Junior is a Maxis-made cell found in the Cell Stage at Level 5. They hatch from Maa's eggs and are Paa's children.

Juniors attack in groups and in the second half of Level 5, they show to be the only aggressive prey-sized cells, which makes them immune to Spikes. A good way to counter them (and progress easily in the case of carnivores) is to have the poison part or electric part. They are known to eat everything, even dead Maas. They spawn when a Maa lays an egg or dies. A good strategy is to electrocute them then run away while it charges. They die instantly to any attack, so the Poison weapon is extremely effective against swarms of them since it can kill them en masse while you run from them. As prey size, your creature can also simply eat them if your creature is an omnivore or carnivore.


  • Juniors have a mixture of Maa and Paa parts. (Though they resemble more to their father then their mother.)
  • They are very aggressive and will attack you even if you're bigger.
  • Unlike normal cells, its jaws can hurt your cell even when you're bigger that it.
  • Juniors will eat dead Maas.
  • Small Juniors can be seen trying to eat meat chunks bigger than their own size but failing to do so.
  • In Normal and Hard Mode, they prefer to attack in a swarm- whenever you pass by more, they join the swarm.
  • When a predator-size Maa is eaten by an Epic Snorf, the eggs that spawn are prey sized. This means Juniors can be Peer sized and Prey sized in the same area at the same time.
  • Even if you are a herbivore, you can eat Junior eggs.
  • Eating Juniors gives no DNA, though the eggs do.
  • Not only are Spikes useless against the prey Juniors, you are better off without them as they will bite your spikes.

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