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The Hypnomelder is a close-range Captain weapon.


A band with jewels and feathers on it.


The Hypnomelder is a close-range Captain weapon. It can only be used by the player's Captain, and only works against other creatures. Like other Shaman weapons, it does not require energy but cannot be upgraded.



The Hypnomelder's "Mind Meld" is used by the Captain holding its hand out in front of its body (or lurching forwards if it does not have hands), upon which green energy shoots out and towards the target. The target then temporarily becomes an ally of the Captain, and regardless of its original disposition, attacks any of the Captain's enemies (and vice versa, as the enemies immediately know that their former ally has changed sides). The Mind Meld itself does not deal any damage to its target. Once the effect wears off, the original enemy resumes attacking the Captain, as do any enemies that may have been attacking it during the Mind Meld.


The Hypnomelder consumes no energy when used, and will never directly deal any damage to the targeted creature. It does not affect epics, vehicles, or buildings, and AI units (allied or enemy) will never use it. It will hypnotize one creature into being your ally for 16 seconds, or until they are killed. You cannot attack hypnotized enemies.

  • Damage: 0
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds


The Hypnomelder is primarily used against groups of enemies, in order to prevent them from attacking the player. The Icy Band and Swarm Magnet each prevent one opponent from attacking for several seconds, while the Mind Meld keeps two opponents occupied and causes both to deal damage against each other. It can also be used to keep a lone enemy from attacking the player for a lengthened period of time (especially since the time for the Mind Meld's effect to wear off is longer than its recharge time), so that the player can (for example) recover health or energy before returning to combat. Unfotunately, this does not work on Epic creatures.



  • Hypnomelder and it's power is a reference to Yuri from Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.
  • It could also be a reference to Star Trek's Vulcans, since their powers allowed them to use "mind melds".
Creature Stage abilities