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Cell Stage

Unwanted Music Video Glitch 

Sometimes if you go to the Spore Menu, go to settings and mute background music, music can't be heard, but if you start a new game with cell stage with music muted the asteroid crashing video has the music of it. The music will eventually go off when you start playing. The same thing can also occur if you mute SFX but leave the background music on.

Plant matter Glitch 

Spore 2012-08-02 14-46-57

The missing plant matter glitch seen in the cell stage

Sometimes when your cell is being 'hatched' a large plant matter may have generated nearby with a piece missing. This is caused by code that makes the 'hatching' cell have a certain amount of space around it without anything there that could cause it to become stuck or eaten instantly.

Nervous Growth Breakdown 

Spore cell stage messed up glitch! NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

Spore cell stage messed up glitch! NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

Here is a video. Nerdcubed Month of Spore 1 also possibly has a small glimpse of the glitch.

Nervous Growth Breakdown Glitch is a Glitch not that much seen in the game. In Cell Stage you might encounter a cell having a nervous breakdown moving around randomly in one place. Then suddenly grows without eating to a giant Epic Cell, but twice as big as regular cells, it then disappears quickly without moving.

No Cell Meat Glitch 

Very rarely when a cell kills another cell no meat or blood appears, just bubbles.

Omnivores eat twice as much food 

When you are in the cell stage get some small spikes and a proboscis, find a peer cell and start sucking on it, if it has spikes then after the 3rd or 4th suck the cell will die and it might get sucked on again and thrown into your cell, if this happens you get 2 DNA and the DNA icon appears twice (note: fixed)

NPC Cell continuously bites a dead cell 

This glitch is very rare, being recorded only once. Sometimes, you might find a dead predator cell on the Cell Stage, with another predator cell eating it. However, instead of either smashing it into meat chunks or devouring it in one bite, it will constantly bite with small particles coming out of it's mouth. Sometimes, another cell that generally is the same one as the biting cell will come and also start eating. This glitch does not affect gameplay in any way, though it might be useful for some carnivores as it might give them a free food source (Given that the biting cell is not too strong). (note: picture/video needs to be fixed)

Missing Cell Animation bug 

This is a rare glitch. Cells' mouths do not move when taking food (vegetables, meat or other cells). Instead the food disappears when taken. Cell may also not move when mating.

I have this glitch too. ~Love, Anonymous

Baby Predator cell Glitch 

In hard and normal mode, when you grow larger next to an epic, it will be smaller than a normal predator cell. When you charge into it with spikes, it will run away. It does this with Duckys.

Cell death and evolution at the same time

If your cell takes the final bite of food necessary to complete cell stage while getting eaten by a predator cell, it will bump into the predator cell many times while the image with the growing brain still plays. The game then proceeds normally once you are in the early creature editor. However, if you press the button to evolve legs and go to land, if your cell dies while the cutscene of it swimming to surface plays, the cutscene continues playing, but your cell is just the typical dead cell blood splatter. (Splatter remains stationary.)
Spore 2017-01-28 13-31-33

This is what happens when your cell dies while it's swimming to land. The bones are rounded instead of squared like they're supposed to be. (The squared out bones at the front came from extending the torso. Only the first 6 vertebrae your creature starts with are affected.)

Dying while mating

If the NPC mating cell dies while you are mating, your cell will skip the rest of its mating and lay its egg. The game will then proceed normally.

If your cell is the one that dies when the mating cutscene plays, you will enter the cell editor as normal, but a death will still be recorded into your history.

Constant Sucking in Cell Stage 

Sometimes when killing a predator cell with a Proboscis, your cell might get slightly inside the cell and start continuously sucking. This can be stopped if either you get to the end of the stage with all of the sucking or the cell shrinks away.

Food Offset in Cell Stage 

Spore 2017-01-28 13-38-39

When you enter Paint Mode after dying during the "swimming to the surface" cutscene. The creature's torso and legs are invisible, and only the parts are visible.

Sometimes when drinking a plant with a Proboscis, the plant might

Spore 2017-01-28 13-41-04

Top-down view of the invisible torso and limb glitch caused by dying during the "swimming to the surface" cutscene.

appear offseted from your cell's mouth.

Epic Cell Control Glitch 

Cell Stage Bodyswapping glitch? one of a kind spore bug

Cell Stage Bodyswapping glitch? one of a kind spore bug

This glitch is still possible without mods, but it is still very rare.

This glitch is not a bad one, and is more fun than unfortunate. If you swim into an epic cells' mouth in cell stage, there is a rare chance, that you will go all the way through into its body and become the epic cell. You can play as the epic cell, use its abilities, and eat smaller cells, making this a rather fun glitch. If you evolve into creature stage, the epic cell that you were playing as will replace yours in the early creature editor. This glitch is very rare but is very fun to play with. The second you "body-swap" with an epic, the next 'level' will begin. Mating may not work, but if it does, the cell editor becomes glitched  

and some pieces of your cell may look colored. It is believed this will work if you have a cell with multiple jets, so you can jet into the epic cells mouth. Epic cells will look like normal sized cells too you, but since your an epic cell, that makes sense. 

The glitch is very confusing and may glitch out many parts of cell stage, but it is still fun to play around with.

For some reason, this glitch is more likely to happen with a Snorf epic, which will send you to the last 'level', staying as an epic Snorf, until you evolve into a creature, but, as previously mentioned, you will still ahve it in the early creature editor.

Funny enough this glitch kind of turns your cell into a parasite in a way, which makes this glitch seem like a feature that didn't get removed properly, although this is only my theory. -InsaneGrox

Supersized Epic Cell Glitch

Epic cells normally have 3 different sizes in cell stage: the common ones that can eat you in one bite, the less common ones that are just slightly bigger than common ones, and then the huge ones that can eat epic cells. But, there is a rare size that causes it to be so big it's mouth practically takes up the whole screen. It can barely move, because spore cells are programmed that the bigger they are, the slower. They can probably eat the huge epic cells in a bite, but, previously mentioned, are too slow too move. It seems Ducky cell's are the most common cells to become huge epics and also this glitched epic, but the glitched supergiant cell is a very rare glitch.

They arent truly dangerous, and you can float near one, but they cant really eat you, because you are too small for its awareness to reach you, but cells can grow too new sizes sometimes, and this may be a glitch that just miscalculated how big it is.

Differently-placed flagellas

(I don't know if this is really a glitch or not, but i'm gonna write it anyway)

sometimes, in cell editor, when you place, move, throw flagellas around your cell, they will be placed somewhat differently from what they are supposed to be placed like. this is a screenshot --> notice the normal-placed flagellas and the differently-placed flagellas (to the top.).

^ This usually happens with the flagella that defaultly spawns on your cell.

Epic Cell Pull Glitch

if you sometimes pass an epic cell, you will go past it normally until it tries to eat you, pulling you right towards its mouth.

Creature Stage

All Mouths Available Glitch

Apparently, happens due to an installation error or in early versions of the game. When moving on to the Creature stage from the Cell stage, the game determines your creature's diet based on the type of the mouth it has in Early Creature Creator, rather than based on the card you've received at the end of Cell stage. This way, a player can apply a Filter, a Jaw and a Proboscis mouths to a creature in the Early Creature Creator to unlock the ability to obtain all mouth parts in the Creature stage, regardless of the stated diet, including Creepy&Cute mouth parts. Works in every save file of the game capable of this trick. Does not harm the game or affect it in other ways.

Clumsy Cell Creature 

Sometimes in the 'cell clambering on land' cutscene, a log or shell may spawn in a cell creature's path to the nest, possibly making a cell creature run into it, prohibiting it from getting to the nest before the end of the cutscene. This does not hurt the game in any way.

Mother Epic Glitch

Image mother epic

A glitch I found when being chased by two epics. One picked me up, but the other one killed me while I was being held. When I respawned, I was still being held by the first epic, and I was going through learning how to pose etc. while the epic was walking along, not hurting me. When I grew up, the epic then threw me to the ground and started fighting the other one.

Fake Ally Glitch

This is an interesting albeit weird glitch I only saw once - sometimes, in Creature Stage, a creature will be neutral with you but it will appear as ally on the map and you will be able to heal in its nest. This usually happen when an allied creature nest converts into a different species via cocoons.

This glitch happened to me and i have an image

Edit: apon futher inspection, this seems to happen when you ally a creature on one save, and play as the creature on another save.


