Global Merger is a consequence ability unlocked by being an economic nation with at least 6 cities.


This ability launches blimps over all cities you haven't captured yet. These will fill up the economic takeover bars, allowing you to purchase the cities. After purchasing all of the cities on the planet, advancement to the space stage will be possible. This ability's cost is proportional to the number of cities left on the map. When using this ability, make sure that you have a large stockpile of money on hand, as the cities should be bought as soon as the option becomes available, as the price will go up if not bought immediately.


Global Merger - Spore Civ Stage

Global merger being used


  • Global Merger produces a similar effect to Cash Infusion in that both shower every city on a planet with gifts, money and music. However, Global Merger launches the blimps from the capital city, whereas Cash Infusion uses wormholes similar to the Return Ticket.

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