A house connected to a factory within a city.

House icon.pngHouses are type of building that are available in the Civilization stage and Space stage. They increase the residency of nation's city (an increase of 15 residents for every house placed). One house increases the number of vehicles a player can have by three. When linked to a factory or entertainment building, the house will double either production rate or happiness, accordingly.

Special Parts[]

Each building editor contains parts that can only be accessed by that certain editor. These are the parts that can only be accessed by the house editor.

  • Lights
    • Street Lamp
    • Torchiere
    • Light Sphere
    • Industry Lamp
  • Stacks, lamps, and tables
    • Black Smoker
    • Smokey Fungi
    • Light Cane
    • Picnic Time
  • Lawn Ornaments
    • Lawn Art
    • Window Boxing
    • Wishing Well
    • Pajaro Paradiso
  • Fences
    • Overlook
    • Stonewall
    • Portal
    • Entree


  • It should be the first thing any player puts into their city
  • Housing is the most expensive of the buildings, but is still arguably the most precious.

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