Invisible Creation Glitch

Sometimes when you create a creature, you open it's card and it is invisible. Solution: Save and Exit, It should be fine. If this does not work, repeat the solution until functional. I know this from personal experience.

Invisible Creature Glitch

This happened several times to a user randomly in creature stage. All members of a species were invisible, but could still be interacted with. Effects still came off them (i.e. notes appearing when they sung). Eventually the creatures became a solid color (the main color of the once invisible creatures) and then became normal. May or may not be lag.

^^^ (reply) probably lag, since everytime I come upon across an epic creature, I hear its roar but I can't see it; after running for about 10 seconds, the epic can be seen
Spore 2013-10-18 17-29-21

The comparison between you and your family.

Adult-like Baby

Very rarely, a baby in the Creature Stage can look like an adult, except slightly smaller.
Spore 2013-04-04 16-51-23

An adult-like baby on the right

Baby-like Adult

Same as the "Adult-like Baby" glitch but flipped. An adult in the Creature Stage can look like a baby, except adult-sized. This sometimes happens with 'Alpha' versions of your creature that appear after a migration. However, sometimes, they will even have a baby voice and be baby-sized, but they will still not be labeled as such, and it will affect the whole species (excluding you). This variant of the glitch can happen if you use the evoadvantage cheat.

Spore 2013-04-24 17-08-24

The baby-like adult on right

Spore 2012-01-18 14-39-46

Another example of a baby-like adult

No vomiting Diet Glitch 

If you have a Herbivore in Creature Stage, and tell it to eat meat so it picks it up (and vice versa with carnivores), then move before it puts it in its mouth, your creature will appear to eat it without vomiting. However, this will not fill up your food bar, so it is largely useless.

Floating Object Glitch 

In the Creature Stage, when you are idle near an item that item may become airborne. The only way to get the item down from the air so that you can use it is to fly into it and knock it out of the air. This is only possible if your creature has wings, but throwing other objects at it works too. Alternatively, you can spit on the item to make it come down, but if it is an egg you cannot do it with your allies as you are not allowed to harm them. If it is an egg you cannot eat once it comes down, only attack it. This also sometimes happens with living creatures.
Spore 2012-01-25 13-13-43

Notice where the egg is.

Another thing that can happen is an egg randomly appears and rolls down a hill. It will hatch a baby of your species that will go to the nearest nest of your species. don't wait to long doing the floating object otherwise it starts making sounds. it only works away from nest sometimes nice edit From: bits :)

Shrunken Body Parts Glitch 

Sometimes in the Creature Creator, within the Creature Stage, the body part pictures will look tiny and unclickable. It does not shrink the parts themselves, however.

Hold Fruit Glitch

Rarely, when loading a game in the Creature Stage, your creature will be holding a fruit without eating it. When this happens, the fruit is treated like a regular object, and can be given or thrown; when thrown, it has the same effect as a stick. The potential source of this glitch can be seen when picking the fruit; moving the mouse over another creature before eating shows the give/throw icon. This is likely caused by holding a fruit when exiting to the Galaxy or quitting Spore.

Fruit Telekinesis

See: Flotation Object Glitch In Creature Stage, if you click a plant to make your creature eat fruit off of it from a distance, and jump, then your creature will grab fruit from the air and eat it like it normally would, without moving anywhere else. A fruit on the plant will disappear. This is useful if your creature is about to die from starving, and they are an omnivore/herbivore.

Give Epic a Gift Glitch

In Creature stage, if you are holding an item (i.e. stick, rock, shell) and make sure your creature is in the social stance, if you hover your mouse over an epic a little gift icon will appear and you can give the epic your item (although this can result in an "accidental" death whilst the epic is receiving your gift). Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

Egg-Ball glitch

In the creature stage, when a creature bumps into an egg and it rolls into another creature, the egg may be kicked as much as twenty feet into the air. After some time, the egg will slowly descend to the ground.

Stuck as a Baby

When being born in the Creature Stage, sometimes, if a creature kills the creature you are interacting with, you are stuck as a baby. To fix this, just save your game and restart. Alternatively, you may press the escape button to instantly become an adult. This also works if you don't feel like learning abilities you already know how to do from your parent. However, sometimes the escape key doesn't work and you will be completely stuck. This can also happen when you are reborn after death. Also, sometimes if you die as a baby you will never be reborn. If the creature you are interacting with is killed during the cut scene before you hatch, when the egg breaks open, your creature avatar will be tiny, invisible on small screens, and will be unable to move or use attacks. if this happens, the only thing to do is to exit the game.

Still breathing Epic Creatures

Sometimes when an epic falls between a tree and some bones, it will start moving by itself like it is sleeping, instead of being still as it usually would. Occasionally after you kill an epic you can still see the attack sign around them, when this happens you can sometimes still attack their dead body, but sometimes not. Also, in creature stage you kill a creature in the middle of its nest. The legs have to be long enough for the feet to be out of the nest hole for this to happen. Then, the feet will move from out of the nest hole to next to the creature as if it was trying to get up.

Stacked Creature Glitch

Sometimes in the Creature Stage, when you level up after socializing a species, the creatures appear stacked up. This does not affect your game in any way, yet it can be amusing.

The Sea Monster

The Sea Monster is vulnerable to 2 glitches:

There is a glitch when your creature has the nest in water. If you go onto land the Sea Monster comes out of the land and eats you. (This may be fixable by modding out the sea monster itself, resulting in a sea based creature.), this glitch was known as "Sand Monster Glitch". Also, if you terrasculpt a new game planet, in creature stage, if you used water items like gear seas, then a creature nest may appear in the lake.

There is another glitch, when you use the Freecam cheat to observe other islands. After a while of searching, you should find a nest of your species. Click it to make it your home nest. The screen goes crazy, eventually turning upside down. The Sea Monster comes up and eats nothing. You respawn on the nest. You are immobilized for a minute but you can walk around the other islands afterwards. There are no other creatures on the island. To fix this you can use Freecam to go back to the main continent and find your old nest. The crazy screen effect happens again, but after that the game is normal again.

Evolving species glitch

Sometimes when you migrate in the Creature Stage and find your nest, one or more of them will get inside a cocoon and evolve into a completely different species, but it will still be happy with your playable creature and live in the nest. However, it will usually disappear if you leave the nest and come back later.

Starship stuck in a tree glitch

28 Grox in a tree
In the Creature Stage, the player will be hunting in a forest, and about three quarters through the game, the space invasion music plays, and you will hear the familiar Star Wars sound effect of a ship coming out of hyperspace, but the ship will be stuck in a tree, unable to move. It can be considered rather amusing has only worked on carnivores. The starship is unable to leave, so it is stuck there until the Tribal Stage, when it crashes, usually next to a different tribe.

'To the Left' Glitch

Sometimes, randomly while in Creature Stage walking around or in a GA adventure walking around, your creature will start to rotate to the left while you are standing still. You can't walk to the right in place and walking to the left in place makes you rotate extremely fast. You can't walk right while moving forward, you just endlessly turn towards the left. This is an extremely annoying glitch, especially in an adventure with lots of enemies and/or a time limit. Sometimes randomly spamming keys fixes this, but otherwise exiting to the main menu fixes it. May be due to playing on the Mac.

Splashing Water Glitch 

When playing in the Creature Stage, if the player goes into the water it may play the splashing water animation and sound effect even if they are not moving. It does not affect gameplay

Living Meat Glitch 

Sometimes, when you kill a creature, it will simply stand there, not falling over. You can still eat from it. When you eat from it too much, it will flop into the floor, twitching slightly.

Baby Carrying Stick Glitch 

Most of the time if you mate while holding a stick the baby will be holding a stick as well. This can turn bad and irritating because if you try to learn spit while doing this you will simply throw the stick at the adult and after 2 or 3 seconds the stick will reappear in your hand. This will repeat, but you can fix this by clicking spit before the stick appears again. This won't work with rocks, they just float where they were being held when you clicked the mate until they are approached. Similarly, you may see a floating fruit that falls when approached.

Static-colored creature

This is a minor glitch that makes your early creature look like static; when i've moved into creature stage, i let the same cell base color and when the game loaded, i've hit esc quickly trying to get a small glitch, but instead I got this:

Call Glitch

Occasionally, if the music is off and a player tries adjusting the sound for their creatures, they will endlessly hear the call of the Omnivorous bird mouths looping constantly, even if they turn off the sound option for their creatures.

