The locations of the unsaveable Grox parts.

As most people who have loaded the Grox PNG into the creature editor know, you cannot save the creature unless you remove the unique eye and the robotic parts. The parts were actually named after space stage clothing in the space editor, so the parts may have no real names.

The unsavable parts on the Grox were probably created specifically for the particular form of the Grox, because the helmet seems to conform perfectly to the D'Orca mouth that the Grox has, as with the robotic collar, and the mechanical hands and feet are designed to look like the simple organic hands and feet that the Grox have.

What it is Real name Price Stats
Grox Eye Eyebissed $10 Sight
Cyborg Hand Pronggripper $150 Strike 3
Pose 2
Health 2
Cyborg Foot Dirtchargers $250 Sprint 5
Dance 4
Speed 5
Cyborg Helm Snogtib Cap $50
Cyborg Eye Beam Helmet $250
Cyborg Vest Jozz Illuminator $250
Cyborg Shoulderpad Cap. Cornhall $250
Cyborg Wristpad Smarnocker $250
Cyborg Neck-brace Comet Sighter $250
Cyborg Kneepad Moon Gas Sensor $250

Saving with Grox Parts Edit

As a general rule, parts that cannot be accessed in a given editor in an unmodded copy of Spore cannot be saved. This includes Grox parts, as well as outfitter parts in the wrong editor and any parts added by mods.

The most popular solution to this is to use this mod which forces any creature to save no matter what parts are used. Be warned, however, that force save does not discriminate--remember to give creatures a name before saving, or else your data could corrupt.

Trivia Edit

  • The Grox (organic) eye bears some resemblance to the cell eye, Beady Eye as both of them have large pupils and a thin green iris, however if you attempt to create a Grox with the cell eye, it will turn red.

Gallery of Unsaveable Grox Parts Edit

Davo, the creator of the mod Dark Injection has made special names for the Grox parts, they are the following:

Grox Chest: Grobotic Chest

Grox Shoulders: Sholder Armore

Grox Collar: Brobotic Callor

Grox Robot Eye: Robocyclops

Grox Normal Eye: Bewteefil

Grox Helmet Piece: Synfectic Cap

Grox Arm Armour: Slab Pordection

Grox Leg Armour: Shin Provector

Grox Robot Hand: Tongs Fingers

Grox Normal Hand: Bulbous Fingers

Grox Robot Foot: Armored Pads

Grox Normal Foot: Pads

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