History Icon

The History icon lists the history of your creature. When clicked, a timeline comes up, showing your creature's actions through played stages, and the years passed. It is located on the bottom right corner of the game screen, next to the progress bar.


During the Cell, Creature, Tribal and Civilization stages, the History icon will also show the Consequences of your creature's actions, in addition to being a timeline. Aggressive actions bring the flow of the timeline downward, towards the red consequence, while social actions bring the flow up towards the green consequence. Balanced activities create Blue cards.

Consequence plays a decent part during the Space stage; and during Civilization, they will play a bit of a role, unless the player chooses to try and switch their method of world domination. For example, a player who thus far has collected all Green trait cards - making their nation a Religious one - but wants to acquire the Pirates-B-Gone Consequence ability will need to convert a Military city, leave it as such and capture as many other cities as possible using military vehicles purchased from it.

At the end of the stage, the history is reviewed, and you receive your Consequence card.


The History icon also serves as the Advancement button for your creature. At the end of the Cell, Creature, Tribal, and Civilization stages, the progress bar glows, and clicking the History icon ends the stage.


The progress bar can suffer a rare but terrible glitch, which merges different times and stages together, which is frustrating for players looking up the history of their creature. There is no known solution to this bug, and some players report getting it after expanding the game with Spore Galactic Adventures or one of the latest patches.

An example of the timeline progress bar during the glitch.


  • As the amount of time spent in each stage is depicted as so many years (i.e. centuries, millennia or longer), a player who progresses slowly enough can feasibly make the length of their creature's evolutionary history longer than the universe itself has existed (approximately 13-14 billion years). One very easy way to do this is to leave the game on for a day in the cell stage. Since the time passes in a hundred thousand years, time will acumulate very quickly.