Collision-less Creature Glitch

Spore 2017-02-19 17-12-32

A creature phasing through another creature as it attempts to push it away from its nest.

This is a randomly occurring glitch that prevents you from colliding with a singular creature from a nest. It does not affect every creature in the nest, only one. This isn't too much of a game-breaker since you can still interact with the creature, it is only frustrating for players who push creatures away from the rest of their kind so that they won't call them for help during the Socializing process.

"I don't know if this glitch is related to the Collision-less Creature Glitch, but I just had a moment where one of my creatures from my own nest had every effect from this glitch, with one small twist, they couldn't move at all, really annoying since this creature was in my pack when It happened and I was about to socialize with another creature." -InsaneGrox

Quintet Glitch

It is possible to have more than three members in your posse while in the Creature Stage by going to the menu immediately as the creature is added to your posse, as a result it is possible to get an infinitely large pack, very useful for killing an Epic Creature.

Closed Eye Glitch

If you play through Cell Stage and into Creature Stage, sometimes there will be creatures who never open their eyes-- they remain shut, living or dead. There is no known solution to this issue.

The Blinkjob eye from the Bot Parts Pack seems to stay closed a majority of the time it is used, even when other types of eyes on the same creature are open. -IndieGameExplorer

Epic Throw glitch

Sometimes, if an epic throws your creature, it will fly high into the air, sometimes even being tossed out of the solar system. If the creature flies over water, it will not be eaten by the Sea Monster and it can take a few minutes to land.

Floating Epic Creature

Every once in a while in the space stage, if you go to a planet with an empire on it and creatures,you will see an epic creature floating.

Up side down mouth

Creature creater upside down mouth glitch

Creature creater upside down mouth glitch

When you're using the creature creator, when you place the mouth where it suppose to be on the body and then try to move it up. If you do it right, the mouth would flip upside down on the top of the body. The glitch itself is rare and so far there has only been two reports of this happening. Unlike the some of the other editor/creator glitches, this glitch doesn't effect the game at all, except for being really freaking funny.

Inside out trunk glitch

If your creature has a mouth on a curled bit of to back, when you press sing from the creator, the 'trunk' will disappear and the face will look shrunken. The maxis made creature Gloffi-Oh does this.

Moving Spit Part Glitch

If a player puts a spit weapon on their creature's mouth and presses the spit button the spit weapon will go inside the creatures mouth and come out again at the bottom of the creature's mouth and slowly move up to its original position.

Spitting Glitch

In Creature Creator, if you're making a creature with spit, click the spit tool and with the creature performing the spitting action, quickly drag your cursor over the creature and then drag your cursor off the creature. The creature's spit part is longer/shorter than its usual length. However, it won't stay like that, reverting back a little while after.

Twitch Glitch

Not precisely a glitch, but a player would be able to rapidly push a command button in Test Drive mode, and their creature would twitch while trying to go through the entire command, but having to start over every time a player pushed the button. The glitch is still possible to do in the final game.

Stuck as Egg Glitch

Sometimes skipping a migration cut-scene with the escape key too early can result in your creature -and any posse members- to be permanently stuck as an egg. One should NEVER save if this occur. as you will still be stuck as a baby when you reload the save.

Spore Stuck as an Egg glitch

Spore Stuck as an Egg glitch

Floating Parts Glitch

When editing a creature, if you enlarge the end of a handless arm and stick parts on it, if you place a hand on it and make the hand smaller, both the hand and the limb will decrease in size-but it won't take the parts with it. It is unknown whether this was intentional or not.

Also, if you put a creature part on a leg that is in the middle and move the leg the part will stay there and if you double the legs it becomes asymmetric.

"The Floating Parts glitch is a great way to make limbless creatures, or even floating creatures for that matter, without using mods. I dubbed it, "The Rayman Glitch" for a long time, because, you know, Rayman doesn't have limbs. -Hitmonplays

Flight of the Bumblebee Achievement Glitch

If the player earns the Slugger Achievement, and then add wings to their creature in the final edit, the player might get the Flight of the Bumblebee Achievement.

Overlapping Egg Glitch

If you mate, and another creature of your species lays an egg right before you go to lay your egg, the small version of your egg will be in the large version of the other creature's egg. Of course, this is fixed soon after because your creature backs into the large egg of the other.

Egg In Ground Glitch

Sometimes, after you have finished editing your creature and you exit to the egg cutscene, you will see that your egg is in the ground. However, this is fixed in a few seconds, because when your egg rattles and hatches, it will come out of the ground.

WARNING: Be careful about editing the homeplanet with Terrasculpting tools. This may result in several glitches, including your nest being on an unreachable cliff/mesa (and can only be accessed if you die),a creature nest spawning in the middle of a lake made by the spaceship(maybe even your own species and you may migrate there but when you reach sea monster eats you), every tribe being the same creature except yours (e.g., every tribe may be a "Larzden" creature instead of the usual different species), civilization stage will have less than 10 cities (in my case four, but each counted as 2.5 in the progress bar) as well as an unusually high number of epics, and in the Space Stage you may be directed to see the crashed spaceship on your moon instead of the spiceless planet. This is game-wrecking as the spaceship is located in the middle of the planet. The ship is on the spiceless planet, however, but cannot be scanned.

Shrunken Nestmate Glitch

During the final cutscene of the Creature Stage, a member of your nest may appear miniscule compared to your own creature.


Saw carrier glitch

Using the gobsterclaw mouth, you can put a spurprise floating between the jaws, as if it is being held in the jaw

One more to extinct glitch

While playing, I encountered a glitch that I never saw happen before. I made a creature go extinct, but when I killed off the final creature it didn't make the other creatures float up and disappear. Instead it made me kill off one more of the creature before making the others disappear. I have no idea how it was caused, but I assume it was random.

Stretched Beak Glitch

This is a rather amusing glitch. When you make a creature with the 'Grubblemaw' mouth as thin and long as possible, save it and go into the Sporepedia, its jaw will stretch out.

"Friendly" Epic Glitch

Once, I found an epic that was the same species as one I had allied. I had a couple of rogues in my pack, and the epic killed one. I backed away slowly..

"Playing Dead" glitch

Sometimes, When a creature dies, its eyes may remain open and then close. This happened to me once when i was killing some eye monkeys.
Stretched beak bug

Tribal Stage

Left And Back Glitch

Sometimes,early on the creature tribal stage after befriending/destroying you're tribe,the game will suddenly pause and move to the left and back. a cause of this might be a computer with low RAM and have no known way to stop it.

No Glowing Intro Glitch

Sometimes, when you start up the game, all the galaxies in the main menu, including the one you use for gameplay, will not have a glow effect, making the galaxies look like they are made out of lines and dots. The planets will look like featureless silver circles. This does not affect the gameplay and can be fixed by moving the view point.

Tribal Stage food baskets stick around until Space Stage

If your tribal members were carrying a food basket when you progressed into Civilization Stage, they will still be carrying the baskets when you are watching the movie that plays before you progress into Civilization. But it doesn't stop there. They actually put down the baskets right where they were standing before your tribe becomes your first city. So if you zoom in on your city in Civilization Stage you can actually see the food baskets just laying on the streets. Not only that, they will never go away. You can still fly back to your first city in Space Stage and if you get close enough you can still see them laying there.

This bug is actually kind of fun to cause, as its sort of a memorial to Tribal Stage. To cause this glitch, all you need to do is tell all your tribe to gather food (I use eggs from my tribe's pets) and then once they fill their baskets, just make them stand still away from the tribe. They will not put the baskets down. Then click the progressing button and progress onto Civilization Stage.

Text Glitch

On Spore, the entire screen can suddenly become very small when you restart it. Resetting the screen size will also keep the text and cursor incredibly small. There are no known fixes.

"Jackpot" Chieftain Glitch

Sometimes and rarely, the chieftain may get stuck looping an animation, crying with joy. This makes it impossible for the chieftain to eat on the first time, but the chieftain can eat later on, and the effect can also make it impossible to ally other tribes because the chieftain will keep the animation even upon death. The animation consists of a flipping head, then nodding, supposedly to show happiness. There is currently no workaround for this glitch, other than to attack tribes instead of socializing, and the only way to fix it is to delete the affected game.

