Joker Badge

Joker Badge

"You're not supposed to get the Joker badge, you cheater!"

Awarded for cheating.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion
1 Enter an in game console cheat 0


This badge is a tag identifying a game as having been cheated on and will disable further achievements on that game. There is currently an occasional bug that will disable gaining achievements across all games, not just the one that Joker Badge is 'earned' on, effectively stopping that user from gaining any more achievements on any existing or new games. This can be fixed by turning off the game and turning it back on, but it will only work to profiles you have never cheated on. If the goal of a game is to receive all possible badges, this should, for obvious reasons, be the last one attained. Doing a single cheat 50 times gets you the the Pathological Cheater Achievement.

Some players might get the photographer achievement even after cheating, however, this is may be a glitch, and could also happen to other achievements.

There is a way to use the setConsequenceTrait and a few other cheats in Space stage allowing you to get the badge but still be able to earn all achievements. Instead of skipping the beginning of the stage mission(fly to the bubbles), accept it. Then you can enter the cheats you want. This is likely because you don't have the Captain's Badge and you are yet to start collecting badges. (Having only happened once, it may have been a mistake.) This effect will wear off as soon as you make it to the "Scan the missing Creature" mission. Also, this cheat does not in any way affect the "moremoney" cheat. It will disable achievements and give you the badge regardless.

Master Badge