It Came From the Sky is the mission assigned to the player by Ecologist Empires, and is one of the adventure missions that the player can accept in the Space stage.


The player is sent to investigate a crashed ship. When sent down to the planet, the player must investigate the crashed ship, which has jettisoned a escape pod. Next to the ship is a green corpse, and a trail of dead skin trailing away from the ship. The player also has to talk to Claark near a research base. He says that most of the crew are missing.

Afterwards the player must talk to Blaair and Ben Ning, two more researchers. They retail how the crew is missing, sick, or dead.

Next the player must go to the graves of the dead researchers, where there is a reclusive N'orris researcher. The player must examine some dead skin, which trails of to a store room.

In the room there is an alien. He states that the men are scared of him and Eftie, the daughter of a deceased researcher is immune, and the infection came from his planet. Eftie asked the player if the player is sick, and the player offers to take her home.

When she starts following the player, there is a scream. The player sees Claark, but horribly disfigured, with hair growing out everywhere and green skin, killing N'orris. The player also fights an infected Blaair, and several people who are identical to Blaair and N'orris. After killing them, the player takes Eftie to the Extraction Point.


  • The Spoffit in this level is to the right from point where you start, after the large stone.
  • This scenario is based upon the John Carpenter film "The Thing". Certain characters even share names with their movie counterparts such as Blaair. The infection Being caused by small aliens (the skin was added as a creature) may be a reference to the film, Slither.
  • The scenario also resembles a later game created by EA, Dead Space 3 (2013), as the characters from that game (Isaac Clarke, Norton, and Ellie) have names resembling those of the characters Claark, N'orris, and Eftie. The setting is also very similar as it takes place on a research station on an arctic planet.
  • Ben Ning has a set of words to say in the last act, but he doesn't appear in it. Some lines are, "Something's happened to Blaair and Claark!", "Where's N'orris?" and "Let's get outta here!"
  • "Weegee" is Claark's pet. His name could be a reference to an old internet meme called Weegee, which originated from Luigi's sprite from the game Mario is Missing.
  • When Claark kills N'orris he says "You hated my dog!"
  • It is possible to save N'orris, but you need to be quick and/or have Level 3 Warrior weapons (preferably ranged ones).