Happiness Booster's icon

"Place on a planet to keep its inhabitants happy."

A Happiness Booster. The letters IPPETAD are visible at the base.

The Happiness Booster keeps colonists happy and can prevent an uprising. It has a health of 10,000.

Visually, this tool is a flexible, green tube with a three-eyed face painted on it, attached to a tube spewing air and confetti, which keeps the tube erect yet wobbly. It is likely a reference to similar decorations often placed in front of car dealerships and other stores in real life.


  • The same as all the other colony "Booster" tools, if another is placed on top of it before it has fully formed, you can place multiple on top of each other, and if fast enough, all of them can be placed on one spot.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This requires the Golden Touch 3 or the Merchant 3 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §300,000
Bard Empire : §180,000
Diplomat Empire : §180,000
Zealot Empire : §150,000

Easter Egg

The letters IPPETAD can be found on the tool which is a reference to Family Guy's Blue Harvest scene 'Darth' Al Harrington's "Intergalactic Proton Powered Electrical Tentacle Advertising Droids".