore Minno, the first cell you meet in the game 1
Goldy 1.0 (Predator) in Hard mode, 1.5 (Peer) in other modes 2.5 Carnivore Goldy, the first carnivore cell you meet in the game 4
Pokey 1.5 (Peer) 2.5 Herbivore Pokey, the first cell you meet with spikes 2 Spike
Chomper 1.5 (Predator) 3.0 Carnivore Chomper, the first predator cell you meet, except on hard mode, it could be Goldy. 3
Grubby* 2.5 (Peer) 3.5 Herbivore Grubby, a multi-eyed cell 2
Booster 2.0 (Predator) 3.5 Carnivore Booster, the first cell you will meet with Jet 2 Jet
Shyster* 2.0 (Peer) 3.0 Herbivore Shyster, a cell with a large mouth 4
Spiked Shyster* 2.0 (Peer) 3.0 Carnivore Spiked Shyster, a cell with a Spike on it's mouth 4 Spike
Squirty* 2.5 (Predator) 4.0 Carnivore Squirty, the first cell you meet with Poison 3 Poison
Pinky 3.0 (Peer) 4.0 Herbivore Pinky, a herbivore cell with cilia 2 Cilia
Punky* 3.0 (Peer) 4.0 Carnivore Punky, a fast carnivore cell with cilia 4 Cilia
Ducky* 3.0 (Epic) 5.0 Carnivore Ducky, a large mouthed cell 2
Nosey* 3.0 (Predator) 4.5 Omnivore Nosey, the first omnivorous cell you will meet 5 Proboscis, Jet
Stabbella 3.5 (Peer) 4.5 Herbivore Stabbella, a cell full of Spikes 2 Spike, Cilia
Stabber* 2.5 (Epic) 4.5 Carnivore Stabber, the first epic cell you will meet, except on easy mode, epics are not present. 2 Spike
Buzzy* 4.0 (Peer) 5.0 Herbivore Buzzy, the first Electric cell you meet 1 Electric
Needle Buzzy* 4.5 (Peer) 5.5 Carnivore Needle Buzzy, Buzzy's carnivore cousin 2 Spike, Electric
Squiggly 4.0 (Predator) 5.5 Herbivore Squiggly, a three-eyed spiked cell 3 Spike
Jawhead* 3.5 (Epic) 5.5 Carnivore Jawhead, a dangerous cell with a large jaw 2 Spike
Puffish* 4.0 (Epic) N/A Carnivore Puffish, a spiked, poisonous predator cell 1 Spike, Poison
Jetster 5.0 (Peer) N/A Herbivore Jetster, a very fast herbivore cell 5 Jet
Maa 5.0 (Predator) N/A Herbivore Maa, Junior's mother 1
Paa* 5.0 (Predator) N/A Carnivore Paa, Junior's father 3 Jet
Junior* 5.0 (Peer) N/A Carnivore Junior, Maa and Paa's baby-cells 2
Megamouth* 4.5 (Epic) N/A Carnivore Megamouth, a cell with multiple carnivore mouths 1 Spike
Snorf* 5.0 (Epic) N/A Carnivore Snorf, a very fast predator cell 5 Jet
Bloato* 5.5 (Predator) N/A Omnivore Bloato, an omnivore cell with cilia 4 Cilia, Proboscis

Unused cells[]

There are two unused cells exists in the game files. Eyeguy cannot be used as it contains unusable parts such as edited flagella and floating eyes. When dragged into the editor, the name shows up as "Eyeguy". The creation date is June 29, 2008, and it's username shows up as "sporebuild". The second cell file named "Paint Swatch" appears to be the template for the Cell Paint images. Surprisingly, this cell can be dragged and loaded into the Cell Creator. This creation has no author, name or mouth.