Knight's comm background

Knight's communication backgrounds. The creature is lit from the bottom with an orange light.

Knights are noble warriors that fight for right, not for personal gain. Peace will come to the galaxy only when evil has been vanquished.

- In-game description

Knight is one of the ten philosophies present in the Space Stage of Spore.

Unlike other philosophies, Knights cannot be encountered as randomly generated AI empires during Space Stage. For unknown reasons, there is no entry for Knights in the game files that set the chance of any given empires spawning and as such, they will never appear.

The only possibility to encounter them is to find a saved-game empire with a Knight trait. However, they function exactly the same as the Warrior archetype without any slight difference.

Unique Power[]

The Knight acquires the Summon Mini-U unique ability. Summon Mini-U can be used to summon a miniature version of the player's own ship that acts as an ally in their fleet. Pirates also have the Summon Mini-U ability, yet they can create more than one Mini-U. Summon Mini-U is the only spaceship ability in the game that can only be obtained via evolution (unless the player uses cheats).

Gaining The Knight Archetype[]

Through Evolution[]

The Knight archetype is awarded to species that gain every color, plus an extra red card.

Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Herbivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Knight
Herbivore Predator Industrious Military Knight
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Economic Knight
Omnivore Social Aggressive Military Knight
Omnivore Predator Friendly Military Knight
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Religious Knight
Carnivore Social Industrious Military Knight
Carnivore Social Aggressive Economic Knight
Carnivore Adaptable Friendly Military Knight
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Religious Knight
Carnivore Predator Friendly Economic Knight
Carnivore Predator Industrious Religious Knight

Through Mission[]

It is impossible to encounter Knights in the galaxy, as for some reason there are no AI empires that are Knights. It is possible to meet a Knight if one of the player's other saved games are Knights, but they will receive the Warrior mission instead.


The Recommended Path (with arguably the best array of passive abilities for Space stage) is Red Red Green Blue

  • Cell: Power Monger provides extra energy
  • Creature: Prime Specimen gives more health
  • Tribal: Gracious Greeting boosts relations
  • Civilization: Spice Savant gives faster spice production

Another good path is Blue Red Green Red

  • Cell: Gentle Generalist gives a 20% discount on general goods
  • Creature: Prime Specimen gives more health
  • Tribal: Gracious Greeting boosts relations
  • Civilization: Pirates-B-Gone reduces the chance of attacks on colonies by pesky pirates

This order is recommended for people who want to socialize. Also, being omnivorous gives a varied diet in the Creature Stage and Tribal Stage, but this order does have drawbacks. The player will start out as a religious city and so, they must capture a military city and use it to capture the rest of the cities manually without any special powers. The player will also need to rebuild cities once they capture them for they will be severely damaged. Beside that, the player gets general tools more cheaply, they get facilitated interaction with other empires, making it easier to ally them (even with the Grox), their spaceship will have more health, and their colonies will be protected from pirates.

Depending on the specific trait cards given, Knight empires can be very good at both socializing and fighting. If the trait is obtained through red-red-green-blue, the consequence abilities will make the player's weapons more efficient (military), the player will get a bonus to relations (social), they will have more ship health (all-around useful) and they will be able to make money easier (extremely useful).


Knights do not have their own Philosophy, the Philosophy of Force is shown instead.

"We the (knight) empire know the philosophy of force. It is strength and it is victory.

First, we were the strongest among our neighbors, then we were the strongest in all our lands. Then, we found new neighbors and new lands. We went there in great numbers, and we fought and we were the strongest there too. And now we are the strongest of all empires... all empires but one.

If anyone dares challenge the (knight) empire, then we will fight and we will win.'"

As stated above, Knight Empires used to battle against other sentient beings until they became the "strongest of all empires, all empires but one". This may hint that their only rival is none other than the Grox.

Galactic Adventures[]

Although all other archetypes (except Wanderers) have their own set of tools to unlock for a captain, Knights do not. However, they do get their own set of titles completely different from the Warrior titles.

There is a connection between this archetype, and the only other archetype one cannot encounter randomly generated by the computer: Wanderer. The fifth Wanderer title is rogue, and the first Knight title is rogue.


1. Rogue
2. Apprentice
3. Squire
4. Adventurer
5. Man-at-Arms
6. Guard (or "Errant" at Online Sporepedia)
7. Chivalric
8. Paladin
9. Noble
10. Lord (or "King" at Online Sporepedia)


  • The background of the Knight empires is also used as one of the backgrounds for Religious nations and Military nations in the Civilization stage.
  • Knights' voice is the same as your empire's one because there is no way to find a CPU Knight empire other than a file you are currently playing.
  • The lack of Knights could also be a reference to the Jedi Knights from Star Wars, nearly all of whom were hunted down. This possible reference is also suggested by the fact that they follow the " Phillosophy of the Force" but they fight for peace and not for personal gain unlike Warriors.
  • It is worth noting that, because a squire is a Knight in training, and therefore a noble, they would, in fact, be higher ranked than a man-at-arms, who is generally just a soldier, not a member of nobility (in medieval society of course). However, the title Man-at-Arms was also used to refers to knights or merchant cavalry. Additionally, a man-at-arms is a battle-hardened soldier whereas a squire is an apprentice hence the Man-at-Arms would be more valuable in war.
  • Summon Mini-U could be a reference to a knight-squire kinship, with the player's Mini-U serving as their own personal squire.