SporeHealthHealth (or "Hit Points") is a bar or number that represents how much damage a character can take. Generally, when health reaches zero the character is defeated, except in Spore Hero Arena.


In Spore, the amount of health a species has varies depending on the stage. In the Cell Stage, health is shown as merely a percentage on the health gauge, while in other stages, health is represented by a number value for the units.

In the Cell Stage and Creature Stage, having the controlled creature run out of health will cause it to die and the player will take control of a newly born cell or creature of the same species somewhere else in the Cell Stage or at the species' nest in the Creature Stage.

Creature StageEdit

The health of the creature depends on the size of the brain, or health bonuses earned from specific parts. A beginning player's creature starts out with 10 points of health, whereas a creature with a bigger brain will have 100 to 110 points depending on what parts with health bonus it has. The NPC creatures' health ranges from 6 to 60 depending on their level and the difficulty of the game, 250 by rogues, or 1,000 health by epic creatures. Alphas have higher health than an average creature, and babies have the lowest.

Any creature can regenerate their health by eating food or patiently staying on the nest without any threats.

Tribal StageEdit

Comparison to the Creature Stage, tribal species will have 100 to 120 points depending on the parts attached to the creatures prior to the stage, or accessories worn from Tribal Outfitter. If the tribal member runs out of health, it dies and will be removed from the tribe, which leaves an empty slot for the tribe, and may be manually replaced by another newborn member. Tribal members can heal themselves within their tribe, eating food, or getting regenerated by the members who wields a Healing Rod.

Civilization StageEdit

Land, sea, and air vehicles have a different amount of health which is determined by the parts attached to it. Adding parts with higher health boosts increases the maximum health of the vehicle while putting parts with speed or power boosts will decrease and balance out the maximum health of the vehicle. Vehicles' health can be regenerated by returning back to their nations' city.

Space StageEdit

The health of the player's spaceship varies depending on the difficulty selected at the start of the game. The maximum health of the player's spaceship can be upgraded four times during Space Stage and health packs can be purchased to restore health at any time. In addition, health can be restored for a fee at an empire's star system.

Spaceship health upgrade requirementsEdit

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Level Requirements Description Easy/Medium/Hard health without Prime Specimen Easy/Medium/Hard health with Prime Specimen
Default at start of Space Stage N/A 1500/1000/300 2250/1500/451
Conqueror 1 or
Colonist 1 badge
"Increase your spaceship's health capacity." 3000/2000/600 4500/3000/901
Conqueror 2 or
Colonist 2 badge, and Small Health (2)
"Increase your spaceship's health capacity." 4500/3000/900 7775/4500/1350
Conqueror 3 or
Colonist 3 badge, and Medium Health (3)
"Increase your spaceship's health capacity." 6000/4000/1200 9000/6000/1801
Conqueror 4 or
Colonist 4 badge, and Large Health (4)
"Increase your spaceship's health to maximum capacity." 7500/5000/1500 11250/7500/2250


Empire type Purchase Cost
Own §150,000 §300,000 §450,000 §600,000
Bard §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Shaman §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Warrior / Knight §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Zealot §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000

Galactic AdventuresEdit

Creatures in the Adventures in Spore Galactic Adventures have rather customized health rather than fixed, depending on the adventure being played, and some can have no health (resulting in death to that creature) or infinite health. By default, basic creatures will generally have less health than a tribal or civilized creature or a captain, with only 40 to 50 points compared to a civilized creature's 100 to 120, or a captain who can have 320 points with all applicable health upgrading parts equipped. Similarly in Creature Stage, if the creature the player controls runs out of health, the adventure will be failed.

The health of the player's creature can be restored by approaching the "Power-Up Health" gameplay object within the adventure. Other powers up like Power-Up Armor and Power-Up Damage will reduce or increase the damage inflicting on the player's creature.

Spore HeroEdit

Health Meter Eight Sections

The Health Meter in Spore Hero.

The health of creatures in Spore Hero is represented by un-numbered, through segmented gauges. The low-level creature will have only four sections of health, while the highest level creatures will have eight sections of health. If a creature's health is reduced to zero in a battle, the creature loses the battle. If the Sporeling loses all health during a battle or in the overworld, the creature is respawned at a nest.

Creatures can use the Regenerate ability to gradually restore health in battles, though this prevents other actions from being taken, and this varies with the level of the ability. Level one allows the creature to restore health at a very slow rate, while level four will restore a significant amount of health per second.

Spore Hero ArenaEdit

Health functions during the battle from outside of battle. In the overworld, health can be restored by eating a fruit as a herbivorous or omnivorous creature, or by eating meat like a carnivore or omnivore. However, omnivores only get half as much health from eating food as a herbivore or carnivore would get from eating the correct food type. World obstacles can reduce the health of the player creature, and if it reaches zero the creature is pulled back into the ship automatically.

During battles, having higher health decreases knockback distance from attacks. A pickup can appear in the battle that fully restores a character's HP.

Spore Creatures (Nintendo DS)Edit

In Spore Creatures for Nintendo DS, health is shown as a numbered gauge. Oogie's maximum health increases as he increases in level, up to a maximum of 500 points at maximum level. In battles, if all opponents lose all health, the battle is won by Oogie. If Oogie runs out of health, he is defeated and recovers half of his health at the last nest he crossed over.

Health can be restored by eating food items. Herbivorous creatures can eat fruit and vegetable items to restore health, while carnivore creatures can restore health by eating meat, and omnivores can eat plant matter or meat to restore health. An ability exists that allows a creature to expend energy to restore health in battle.

Entering hazardous terrain without the correct parts to handle the hazardous terrain will cause Oogie to lose health at a rapid pace. Even with the correct parts, these parts expend energy to protect Oogie from taking damage, and if he is out of energy he will still take damage as if he did not have the parts. The four types of hazardous terrain require different parts to traverse without taking damage.

Spore OriginsEdit

Health is represented as a gauge of five red hearts. Your creature increases in size as it gains health, and each heart that is completely filled increases its size a stage. Taking damage that causes a heart to stop being completely filled will cause the creature to shrink, making it lose the ability to eat creatures the size it had before. Losing all health will cause the creature to shrink into non-existence and go extinct, causing a game over state.

Eating other creatures restores your own creature's health. In most levels, your creature starts out with only one heart of health.

Spore Creatures (iOS)Edit

Health is similar to Spore Origins represented as a gauge of five red hearts, and can be restored by eating creatures as in Spore Origins. However, your creature does not change in size as it changes in health, except for shrinking to non-existence when it runs out of health, and your creature usually starts out at full health when a level starts.

An epic part exists that causes health to regenerate gradually over time when equipped.

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