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In the galaxy, you will come across planets known as Ice Planets. Basically, they are giant hunks of ice, snow and rock. The only way for you to access the spice on the planet is by terraforming it. They usually have a low temperature and high atmosphere. The water is frozen on ice planets. Ice planets are obviously the exact opposite of Lava Planets.

Ice Planets are usually difficult to terraform because they often have resistance to terraforming tools, and they can reset back to their normal state very quickly. It is suggested that you have all the required supplies before commencing to terraform an Ice Planet.


An Ice Geyser

Hazards Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Electric Storms X O O
Ice Geysers X O X

Electric Storms[]

Electric Storms are gray clouds with lightning that appear on Ice Planets. They damage your ship if you fly too close, probably because of the electricity.

Ice Geysers[]

Geysers shooting ice and gas from under the surface. They can damage your ship if you fly too close. They are unpredictable and shoot up from random locations on the surface.

An Ice Planet, An electric storm and multiple ice geysers are visible.


Ice planets may have been inspired by planet Hoth from Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.