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The four varieties of aircraft lasers.

Lasers are vehicle-mounted weapons that fire a continuous beam of energy. The first lasers are usually developed by military nations in Civilization Stage after developing their first air vehicle, however, all species develop lasers as soon as they reach the Space Stage.

Laser beams travel instantaneously to their target, and as they are beams can be maintained as long as the weapon has energy to continue producing the beam, giving them a major advantage over other weapons. This is very noticeable in Civilization Stage, where aircraft can take over a city far more quickly than other vehicles as they can start attacking another building as soon their original target is destroyed.

Aircraft weapon[]

Aircraft lasers turn red when a spaceship joins in with the battle.

Aircraft lasers come in four main types, based on how powerful the laser is. Shells and torpedoes also change, but only in size and not as noticeable a change as the change in lasers.

  • Yellow lasers
    • Up to 15 damage
    • Thin, yellow beams. Some sections of the laser are thinner than others, making it look from a distance like the aircraft is actually firing blasters.
  • Green lasers
    • 16 to 22 damage
    • Thin, green beams of light.
  • Purple lasers
    • 23 to 29 damage
    • Thick blue-purple beams that look similar to electricity.
  • Orange lasers
    • 30+ damage
    • Thin, orange beams of light.

In what is possibly a glitch, when both a spaceship and military aircraft attack a city, the aircraft's weapons will turn into red lasers.

Turret weapon[]

Yellow lasers from a distance, displaying the optical illusion that makes them look like blasters.

Upon reaching Space Stage, gun technology is discarded in turrets and replaced with laser weaponry. Cities will often retain their old turrets, but they will fire lasers instead of bullets. Turret lasers are powerful enough to push the player's ship back. They are red in appearance and have a relatively short range but make up for this with instantaneous contact and pinpoint accuracy, as opposed to the dodge-able rocket or the highly inaccurate flak.

Ship tool[]

The Laser as a ship tool is the only weapon developed independently by all species. It is a precise weapon and is able to kill a creature in a single split-second shot, hence it is most useful for eradication missions and for solving Eco Disasters. The upgrades increase its power further, and the Mega Laser is capable of destroying a Tribal hut in a single shot and an entire city hall in 15 seconds, and a city hall in a colony on a T0 planet in 1 second.

Despite it saying in the game that lasers are intended for use against ground targets, they can be used against aerial targets as well. Unfortunately, since lasers are not guided weapons as Proton Missiles are, in ship-to-ship combat they are only more useful than missiles at very close ranges which require careful movement to prevent fighter spacecraft from coming too close and being able to fire their blasters. They are also useful against slow-moving ships, but such ships usually still have a fighter complement to protect them. However, ship-based lasers have a longer range than turret lasers, so they are best used for capturing enemy cities. They also deal greater damage per second than missiles and can be used to quickly dispatch a large number of ships when they cluster and circle around the player. Laser are also on enemy ships and are used in close quarters as blaster weapons, you can't get the item for some reason

Mega Laser being used on a planet.


Level Requirements Damage per second Energy used per second Energy Efficiency Description
Laser Icon.png
Mini Laser
Developed at start of Space Stage 40 0.25 160 Use on ground targets; A weak, but precise weapon.
Laser Icon.png
Conqueror 2 or Eco Hero 1 80 0.5 160 Use on ground targets. A medium strength, precision weapon.
Mega Laser Icon.jpg
Mega Laser
Conqueror 3 or Eco Hero 2, Laser 240 0.75 320 Use on ground targets. A strong, precision weapon.


Empire type Purchase Cost
Laser Icon.png Mega Laser Icon.jpg
Own §500,000 §1,500,000
Trader §325,000 §975,000
Warrior / Knight §250,000 §750,000
Zealot §375,000 §1,125,000

Galactic Adventures[]

A gate disguised as a spaceship blocks the player from a laser. The smoke is an added Effect.

In Spore Galactic Adventures, all aircraft and spaceship lasers have the colours mentioned in the "aircraft weapon" section above, depending on how much power the laser is given in the Vehicle Editor (spaceships have by default a strength of 16, so they fire green lasers). However, the actual power of the weapon in the adventure can be changed in the Adventure Creator.

These lasers can be blocked by a number of obstacles, including disguised gates, fixed objects, land formations, buildings, creatures, and other vehicles. A building, creature, or vehicle will incur damage when hit (unless its health is set to infinite) and if possible, will return fire.

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