Two Chieftain Staffs 

Spore 2010-09-15 11-50-05
This is a rare glitch that can occur when a creature in the tribal stage has two normal or two normal and two robotic arms. For a while, the chieftain will have two staffs. This can also happen whilst sending a gift to the wrong tribe and returning the food to the pile. Note that the chieftain had two normal arms. Sometimes there are more than one heads on a Chieftain Staff. A video showing the glitch can be found here.

Dual axe glitch 

32 Tribal Dual Axe Glitch
Sometimes you'll be playing tribal stage but you notice... one of your tribe people is holding TWO axes! The glitch appears to occur at random and is entirely harmless.

Tribe fight misplaced nameplate glitch 

33 nameplate not on creature glitch
Sometimes, if your creatures on tribe stage mock eachother, and the guy being mocked kicks the other guy, who falls flat on the ground, as soon as he hits the ground pause the game (if its playing it won't happen, the nameplate will teleport above his/her head.) and scroll over the creature's body or head. The nameplate and health bar will be located floating randomly, pointing at the guy who kicked the collapsed guy's foot or weapon.

Infinite Music Glitch

If a tribe member tames a creature and a UFO Abducts the Creature before the music stops, the music will continually play from the tribe member until they die, it is not impeding but is extremely irritating, the only solution is to kill the tribe member, interact with another tribe, or Progress to the Civilization Stage. This is extremely irritating if the Chieftain was taming the creature, because even if he dies, when he respawns, the music returns! This may also happen in Space phase after destroying colonies; the war music still plays for the rest of the game. It may also appear in the Creature stage. As soon as the stage starts, the combat music will be playing and will stay for the rest of the stage. Also in Tribe stage, where there are used thrown spears in the ground, the "Assault" music may loop. Even in Civ stage.

Looping Attack Music Glitch

Sometimes, on a tribe game when you hover the camera over your village, the attack music will loop continuously. This does not affect gameplay, but can be very irritating. This may continue to Civ stage and possibly for Space stage. It can be stopped by exiting spore.

Tribe Members Can't Interact Glitch

When attempting to ally or attack a tribe that lives on a hill with a creature that can't glide or jump, your tribe will be unable to reach the tribe. Therefore disabling the player from completing Tribal Stage and advancing to Civilization Stage.

WORKAROUND: Befriend the gatherers.

Chanting Glitch

Sometimes if you kill a creature in tribal stage and try to harvest the meat, the tribe member will stand there saying "Hnnn rah! Heenruh!" repeatedly. He will rotate slowly in place. Unless you tell him to walk somewhere else the tribe member will be incapable of all action, and eventually fall through the floor and starve.

Black Screen

If you have the Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack, make a creature, and make it have three babies. Once this is done, go to the creepy and cute animations, and repeatedly click the bee button. Each time you do this, the animation resets, making more and more bees swarm around the screen. After five minutes, the screen will be black with bees. By seven minutes, the game will have frozen. Hold down Ctrl, Alt, and Delete to go to the task manager of your computer and end Spore or if you are on a Mac press command q, and then simply re-start it. This also works with the summon swarm command in the captain outfitter.

Disproportionate object glitch

Sometimes, if you scale down your creature's body in creature stage, once it reaches tribal stage every part of the creature will be scaled up.

Another thing this glitch affects when one of the tribe members roasts marshmallows, when he or she pulls the stick out, it will be larger than the tool huts.

The "Magical Stretching Building" Glitch

In the GA editor, you might find you will have a stretched building or item. If it overstretches, it may not be movable, and you are stuck with it. If you have a minor stretch, then move it and it should be fixed.

WORKAROUND FOR OVERSTRETCH A: Pick one of the planet color/flora templates. This does not always work.


Cannibalism Glitch 

Sometimes in the Tribal Stage, if your game is glitched up enough, you can actually collect meat from sentient species that have died. Although this may seem disgusting, it gives the player more food! Similarly you can sometimes eat live creatures in the Creature Stage if you're a carnivore or omnivore. The creatures cannot be interacted with other than being eaten. After you eat some of it, it no longer can be interacted with, but it still does moves like any other creature does. 

Tribe Member Go Bye-Bye 

Sometimes, one of your tribe members will just stand there, not doing anything. Then, he will slowly start floating. Then get higher and higher until he eventually floats out of sight. It can occur in Tribal Stage but is very rare. When it does happen, one can right click the tribe member's icon and see the planet from orbit. There is little one can do if this happens until the tribe member starves to death. If it is your Chieftain, the glitch will keep repeating itself for the rest of the game, making it impossible to ally other tribes and use consequence abilities. When your chieftain respawns you can do things with him for about 30 seconds before he starts floating upward again.

This glitch can be fixed by telling the tribe member to walk to any location on the tribes' continent.

Stuck Babies Glitch 

Sometimes, in the Tribal Stage if there are many babies near a wild animal nest, they will become "stuck." They will usually not be doing anything but staring at an adult animal, not only can they not move around, their whole body is incapable of moving. If a tribal member walks through them, or if you wait, they will start moving again.

Multiple Tools

Sometimes during the Tribe stage, when you tell a tribe member that already has a tool to pick up a different tool, they might not drop the first one and have both at once. Only the most recently acquired tool will affect the tribe member's abilities, but it can be annoying when you think a tribe member has one tool, but doesn't.

Land monster in tribal mode

When you become an Omnivore in Cell Stage and then go onto Tribal Stage, summoning the Sea Monster in a small pool of water will cause it to spawn on land and cannonball on land, the animation is the same with the water ripples appearing on land and nothing bad happens, you still get the fish, it just looks strange. This happens all the time and the only way to fix it is to use it in a bigger pool of water!

Looping Sea Monster mating call

very rarely, when using the Flying Fish ability, the sea monster will appear, do a mating call, and dive back under the water. this doesn't give fish to the player, and leaves a looping mating call sound from the fish-like mouths. the audio can be stopped by exiting and re-entering the game

Civilization Stage

Flying Body In Creature Creator Glitch

The flying body glitch is unknown how to replicate and comes in many variations. One Variation is where the body is not clearly visible on the screen, but can be seen flying up, down, left, and right on the screen at extreme speeds. It can also sometimes be clearly visible but mushed onto the ground. The parts will go to the bottom of the creature platform and stay there until it randomly has spasms and flies across the screen again. Another variation is when the creature looks fine, but when it attempts to perform an action, it will fly across the screen as seen in the past glitches I've described, but its feet stay on the ground. Some people have seen this happen when they try to pan an asymmetrical Grox part, and it can also occur if a hack is used to remove part size limits.

Looping Dance Music Glitch

Go into Test Drive, then dance, then go back to Build Mode or Paint Mode. The Music will be playing along with the Creature Editor's Music! The only way to fix this is to exit the game.

Flying buildings

A weird but amusing glitch is when you are on a planet (not your own) and you come across the vehicles that collect spice (car, plane, and boat). Instead of vehicles, they are buildings! They are moving around to and from spice geysers with spice bags. Strangely though, all the buildings in the colonies are still there. To get rid of the glitch just save and restart the game. However, this does not affect the player's game in any way, so the player can just continue his/her game without any trouble.

Window Glitch

While at the Building Editor/Creator, add a body, then a window, but the window does not show light through it's glass, through the building may not be the lights inside the building, through it's glass you can see a grey appearance through the window itself.

Encrypted nation

In the Civilization Stage, if you contact a city just as you conquer them and give them a gift, they will say "***"

Tribal Food in City Glitch

Spore 2010-02-18 19-59-13

Two dishes of fish, seen in the City Editor.

Sometimes when there is food around where the city would be in tribal stage not yet in the food pile, it is left there, to be seen in Civilization stage in the city! It is not yet known on how to fix it, but it does not affect the game in any way besides visually. It is caused by having a tribe member holding food while advancing. There can also be food dishes outside of the city, miles away from it though it is hard to notice.

Fire dance Glitch

Sometimes, when advancing to civilization stage, if the last thing you made your tribesmen do was dance around the fire, when the Pie Scene plays, you can hear the song that plays when you dance around the fire in the background.

Undersized Epic

In the Civilization stage, sometimes there will be an epic creature that is the size of a normal creature instead. Half-Epics also exist. This can also happen in Creature stage, but then the creature can be even smaller than a baby.


When another nation's city spawns from a tribe, and an Epic was ravaging that tribe, the Epic will usually be stuck in the city, unable to move because of the buildings and its own massive size. If this happens to a city you take over, just place turrets (if it has none) and the creature will die inside in a few minutes.

