Icon for Gravitation Wave (far left)

The Gravitation Wave is the unique ability of the Scientist Philosophy. It allows the complete and utter destruction of a planet's civilization without damaging the planet itself or the ecosystem.


Ability Ingame Summary Effect
Gravitation Wave
"Levels cultures and buildings back to the stone age."
  • Destruction of all tribes or cities on a civilized or space faring planet.
  • Gives you +3 with the Grox, and -30 with all empires within 10 parsecs.


Once launched, the projectile slowly moves down towards ground, leaving behind a double helix trail. Upon impact, the atmosphere flashes then the primary explosion takes place. The explosion consists of white energy waves that have the ability to intersect each other. As the wave propagates, it destroys all tribes or civilizations on the planet.

Note: You can't use this weapon on a star system containing a saved game.

This is probably because the game prohibits you from deleting your own game without using the delete button on the main menu.


Gravitation Wave being used on a planet.

This ability can be used to completely wipe an enemy empire off a planet or to wipe out tribal life on a spice rich planet so you can colonize it. Use of this power breaks the Galactic Code, although the consequences are not as harsh as using the Planet Buster. Space empires will respond if you wipe out tribal life. The most important advantage of using this ability over other super weapons is that it doesn't harm the planet and preserves T-Score or ecosystem of the planet.


Ability Requirements Ship Tools Tab Energy Cost Cooldown
Gravitation Wave Must be a Scientist or have unlocked all 4 GA Scientist Parts on the Captain. Weapons None None 22 minutes from use

Reputation Changes: Use of this weapon breaks the Galactic Code, reducing your reputation with all nearby empires by about 30. Also, if you use it on an opposing empire, they will obviously not be very happy about losing all of the cities on their planet.


  • The Gravitation Wave has the slowest projectile speed of all the Galactic Code breakers.
  • It also supplies the lowest reputation boost with the Grox.
  • If one uses a hack to be able to exit the planet while using the Gravitation Wave, one can see that the weapon has a particle effect that covers the entire Solar System.