"Hey there -

I was just getting ready to send these out to all of you guys (the community folks who visited the room and made creatures).

I could only get the non-broken one to open up properly once I get back to the office, so I've only included that one.

Great to meet you as well.


I guess this means no Naucean picture. BUT i do have a picture of the Woolly Grunterium. Note this was done extremely fast because i already used up alot of my time on the Naucean and went over the allowed time. Thus it sortta resembles the Woolly.

All in all i had a great time there and i am so glad i can show you guys this. I guess you could say this is the 1st Gaming Steve Forum member creature. Thanks so much Caryl, Will, Tiffany and of course the whole community who helped get me to E3!

Hydro ~