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A Lava Planet.

In the Galaxy, you will come across planets known as Lava Planets. They are the opposite of Ice Planets. They have molten lava instead of water. The temperature is unusually high, and the atmosphere is often dense, sometimes low. Flying in too close causes your ship to overheat, causing significant damage. On computers with low graphics cards, lava is displayed as static liquid. Most of the lava planets in Spore have a pink or purple colored surface.


There are two threats on Lava Planets. Note that flying too close to lava seas also does damage.

Threats Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Fire Storms X O O
Fire Jets X O X

Fire Storms[]

These strange clouds appear to be made of fire, and deal damage to your ship when you fly into one.

Fire Storm

Fire Jets[]

Fire Jet

Jets of flame and heated gas, Fire Jets shoot up from the surface and can damage your ship if you fly too low. Fire Storms spawn from these. They are unpredictable and shoot up from random locations on the surface.

On Lava Planets, the water is replaced by lava, and the land is a dark red-purple. As the T-score increases, the land becomes fertile, and the lava lowers and eventually hardens, with water appearing in its place.


  1. A planet that orbits close to a star, as in Spore.
  2. By a massive collision.
  3. By huge amounts of radioactive elements decaying underneath the crust.
  4. Tidal flexing from other planets, moons, stars etc.
  5. During their formation all planets, including gas giants, were lava planets.