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"Use on a planet to hurl an ice comet at it. Lowers the temperature and raises the atmosphere level."

An Ice Comet is a terraforming tool. When used, the player's spaceship projects a long tractor beam into outer space, which it uses to drag down a frigid comet and smash it into the planet. This lowers the temperature and increases the atmosphere level of the planet. This can be used as a weapon, but the player must expose him/herself to fire by hovering over the enemy city.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This requires the Empire (badge) 4 or the Missionista 4 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §225,000
Bard Empire : §135,000
Ecologist Empire : §112,500
Scientist Empire : §135,000
Zealot Empire : §135,000