Insectrox Commander (or Insectrox in Infestation adventure) is a Maxis-made captain, present in the Galactic Adventures. They are an insectoid species controlled by the Grox and are used in the conquering of planets. They resemble cybernetic Splodies. They are produced in low numbers by infection pods launched by the Grox. The Insectrox fight along-side Dronox and Mites.

Mites Edit


A Mite.

Mites are smaller, spider-like creatures that carry bombs towards the player.

However, the player can lure them into enemy troops so that the suicide blast effects the enemy as well.


  • The Insectrox in the Sporepedia are called "Insectrox Commanders", implying that the Mites are Insectrox.
  • The Mites are called "DynaMites" in the Sporepedia, refering to their bombing habit.
  • The Insectrox has a striking resemblence to a Splodey.
  • The Mite looks like an insectoid Willosaur, but mainly in body shape and not leg count.
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