A hut is the basic living unit of the Tribal stage. Eventually the hut becomes a City hall when your species evolves. Huts are used as some kind of command center by the tribe members. It is where you buy babies and update the look of your Tribe in the clothing editor and the tribe editor. Huts are also the target for aggressive tribes, as they can only successfully conquer a tribe by destroying its hut. They health of the hut varies, but it is much tougher than the other buildings in the tribe and takes longer to destroy. An easy way to destroy the hut is with the Flaming torch tool.

Upgrading hutsEdit

Huts can be upgraded once the player has conquered enough nearby tribes through music or aggression. Doing this will also increase the overall size of your tribe and will allow you to have more members in your tribe. As the tribe increases, the hut gets tougher. In the end, it has 1,000 health, but at the beginning it only has 500 hitpoints. Originally a Hut editor was going to be in the game however it was removed. This Hut editor, however, may be available in a future patch or expansion pack.

Spore 2009-01-20 16-15-14

A fully developed hut.

Consequence from Cell stageEdit

Depending on whether the player was a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore, the hut in tribal stage will vary. A herbivore creature will have a clay-like hut with a leafy roof in tribal stage, An omnivore creature has a woody type of hut and a carnivore in the creature stage will have an animal skin hut with a wooden, horned frame.