A Hydro Mantis slashes at Zrin with one of its claws.

Hydro Mantis are Bio lieutenants native to Cryos. They can shoot a mist that will cause anything around them to pass out. They have the ability to resurrect other enemies, an attribute that it shares with the Reparatron, an enemy in Zelem's Nexus. However, unlike the Reparatrons, they can only resurrect an enemy once after it's initial defeat.

Description Edit

The Hydro Mantis when angered, will launch a cloud of seeping green gas that fills a small area. Anyone caught in the gas will promptly fall asleep, letting the Hydro Mantis close in before slashing the sleeping hero with its razor sharp claws.

Range heroes will need to stay on their toes to avoid these poison clouds. In addition, the Hydro Mantis emits a powerful energy that causes any nearby Darkspore to immediately resurrect when they are killed for the first time, making it a high priority target that should be dealt with immediately.

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