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The Invigorator is a captain tool in Spore Galactic Adventures. It is the first part unlocked in the ecologist row of parts.


The body is a cylinder with two leaves and a glowing purple gem on top.The sides have to squares with what seems to be gold bars.


The Invigorator automatically restores health by 1 point every second. This is not increased by adding more invigorators, nor will it add to the benefit provided by the Super Invigorator.


When not in combat, it restores health at 1 hit point per second every second until health is full. It does not restore any health once its user dies. It is the only accessory aside from the Super Invigorator that allows the captain to regenerate health.


It is useful if you are fighting against a strong opponent, or multiple opponents over the course of a long mission. If you are running low on hit points escape the battle temporarily, and your health will be slowly restored. Its practicality is still minimal, however, especially on missions with less combat, or if the user is also wearing armor parts or has a large amount of health to begin with.

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