Infestation is the Warrior's campaign mission and is among the first missions encountered in the Space stage.


A Grox invasion threatens a peaceful planet. The Grox have rooted an Infestation pod into the planet, and are attempting to pollute and intoxicate the planet, changing it to a condition that will support the Grox's survival (a condition that can't support anything else).

It is strongly advised that one enters the mission with at least Bladed Knuckles, or even better, Plasma Pulsers, as this is a combat mission. Speed, as well as jumping or flying, can also be very useful. Missile Attack can make taking out groups of enemies a breeze.

You are not actually battling the Grox themselves, but rather an endless army of insectoid cyborgs with ranged combat abilities that were genetically engineered by the Grox, which you fight along with a small army of troops to get to the area where an Infestation pod is. You first meet with a captain named Barbaros, along with his troops. You will then soon join the troops on a raid to access and destroy the Infestation pod, while at the same time trying to fend off the army of cyborgs, i.e the Dronox, the Insectrox and the Mites, which are carrying bombs and bring them to the player in hopes of detonating it directly in front of the captain.

You can try to go near the small pods where Mites are made, and steal their bombs. Also, taking out the mites from long range can be very helpful, especially if they happen to be wandering next to a pack of Dronox or Insectrox.

After a few battles with the cyborgs, you will eventually have to destroy the Infestation pod, with some help from the allied forces of the planet.

This adventure is worth 100 Spore Points.


  • After the Infestation pod is destroyed, a Spoffit can be found in a throne-like structure on the highest terrains. The player will need a good jump and/or glide to get in there.
  • As soon as the Infestation pod appears on the horizon, there is a secret path behind some large rocky formations on your right. This is a safe enemy-free shortcut the leads to a ledge overlooking the infestation pod. On the path is a health upgrade and some grenades to aid you in destroying the Pod!
  • There are 4 Grenades at the fence when you start. They can be helpful in killing the Dronox.
  • Maxis recently released "Dronox Invasion," an adventure where you play as a Dronox trooper instead of your captain, and must kill Barbaros and destroy all buildings.
  • There is an explosive barrel next to a fence. Large grazers are found in there, and can serve as a good distraction.
  • The DynaMites can follow you even if you are sneaking (This also happens with the penguins in the Robot Chicken adventure Shake It Up, which have similar AI).