A Mini Happy Ray being used on a city hall.

The Happy Ray is the only upgradable socialization tool, and the only upgradable tool that isn't a weapon or passive ship ability (such as the Interstellar Drive). Unlike the weapons, however, the only differences between the Happy Ray upgrades is the time it takes for them to have their full effect. They drain a lot of energy (more than any other ship tool) to provide a +50 relation bonus to the alien race inhabiting the planet it is used on (or +30 to the Grox), however this all happens fastest for the Super Happy Ray and slowest for the Mini Happy Ray.

Despite the large energy usage, however, the Happy Ray is a useful tool in the process of allying alien empires.

The device shoots a rainbow-coloured beam out onto the surface of the planet while playing happy-sounding music (Pizzicati from Leo Delibes' ballet "Sylvia", but more specifically, Jean-Jacques Perrey's "Pizzicato Polka"), which makes the whole of the empire like you more for "using friendly tools".

If used on a civilization planet, the citizens will eventually stop panicking and start celebrating the arrival of your ship.


Level Requirements Description
Mini Happy Ray Icon.jpg
Mini Happy Ray
Diplomat 2 or Economist 2 badge "Improves your relations with the alien race inhabiting the planet."
Medium Happy Ray Icon.png
Medium Happy Ray
Diplomat 3 or Economist 3 badge, and Mini Happy Ray "Improves your relations with the alien race inhabiting the planet."
Super Happy Ray Icon.jpg
Super Happy Ray
Diplomat 4 or Economist 4 badge, and Medium Happy Ray "Improves your relations with the alien race inhabiting the planet."


Empire type Purchase Cost
Mini Happy Ray Icon.jpg Medium Happy Ray Icon.png Super Happy Ray Icon.jpg
Own §200,000 §500,000 §1,500,000
Diplomat §120,000 §300,000 §975,000
Shaman §120,000 §300,000 §975,000
Zealot §100,000 §250,000 §750,000