The Grox Spaceship is the most powerful NPC spaceship in Spore.


A Grox spaceship spotted in the Creature Stage

Grox ships are the best engineered NPC ships in the entire game of Spore. These spaceships have the most health-points of any ship owned by another empire other than your own - 3,600 HP when you ally them, and if you don't ally them and they're attacking you, their "normal ships" will have 2,700 HP each. It is believed that the Grox Spaceship's space travel range is not reduced as they near the Galactic Core. This may be because they are the most powerful Empire in the game. Another possibility is that they "own" the Galactic Core, or they have technology built into their spaceships to not be affected by the gravity of the dense core.

A crashed Grox spaceship

The Grox Spaceship design has been in use for millions of years by the time your creature reaches Space Stage, since ships of the same design occasionally appear in the Creature and Tribal Stages and abduct other creatures and you can find the crashed Grox spaceship somewhere on the planet. They are often replicated by many players, but if scanned, they will disappear from the Sporepedia when the player quits the game. Sometimes, in the Creature Stage, you can find the Grox Spaceship but it will be stuck inside a hill and you will not be able to get any items from it.

Weapons and Abilities[]

The original Grox Spaceship made by sporebuild. You can put this in your creations folder.

Note: Infinite Repair Mega Packs might be a reference to the Borg's ship's amazing self-repairing abilities from Star Trek.

How to Destroy Grox Ships[]

Grox ships are very formidable indeed, the player may find it helpful to have powerful weapons like the Anti-Matter Missile or Mega Proton Missile. Also, the Grox Ships seem to have infinite Health Packs, which makes it even harder to destroy them, though they don't use them in mid-combat.

One method many players prefer is to turn on the shield and do "hit and run" attacks usually firing a proton missle, moving away and waiting for the ship to appear on the horizon and fire at it with missiles and auto-blasters. Another way is to spin in circles, the Grox ships will do the same, but they cannot fire well at the player's ship, while the player can target the craft with missiles.

Static Cling, the superpower of the Diplomat, is also very useful; it disables all enemy craft for a full three minutes, which is enough time to annihilate an entire planet's worth of Grox ships just using Proton Missiles.

One may also Terraform the planet and the Grox will leave the planet.

Replicas of the Grox Spaceship[]

If you go to Sporepedia and type in, "Grox Spaceship", you will see that there are many thousands of people who have made replicas of these ships. If you want to make one, you need to know which parts to use, and how to position them. For some people, downloading a PNG of someone else's Grox spaceship from Sporepedia and dragging it into their game might not work. Some people have created Grox spaceships by studying the real one closely and looking for all of the right parts. Some people have even hacked the PNG out of the core game files and drag-and-dropped it into the UFO Editor, made a small change, then saved.


The Grox spacecraft closely resembles the Decepticon Nemesis from the Transformers series, having two curved arrows on the sides and a triangular shape.