Additionally, in space stage, you can abduct a creature, put it inside a city (preferably one on a planet that's still in civilization stage), and use the "supersizer" tool. Only this time, if you were careful, the creature will attack buildings.

Desynced Pie Scene Glitch

20180223173148 1

Normally, the Chieftain doesn't start talking in the Pie Scene until the camera pans down to him, which takes a few seconds from the start of the cutscene. However, sometimes, he'll start talking as soon as the scene starts, throwing off the timing of the dialog relative to where the camera is pointing. This has no effect on gameplay, as the scene will eventually conclude normally or you can hit the Esc key to skip it, but it does have the amusing side effect of allowing you to see the Chieftain's dumbfounded expression once the pie guy speaks up. It's unknown what causes this glitch, but it seems to be tied to the planet used, meaning once you encounter the bug on that planet, you always will, even if you revert back to the Game0 file from before you started a game on that planet.

Space Stage

No First Mission Planet Glitch 

In one of your first missions where you have to investigate a crashed ship (the 101 planet), a rare glitch may happen where the terrain of the planet is not the pre-set terrain and there is no crashed ship to investigate. The terrain may sometimes be identical to Earth. If the crashed ship cutscene does pay, it is likely to have a glitched appearance. Since there is no crashed ship to investigate, you cannot complete the mission. The only thing to do is to delete that game and start a new one with that creature.

This needs to be posted in Major Glitches. -MelanisticTemmie

Epic Creatures as Vehicles Glitch 

Spore 2009-10-13 19-09-12

The epic vehicle glitch. Plus, they have a ghostly shadow.

This is a very rare glitch, but sometimes there are epics collecting spice on your home planet when you are in the Space Stage. They can be destroyed, and if you zoom in enough, they are holding spice bags. They go on what would be a route for a vehicle. The evidence is in the picture. Epics do not normally go in the ocean.

Repeating Eco-Disaster Glitch 

If an eco-disaster is left to continue for an excessively long time, it may get stuck in a loop where a null species is claimed to be in danger of going extinct and nothing goes extinct at the end of the loop. Normally, once an entire eco-level worth of species goes extinct, the game is supposed to set the planet back to the next lowest terrascore, but this glitch may be the result of that failing to happen. The eco-disaster mission can usually be completed by refiling the ecosystem as normal.

I don't know what causes this glitch or how to fix it, but it is annoying! An alert came on when I was exploring, and It was an Eco-Disaster Alert. I scoped the planet, hoping to find the infected creatures. But the tip just said; "Save Planet Shius From Eco-disaster! A virus has spread through a herd of *** ! Destroy the infected! *** !" The time limit looped again and again and there was no creature to destroy. The planet is constantly losing the same plant, and they are always in a case of alert. I cannot communicate with the Planet, nor can I interact.

^^^ (reply) what happens if you put a bio protector or a bio stabilizer on the planet? will the endless eco-disaster be cured?

Regular empire at Galactic Core 

Sometimes there may be an empire that is not The Grox very close to the Galactic Core despite being surrounded by hundreds of Grox controlled systems.

Name generation Glitch 

40 glitchy planet naming
I have no clue what causes this glitch but sometimes a star and all of its planets have all the same name. Its like a less severe version of the BAD_DATA glitch that only effects one or two systems. The stars almost never have the same names, but the planet names match the star's. I did not use the Rename Planet cheat to do this. It somehow just happened. 

I have also seen it saying things like "Lo" and "Nhi," many gibberish names. This is the only one I have found with an actual word generated (all fart). I have only found 10 of these planet systems with same names. Including: 

"Lo" "Nhi" "Jublm" "Zizl" "Nikfl" "Fbilble" "Nldkv" "Bubz" "Nidgvb" and "Npplsfm."

You are an animal? 

When in Space stage, your species will occasionally be animals on your planet, with tribal outfit on, but no hut. They seem to be territorial. I found this using Hologram Scout. Note: This also happens in Civilization Stage.

Captain Colonist 

Your colonists will sometimes have your captain outfit. (This usually happens as a result of using the Hologram Scout.) When you attempt to edit the outfit, it cannot be saved unless you remove all the captain parts. If you cancel, the outfit will still be there.

Stretchy Tribe Glitch 

When terrasculpting a tribal planet in space stage, if you make a hill that will cut a tribe in half, the tribe will stretch to span the entire hillside. The game will fix itself eventually.

Tribe Members Defy Gravity Glitch 

When performing the Stretchy Tribe Glitch, the members of the tribe will stick sideways to the side of the hill.

Mouth Sound Glitch

Sometimes when you use the omnivore mouth on the 6th row, it will make a radial noise like the mouths under it. Same happens with the creepy & cute herbivore mouths. This may happen because they are both omnivore mouths and are above/under each other.

Invisible creature Preview Glitch

Sometimes, when you create a creature and look at its description & preview box in the Sporepedia, it will be invisible, although the images from mating-calling, social moves, and combat moves will be visible.

Dead Epic in your City

If an epic starts attacking your city while in Civilization Stage, sometimes it can get stuck in the city. This can be very irritating because when it dies its body sometimes will get stuck there too. This unfortunately blocks your view of the buildings. After a few minutes though the epic should fade away and you can continue your game. If not, save and quit the game, when you return, the epic should be gone.

Homeworld Not in Green Orbit

Sometimes, upon reaching the Space Stage, you may discover that your Homeworld is not in a green orbit as it should be. It will be in either a blue orbit or (more commonly) a red orbit. The planet might be T-1 or T-2. It is possible that this was an old feature from the earlier Spore game that the developers didn't finish or forgot to take out. It doesn't affect your homeworld anyway, so you can just choose to ignore it. Player-made planets may also cause this.

Creature stage sends transmission

Sometimes if you ally with the Grox and you have made a creature in the space outfitter and have that empire "active" and you also have a saved game with that creature in a creature stage game you will see a faint communication symbol coming from that planet in-game but you cannot receive it. This is very rare and may be fixed by exiting Spore. This may also happen with a tribe, but you don't have to ally the Grox. It will also appear in the message log e.g incoming transmission from the splash empire and if you go on the planet one of the tribes will be hostile. It can also happen with a candidate for a save game, in which case the log will always say incoming transmission from the unknown.

Roblox & Spore

In 2009, if you ran Roblox while viewing a creature in Spore, a glitchy banded green version of the Spore creature you are looking at may appear below the map in Roblox, replacing the bottom skybox image as well as replacing one of the side images with a solid color. This is apparently caused by a depth / render target not being cleared. The banding lines were a linear scene depth being converted to 8bit colour so it looped over to the next colour. This glitch was totally harmless. It doesn't happen anymore today, though it's currently unclear whether the reason is because of an update to Roblox or an update to Spore. As Roblox updates far more often than Spore, with Roblox releasing patches weekly and the most recent update to Spore being the first patch in several years, it seems that an update to Roblox fixing the issue is more likely.

Rotating Part Glitch

If a Creature stands with one foot on the slant part of the platform in any Outfit editor, performing "Punch" will cause the animation to glitch and clothing parts (especially masks) will rotate or flip in a random direction.

Floating Landmarks


A floating/hovering landmark.

Similar to the Underwater Tribe Glitch (see below), but the game tries to spawn one or more Natural Landmarks above a body of water, thus it floats above water. This can be fixed by simply using a terraforming tool to create land below the landmark, and then it will cease to float.

"But this is cool so i wouldn't ground a "Floating Island" -Damonna

Civilization Stage Depth of Field Jammed On

Spore dof fail

Depth of Field Bug.

Should you capture a city at the exact moment another city sends you a message, the message will ramp up the depth of field and then the cutscene will close the communication, leaving the game unplayably blurred until shut down. This can also happen in Space Stage after conquering a star system, but the view will only be blurred during the cutscene, and it will stop doing this after a while.

Planets with no Spice

Occasionally, a planet other than the ones specified to not have Spice will not have any, the best way to find these are to look for T1 or higher Planets in Grox Systems. Often, this planet can even be the same one where you find the crashed spaceship. In the Grox systems the spice less planets may have yellow spice geysers.

Occasionally, another Empire will have occupied a system with no spice. Logically, according to the game's process for determining how much colonies pay for spice, this would mean that they will pay highly for any spice, especially those their empire does not mine. However, sometimes the colony is very picky and cheap. If you conquer or buy the colony, it will have a spice color and you can collect it.

