Creature Stage abilities

Stuns the target and deals a large amount of damage for an energy cost.

- In game description

The Lighting Striker is a melee weapon,


The Lightning Striker consists of a small unit (like a power supply or a handle) at the base of a large blade. It is mostly colored a metallic grey with a single green light on top, but a couple of patches on the base of the Striker have the Captain's coat color.

Upgrading the Striker does not increase the size of the main blade, but adds new blades at the edges. At level 1, these blades are nonexistent, and the captain attacks by stepping forward and striking with 1 hand, leaving a blue trail of electricity. At level 2, the captain uses both hands at moves the blades as if to tear the target apart by stabbing and then pulling the blades upwards and outwards. The trail is purple, and the 4 extra blades just barely pop out of the sides. At level 3, the captain pounces on the target, leaving a very large blue trail and making a metallic sound upon landing. The smaller blades are fully extended.


The Striker is similar in many ways to the Bladed Knuckles, only its effects are far more damaging. Like the Knuckles, it cannot be used if there is not enough energy to power the "Lightning" part of the Lightning Strike.

If the Striker is placed on a Captain's tail (if the Captain has one) then the Captain will swing/flip around to use it.



The damage, energy usage, and cooldown times can be found in the instruction booklet of Spore Galactic Adventures, on page 4. It has a 0.5 damage multiplier (1/2 damage) when used on vehicles and buildings. It stuns the primary target for 3 seconds, regardless of weapon level.

  • Level 1
    • Damage: 35 (17.5 to vehicles and buildings)
    • Energy Used: 80
    • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
  • Level 2
    • Damage: 70 (35 to vehicles and buildings)
    • Energy Used: 110
    • Cooldown: 1.75 seconds
  • Level 3
    • Damage: 115 (57.5 to vehicles and buildings)
    • Energy Used: 135
    • Cooldown: 2.1 seconds


The Striker's attack is its "Lightning Strike", a high-powered stabbing attack that hits the target and electrocutes it. This can be fatal to most opponents in a couple of hits (especially on Strikers at higher levels), made worse for them since the Strike stuns them for 3 seconds and prevents them from defending themselves, moving, or retaliating. It melees in a cone-like area around the user, centering on the primary target. As weapon level increases, so too does damage, energy usage, cooldown times, and the size of the cone. Lightning Strike replaces the Shaman's Icy Band attack, and both of them replace Strike.

The Lightning Striker can hit multiple targets at the same time. The primary target takes full damage and gets stunned, while adjacent foes take less damage and are not stunned.


  • It is possible that this weapon was inspired by the Lightsabers of Star Wars or Energy Swords from the Halo series. It could also be based off the Protoss Zealot's blade energy weapons from StarCraft™.
Creature Stage abilities