Insects are small, flying creatures. They cannot be interacted with, although when summoned using a Swarm Magnet they will sting larger creatures.

Flies Edit

  • Flies are found around corpses in Creature Stage that have started to rot.
  • Flies are also found as an Effect in Spore Galactic Adventures' Adventure Creator.
  • The Swarm Magnet insects also appear to be flies, and not bees as might be thought.
  • The Ancient Flyswatter Rare features a gigantic fossilised mosquito.

Bees Edit

  • In Spore Creepy & Cute, the Creature Creator Test Drive mode had several new animations added, including "Bees", which sends a swarm of bees to sting your creature.
  • Bees are also found as an Effect in the Adventure Creator.

Other insects Edit

  • Other insect-like Effects in the Adventure Creator include "Butterflies", "Fireflies" and "Pixies". Although neither directly showing the creatures nor being technically insects, there is also a "Spiderwebs" Effect.
  • There are many insectoid creatures in the Spore Galaxy, most notably the Grox-aligned Insectrox.

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