Extreme gas giant tilt glitch

Spore 2012-08-04 19-09-00

Rarely you may stumble across a gas giant with a tilted axis. However sometimes the gas giant is on a massive tilt. If you zoom out of the solar system and zoom back in again the gas giant remains the same. However if you zoom out, go to another star, and come back, the gas giant will become normal.

This can happen to any other planet but it is extremely hard to notice unless the planet has a ring system

Communication Screen Glitch

A common problem in the space stage is that the captain speaks, but does not make any noise.

Dancing Trees

Sometimes two trees spawn in the same spot and they look they are moving. Simply moving away from the trees usually solves the problem. This can happen with vehicles, creatures, and stars colors.


Sometimes when the game randomly generates a name, e.g. discovering a new system/planet or clicking random name for a creation, all that will come up is BAD_DATA. Other empires can also refer to these star systems or planets in the space stage, making it difficult to understand where or what you need to do. (for example, "retrieve the [special artifact] from planet BAD_DATA. The star system is 2 to 3 parsecs from the system BAD_DATA, and the planet's name is BAD_DATA."). Once it happens the first time it will happen constantly, no matter what. This can be fixed by adding a string to the shortcut referencing the localization needed i.e. "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe" -locale:en-us This may also happen when you use the "evoadvantage" cheat in Creature Stage, when it asks you what you want to name your planet the name it generates will be BAD_DATA.

WORKAROUND-You can save a planet named BAD_DATA, so the game won't generate the name anymore.

Alternate- just fix it by going into C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Support\eg-us and copy the namegeneration.package then past it into eg-gb or the language folder you are doesn't have it

Another method to cure the BAD_DATA glitch is to go into the Control panel→Clock Language and Region→ Region and language→ Administrative→ Change system Locale and then finally change the system locale to English (Us) Restart your PC and the BAD_DATA glitch will be gone!

Following glitch

Very rarely a spaceship when deleted from the fleet won't fly off but continues to follow the player. The spaceship can't be destroyed and the player will be stuck with it for the whole game. This glitch also happens in Creature Stage if you wander for a while and you don't interact with a creature of a different species (the already dead one counts, too.). The creature will follow you curiously, but once a creature is interacted with, the creature walks back to its nest.

Empires changing color

Very occasionally the player's empire will change color. This is extremely frustrating for players who like the color of their empire, and, if lucky but rare it can be restored. Interestingly if the player plants a new colony on a planet the colony on the map will have the original color, however this will change the moment you communicate with it or leave the planet. This can happen with saved games. It can also be very annoying and frustrating if another empire has the same color as their changed color.

Colorblind Terrain

Sometimes a planet terrain is messed up, resulting in multicolored planets, strange tints of color, and reflective terrain. This is a graphics glitch and disappears after an hour or so, unless you have a strange graphics card, then it will last until you update the card itself.

Messed Up Pollination

Sometimes vehicles and buildings get mixed up such as when buildings start moving and collecting spice, or when anonymous vehicles pollinate off the Sporepedia and fill up the entire planet. This can happen due to a vehicle or building not being selected from the colony menu; simply selecting a new model should fix this problem. It can also happen with creatures.

Tool glitch

Sometimes tools appear in the communication menu, but are completely useless, they have no picture and instead they have three stars - *** in the middle. They are not worth purchasing. This can happen when buying the interplanetary drive, and the useless object normally only costs one spore buck.(Creature Creator) If you have Exo-Skeleton parts, that pressing ‘’I’’ and having your mouse hover over the foot/hand that comes with the limb, this effect also happens. The Creature Creator glitch is solved with the C&C expansion pack.

Turret glitch

Sometimes city turrets do not stop shooting, even after a battle. The best thing to do is to quit the game and the glitch should subside. Even after the turret is deleted or destroyed, you will still hear turret noises and see bullets come out of nowhere. In one case, a brown nation captured a purple nation city and the turret 'betrayed' its nation and shot down a brown sea vehicle even though the turret now belonged to the brown nation. Then after that it never stopped shooting.

Gas Giant Rings overlapping Planet Glitch

Occasionally, a gas giant very close to a non-atmospheric planet will overlap rings. This is purely visual in nature and doesn't affect the game.

Disappearing Water

Spore 2009-04-12 13-48-40

Occasionally, the water on a T0 planet, usually a low temperature and low atmosphere, the frozen water will not generate and there will be a hole in the planet that you can see through. To make the glitch disappear, you must Terraform to at least T1. In a similar glitch, the planet looked normal until it was destroyed with a Planet Buster.

Planet text

Very rarely, in the space stage, your home planet may be turned partially white, and be covered with black words of gibberish. The words can even be seen in shallow water! The white area seems to become part of the planetary map until you leave the star system. Although this glitch is very rare, it will continue to appear at random points throughout the same game. Otherwise, there is no known effect on game-play. pic plz

Dead Empire Planet Drone Communication

Sometimes, if your game is glitchy enough, when you receive the message from the drone the static will flash lower than it’s supposed to and it shows your empire's creature instead of something else. However it is always your creature, as sometimes completely identical parts appear if your creature is tall enough.

Ruined Planet drone comm glitch

Occasionally, if you use the "SpaceCreate" cheat and form an alliance with another empire, when you talk to the drones on the "Ruined Planet", Their face which will normally be red (angry) will appear green or blue like you have an alliance or trade route.

Glowing Sphere Mission Communication

Sometimes after players complete the first mission they get after they enter Space stage (Fly through seven large glowing spheres) the communication screen will not open up, no matter how long you wait or how much you press the communication button. This can be very alarming for players who experience this glitch and don't know about it. If you can't communicate you cannot complete the mission and you will not be able to earn the interstellar drive and get out to outer space, thus completely wrecking the stage. Players will usually resort to exiting and starting off from their last save. Players should not panic when this glitch occurs, it can be fixed simply by entering an editor from the City Planner and then leaving. After that the screen should open up as soon as you click it.

Aircraft laser glitch

Sometimes in Space stage, the player may come across a planet still in its Civilization stage. If aircraft are attacking a city with green lasers and the player joins in with a spaceship laser, the aircraft lasers turn red.

Planet Buster Glitch

Very rarely, when using the Planet Buster, the device will hit the ground but the planet buster will be a dud. It will not blow up; you won't be able to exit the planet and won't be able to die. But roughly 20 minutes later, the planet buster should blow up and everything should return back to normal. This can also happen if you use Creature Tweaker, but the Galactic Code won't be broken. After editing a creature with the tool, the planet just blows up as if you use a planet buster.

Spontaneous Combustion glitch

Very rarely, a planet will, for no reason, explode. (I once experienced the glitch on my homeworld, but before it exploded, it says the grox were attacking. I think a Glitched Grox uses a Planet Buster)

Wormhole loop glitch

Occasionally the player can get stuck in a loop while entering a Black Hole, however, it will end after a few trips.

Wormhole trails on planets

Sometimes (and usually caused by mods or video glitches) black hole trails (those road like trails that connect black holes in the galactic view) can appear on planets.

Inside the ocean

Sometimes, if the player finds a deep valley or lowlands, on a planet without oceans, and uses the atmospheric generation tool or cloud seeder, the oceans will cover the spaceship. Any movement up or down will instantly bring the ship back to the surface. Land vehicles can also get "drowned" with this too as well.

Destroyed Empire

In one of your first missions, you will have to go to a planet with a destroyed city on it. Sometimes another empire will build a city on it, and the destroyed city is there and the current empire can get spice even though there are no spice geysers. The planet can be captured or bought, providing an easier way than placing a monolith and having war even though you did not do anything to the civilization.

Main Menu Glitch

Galaxy Glitch

A glitched menu.

There exists an Extremely rare glitch in the Main Menu of the game where it shows the galaxy, but the background is a planet rather than space. The save files are also invisible, leaving finding them to luck. This is a minor glitch and has no effect on gameplay except it is incapable of loading save files. Simply restarting the game will turn it back to normal.

This has also happened with the save files appearing normally.

Stellar Searchlights

Occasionally large blobs with light beams may appear in the galactic view. They cannot be visited. They can appear when changing the graphic settings.

