Herbivore Card

The Herbivore card awarded to species.

"Herbivorous cells consume a diet of plant matter."

Herbivore Consequence AbilitiesEdit

Creature stage

Siren Song: "Use this ability to temporarily enthrall all creatures in your vicinity. This makes it easier for you to socialize them."

Tribal stage

Refreshing Storm: "This ability allows the chieftain to summon a storm causing fruit to be replenished and fall from trees."
"Herbivore also makes the Flaming torch weapon the default weapon in Tribal stage"
"Herbivore also makes the Maraca instrument the default instrument in Tribal stage"

Civilization stage

Healing Aura: "This ability repairs all of your vehicles and buildings."

Space stage

Social Suave: "This ability gives you an immediate negotiation discount on all social tools."

Gaining The Herbivore Trait

The Herbivore trait is given to cells which eat significantly more plants than meat.

Personality of Herbivore Creatures

Herbivores are almost always curious. They will not attack any creature unless they are provoked. Many herbivores have better socializing skills than combat skills.