In the Tribal Stage, Civilization Stage and Space Stage, the player will come across various enemies. In Creature stage, the player may occasionally find hunting packs of predators, who occasionally will take the player's nests if they have been left unguarded, but it is not on the same level of importance as the later stages.

Tribal Stage Edit

The player's tribe usually has 4 tribes that will dislike them, who are all different species.

Invaded by others Edit

Tribal stage is often difficult, especially if the player wants the social archetype. And sometimes, several tribes may attack at once. If an enemy tribe has been sighted, the best defense is to gather some warriors, armed with throwing spears to make a stand outside the player's village, and some shamans (later into the game) armed with medical staffs to heal the player's injured tribe members. This usually repels most attacks.

Invading other tribes Edit

Sometimes, it is a good idea to attack a tribe soon after they have attacked the player's village. Quickly recover (make sure the tribe always has a lot of food), and then attack the other tribe, being sure to leave a couple of members behind in case the player's tribe is counterattacked. Or, the player could target specific members of the other tribe, such as when they are fishing or gathering resources. This is not recommended, seeing as you can take food from destroyed villages, so long as you can eat it. Make sure, when razing other villages to the ground, to bring a variety of weapons and to spread the different tribe members (armed with different weapons) strategically. Spear throwers on the outside, to protect ones armed with stone axes who are attacking a hut or other village building.

Civilization Stage Edit

Enemy nations Edit

In the civilization stage, the player is up against other nations of the player's species. The player must gather as many spice geysers as possible, but to start with, mainly focus on factories and housing. If war occurs, then the player must start to concentrate buying turrets and vehicles. With maybe a few land vehicles patrolling the spice geysers. Alliances are helpful as well, and using abilities gained in previous stages should be used only on occasion.

Space Stage Edit

Spore 2009-11-08 20-56-25

The player using Raider Rally and fleet in the space stage, invading a planet.

Being invaded by aliens works much like how the player invades other alien empires. They target the player's colonies if no spaceships are around, and eventually, the morale of the cities is decreased so much that your planet will be surrendered to them. Planets will only be attacked if they are inside a "Danger Radius" around Enemy planets, which may span a very large area. The Grox have the whole Galaxy in their Danger Radius.

Making alliances is helpful, especially in the early space stage, as the player is usually very weak. Allies will give the player a ship for their fleet, and will attack nearby colonies. Sometimes conquering small empires with a lot of resources is an easy way to gain new planets.

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