Clothed Animals

Sometimes, but not often your own species will appear on the biosphere as a non-sapient creature. If you remove your clothes during Civilization stage and leave a tribe standing, in space stage the village sites will be deserted and your creature will appear as a non-sapient species with their tribal clothes.(Encounter, but method is unconfirmed). It's more common (in fact usually occurs)with the tribes that have been destroyed in civilian stage, the tribesmen will continue to gather during this stage but become creatures in space stage. In addition to that, you can also see your creature without clothes, the same evolution but non-sapient.

Scrambled History Glitch

This is a rare glitch, usually only happening in games played on a Mac or old PC. If you look at your history during space stage, it may end up showing everything since half past Creature stage scrunched up in the Space Stage History. This glitch is perfectly harmless unless you like to look at the history once in a while to see how you are doing. This can happen if you have a very long history, such as happens when allying with the Grox, as it says you declared war with every empire (allying with the Grox gives a -200 bonus to all relationships other than the Grox), filling the timeline with perhaps thousands of "Started War with ___ Empire" messages, and causing all of your history from Creature Stage to Civilisation Stage to scramble into the Space Stage history.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This glitch is also known to occur in Galactic Adventures if you socialize during an adventure you got in the main game(as opposed to Quickplay). For reasons unknown, the necessary socializing in the Maxis Adventure "Concert in the Park" doesn't trigger the glitch, but socializing in other adventures, even other Maxis ones, does trigger it. This could be due to the timeline trying to treat socializing and allying in adventures like it did in the Creature stage(in that it tries to add them to the timeline, fails, and consequently glitches out), and "Concert in the Park" is immune because the creatures you have to socialize with are already allied, and you're just adding them to your party.

Workaround for this cause: Do all adventures with socializing in Quickplay. You can still use your save's Captain and still gain experience without triggering this glitch. If you're an author making an adventure that contains socializing, try to mimic what "Concert in the Park" did to spare adventurers this bug.--treehugger0123

Double Spice Color from one planet

Occasionally in Space Stage you will go to one of your own planets to collect spice, only to find out you are collecting 2 colors of spice, one of which is usually the color seen on the planet. This is probably caused by trade routes, which have exactly the same effect.

^ Does this even count as a glitch? because trade routes give you the other empire's spice too

Spice not Coming from Geysers Glitch

Sometimes in the space stage the player will find that though he/she gets spice from a planet, there will not be any spice shooting out of the geyser. The only report of this so far is on a semi-terraformed ice planet.

Stone City Hall Glitch


An example of a "stone city" made when you change screens after recently colonizing a planet on the location of a landmark.

When colonizing a planet, placing the colony over a big rock and then going into the city planner to change anything that requires the screen to change (ex: changing your colonists' outfit) may cause the game to put the big rock back where it was in your city. It is unknown as of yet if this has any effects on gameplay, such as placing buildings on the corrupted city, but can be fixed by saving and restarting Spore.

Zealot Speech Glitch

There is a minor glitch in the Spore Space Stage where Zealot empires will not move their mouths while speaking. Once this glitch occurs, it will be permanent in all games from then on. If you don't like it, it helps to imagine that Zealots like to speak in the back of their throats without moving their lips, like ventriloquists, to make themselves sound ghostly, scary and powerful. Sometimes they will still be talking even after you've left the communication table.

Main Menu Zoom-In Glitch

In Space Stage, normally when the player buys a planet for the first time in their game, after the communications screen is closed, there will be a cutscene involving the camera zooming in on the planet. However, if the player returns to the main menu directly from the communications screen after buying the planet, the camera will still zoom in, but on the galaxy instead. It cannot be moved, meaning the "Play" menu and saved games cannot be accessed. The game will return to normal if it is restarted.

Strange Lights in Test Drive room

CRE Skew Boa-09dfecc6 ful

Strange Lights in Test Drive room.

It is unknown how this glitch happens, balls of light and sparkles from the vehicle editors start to appear when the glitch occurs.

For a video, go here,

Flaming Buildings Glitch

Sometimes, while in the building editor, if you mess with the settings, a ball of fire will appear in the middle. It is unknown if this glitch can be used in the colony editor, but it is nothing major.

Dead City Glitch

Occasionally, after changing the outfit your colony, everyone in your colony might plop on the floor, make a surprised noise, and die. A way to fix this is to go to the options menu, then exit. Your colony should be up and running again.

Floating Ruined City Glitch

If you use terraforming tools to add a river to the Ruined Planet in such a way that it ends up passing through or just very close to the Ruined City, the ground under the city will move, but the city's features will not, resulting in the ruins appearing to fly in midair. Apparently entering the Spore menu and exiting again fixes this, and the ground will be re-shaped to put the city on a flat plateau next to the river (the river may now be incomplete due to the reshaped land).

Colony Placing Glitch

Sometimes, if you place colony incredi-pak on planet and you will make sudden move of spaceship, the colony will be shot off the planet. You will be not able to exit planet, use return ticket or save game. You must restart all the game, or exit without saving. This can also happen with Uber turrets. This can be resolved with changing to a shaman and using the Return Ticket ability, but this only works with the Uber turret.

"Hostile" Overtaken System Glitch

There is a bug that causes systems seized from other empires during war to very rarely keep the red circle around them showing that this is enemy space, even when you own it. Enemy ships will not appear while you are in the red bubble - this is, after all, a planet that you now own. The red bubble is a cosmetic bug where the game failed to acknowledge visually that this is no longer an enemy star. Saving and exiting to the main menu, then re-entering the game will fix this.

"System under attack" symbol never disappears

See this page for more details on this common glitch; in short, the "system under attack" symbol (crossed swords above a star system with an arrow pointing down at it), which appears when you attack an enemy star system and try to capture it, may be displayed even after you have captured the system, and even if an enemy captures it back, or you destroy all cities in that system. It seems to happen more often when there are 2 or more occupied planets in the system you are trying to capture. Normally, the symbol would disappear once you've captured the system, but here, the symbol just stays there forever, and nothing ever seems to get rid of it. As with the "Hostile" overtaken system glitch, this glitch may sometimes be fixed by saving and exiting to the main menu, then re-entering the game. The symbol may also just disappear with time, so it effectively seems to mean "you tried to capture this system somewhat recently", rather than "you are trying to capture this system right now".

Ally takeover of system with 2 inhabited planets glitch

If you pay an ally to attack a system for you which has 2 colonized planets (most just have 1), they will fly a fleet there and eventually the system will probably display as "half-conquered", at which point conflict will subside. If you journey into the system, it shows that one of the two colonized planets has been conquered by your ally. If you then pay your ally to attack the system again, they will send a fleet to fly over, but the fleet will just freeze when it gets to the system to attack. The way to get past this problem is to journey into the system, and destroy all cities on the planet that is showing as conquered by your ally, leaving just 1 colonized planet (in a system with 3 or more colonized planets, you'll still need to destroy the cities on all but 1 colonized planet). After that, if you pay your ally to attack the system, they should be able to conquer it normally.

Epic tree

Sometimes you will find a giant tree. This may be caused by terrain. So far this has only been reported in space stage.


If you activate the Hologram scout while your ship is in combat, and the ship is destroyed, you will remain as a hologram. Beaming up will result in the "destruction" cutscene, and your ship respawning as usual.

Giant Or God Creature Reflection

Sometimes if you use the "evoadvantage" cheat a giant reflection of your creature will appear in the water, and can sometimes be blurry.

Grox in T1 planet

Very rarely a Grox empire will inhabit a T1 habitat. If you enter the planet the Grox will die out. This doesn't affect your relation with the Grox.

Hostile but friendly Glitch

This glitch only happens when you ally the Grox and then uplift a species. When it evolves to Space Stage and you mouse over the star it will show a blue friendly face. BUT if you click the star or a star near it will turn to a red hostile face and the creature will declare war on you! if you open the communication screen after the creature declares war, it would thank you for uplifting them and will allow you to recharge/repair your ships! You can’t do missions and give gifts to them still. Closing and reopening the communication screen will make the creature say what all other empires say when they’re mad.

Barren Homeworld glitch

When you de-terraform a candidate for a saved game, you will still be able to play with that T0 Homeworld. When you start in space stage, you will be stuck on the planet, and if you start in any other stage, the game will crash.

