Jawhead is a Maxis-made cell, present in the Cell Stage at Level 4.

Jawhead is first found as an Epic Cell and has many spikes protecting its sides, so use of the proboscis and frontal spike assaults are the best way to kill it. It is preyed upon by Snorf, Megamouth, Paa, Junior, Puffish and Needle Buzzy, and constantly attacks Squiggly, Needle Buzzy, Ducky and Buzzy.

Jawhead is both aggressive and brave. It makes the same sounds as Booster although they have do not have the same parts (although they both have jaws, Booster has the normal jaw while Jawhead has one of the hidden jaws), color, texture, or shape.

Many of Jawhead's traits are very similar to that of Chomper. (Black coloration, jaw, multiple eyes, sets of flagella in the back) It is possible that Jawhead is an evolution of Chomper, however Chomper is much faster.

Havestable parts[]


  • Jawhead's mouth is a hidden part.
  • Jawhead seems to have a strange relationship with Puffish:
    • It won't be attacked by Puffish.
    • When Jawhead is a predator cell and Puffish is an epic cell, Jawhead will not instantly die from Puffish's poison (It will just be stunned as if the player were poisoning it), nor will it be damaged by Puffish's spikes.
    • Puffish will never eat alive Jawheads (but they will eat dead ones).
  • When Jawhead is peer or prey sized, it can die from Puffish poison, but Puffish spikes are ineffective against it.
  • Jawhead is brave; even if a cell has poison, like Puffish, it will not run away. Jawheads congregate around Puffish to hunt Squigglies and Needle Buzzies.
  • An evidence of Jawheads are evolved from Chomper is the fact that they have spikes. A Chomper will kill a Pokey on easy/normal difficulty, giving you the spike part. Chomper could have also obtained the spike part, so they put it on and evolved into Jawhead.

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