Black text glitch

Sometimes, in the building editor, if you set your graphics settings to High from Low while editing, and then go into the paint section, everything looks brighter than before. Nothing serious... but if you click the last button, then a "drawing" of the clouds, trees, e.t.c will appear (in the appearance of someone drawing on the screen in black text) and no matter how much you move the camera, the "drawing" stays in the EXACT same place, as if someone drew on the lens. This can be extremely annoying and can turn you off from making buildings (particularly if you're trying to get the Architect achievement). Restarting Spore fixes it, however.

Flying tree glitch

In the space stage if you are moving and beaming down the tree if it does not touch the ground it will orbit the planet (the other way is not a bug)or simply you go really high in the sky with a spaceship using any plant by launching in any direction except for down and up

100,000,000 Spore Bucks Glitch

In the space stage, use the "moremoney" cheat until you have 99,999,999 spore bucks. Then go to one of your colonies, and click the "edit city" button. Use the "moremoney" cheat again in the editor, and it should say you have 100,000,000. If you exit the editor then it will go back to 99,999,999 spore bucks.

"Eliminate the infected citizens" on a Civ stage planet

When performing an "Eliminate the infected citizens" mission on a Civilization Stage planet, if two cities go to war with each other and uninfected civilians are killed as a result, it is treated as if YOU killed the innocent civilians. Rarely, this can cause you to fail the mission of too many civilians die.

Claimed planet with no cities

If the game places a Civ Stage species on a planet with very little land mass, it is likely that the planet will completely lack cities. It is also possible (though rare) for an NPC empire to claim a planet but for no colonies to spawn on it. Though usually harmless, this glitch can cause frustration as it makes 'abduct a citizen' and 'eliminate the infected citizens' missions impossible. Gravitation Wave will not remove the civilization because there are no structures to destroy.

WORKAROUND (For Civ stage planets): Either use a Monolith to raise the planet to Space Stage (which will always cause one city to be placed at the center of the map), or use a Planet Buster.

WORKAROUND 2 (For Space Stage planets): Either buy the system with a trade route or use a Planet Buster.

See also: Claimed system with no colonies

Galactic Adventures Title Glitch

Sometimes, when you start Spore Galactic Adventures, the Spore Logo will disappear after the opening (as it should) and the Galactic Adventures logo will stay where it is throughout the entire game! The only known solution is to quit the game.

Flying item Glitch (flying egg glitch replacement)

you can make items (yes even eggs) float by afking with pause on near items then after a long time they float and fall on your head by walking under them due to them re-rendering or trigger them with other items sticks are the best item to do it with.

Species don't die out

In the space stage, buy some atmospheric tools and go to a planet inhabited by a tribe or civilization. Then go into the planet's orbit and plant some of the tools down, and quickly exit the planet into the star system, if the terrascore is T1 and you lower it to T0 in the planet view, then go back into the planet, you will see the cities don't have a protective shield and they won't die out, this is easy fixable by raising the terrascore back to 1 then lowering it back to T0, do this on the planet and the species will get destroyed

Blurry Ending Cutscene Glitch

If you talk to a person for the final act of an adventure, and you press escape two times,the final cutscene may be blurry.This has only been observed in the adventure, Adventure Town, and the cutscene was skipped too, so it isn't known if the captain animates in the blurry cutscene.

Flight Glitch

This glitch can only be used by a creature with both Glide and Sprint. If you target a creature, press sprint and press spacebar to glide. Then press the down arrow to go backwards. Then press spacebar again to flap your wings, then the down arrow again. Not only does this greatly increase the creature's flying speed, but can fling the creature into the atmosphere. The creature is still controllable via the directional keys, but once the sprint bar is drained, the creature will land. This does not work with Captain Parts, but does work on GA.

Planets Devoid of Plant Life Glitch

Very rarely the Pollination.package file can become corrupt, which can result in any newly created planets being devoid of any plant life whatsoever. This isn't a problem if the player chooses to play as a carnivore or omnivore, but herbivorous creatures will die of starvation. This problem can be simply fixed by deleting the Pollination.package file, although the game will have to re download any custom content that has been downloaded.

(reply) This happened to me after I fixed my game. It also had to redownload my previous creations (that I made.)

Floating while posing glitch

This glitch has only been recorded in the creature creator. If you click the pose button on level 5 (possibly other levels) your creature will float. This does nothing to your game, but it does make up for funny visual effects.

Same tags on a new creature

This glitch is common, and usually happens when you create a creature in the Space Stage. The creature you are making will be automatically given the tags of a random creature created before.

Grox Don't Talk When They Have To

Sometimes if the Grox is talking to you and you go to the desktop for around 5 minutes when you come back the Grox will make the moves they were supposed to do when talking, but they will not talk and the mouths will be closed.

Missing Missions

There is a glitch where all your missions disappear and if you check your missions log, all the missions are gone and it is a blank space. The tracked missions still remain. The likely cause is too many missions, as it happened soon after I accepted a new mission. This may cause you to lose missions, or maybe it is caused because you have lost alot of missions, deleted or completed.

Fantasy Apocalypse Glitch (Also called Crazy sky glitch)

Spore Crazy Sky Glitch

Spore Crazy Sky Glitch


This glitch can happen to anyone, and It has been found 2 times when testing an Adventure in Spore GA. Suddenly, the sky will start rotating like there was an apocalypse. It rotates faster than normal. The second time this glitch has been encountered, the sun revealed even though the flow of time is locked. It has recorded once.

Communication with an Empire you are at War With

Talking at war

Talking to a empire at war, im able to take a mission but they wont allow me to trade

When you get an Empire to -70 relationship, they won't be at war, but then, by rejecting a mission, they then declare war. You are able to talk to the empire you just started a war with. The empire insults you like if you normally start a war, but you are still able to communicate with them. This commonly happens in a delivery mission sent by another empire to the empire you're at war with, when you deliver the items, you can select the top button to talk to them.This might happen only once.

Shaking galaxy glitch

Right after using an antimatter bomb, the planet will sometimes shake like it is having an earthquake. This will continue even after you zoom out to the star system's view. It is not a game-wrecking glitch, just really annoying. Also, you may think that the shaking has stopped but just continues when you zoom into a planet. It eventually stops.

Leap Glitch

This is a weird, but beneficial glitch that can only be executed with creatures with Jump and Glide. First of all, pause the game by using the ` key. Then, press and hold W. Then, while still holding W, press Spacebar. Then, quickly, tap ` again and immediately let go of W and Spacebar. If you did it correctly, your creature should now be flung forwards at amazing speeds. If let alone for long enough, it'll eventually enter the Planet's orbit. Moving your creature will gradually stop it's "orbit", and make it descend into the planet. Flapping your wings, however, apparently does nothing.

It is unknown if this glitch will work in the Creature Stage, as it was only tested in Adventure Planets. However, if it does, then migration becomes a piece of cake, as your creature can leap into the new nest easily.

Your glitch does NOT work on creature stage, but it is fun to watch on GA. Sorry to tell all of you who wanna launch your creature to their new nest as if general Grievous kicked him in the butt. It's still fun to do on random adventures, I cheated Adventure Town with it. LOL! ~Gizzy777

Colonists Float out of the Planet

Flying Colonist

A floating colonist next to the camera.

In the Space Stage, specifically if one of your colonies' buildings are damaged, one of your colonists will start doing a little dance. Afterwards, it will bounce to one side while increasing in height. Eventually, he will leave the planet's atmosphere and disappear. It is unknown what causes this glitch.

Sol Glitch

If you place a colony on a planet in the Sol system and then destroy the colony, the code that stops NPC empires from colonizing the system will be cancelled out, allowing them to colonize the planets there.

Not Moving Vehicle Glitch

Sometimes when you try to move a ship, a plane or a car, it won't move. You can fix it by exiting to the main menu and then running the game again.

Black hole to a star

In the space stage if a black hole is near by a colonized planet the black hole will transform to a star and all the planets with it will appear as a cube with lava in it. (Needs citation)

Egg in ocean glitch

If you kick an egg of your own species into the ocean, it will hatch, walk out to land, then mysteriously move without stepping. The baby will then step again as soon as it reaches the nest.

Adventures pollinating to planets with artifacts

Sometimes when playing Galactic Adventures, an adventure will be placed on a planet that has an artifact or planet art tool on it (one that has the little yellow-white lines emerging from it when you mouse over it). You will not be able to acquire the artifact or planet art tool even if you load core Spore. This is more an annoyance than anything.

Editor on Steroids Glitch

Sometimes, when editing creatures while editing an adventure, the creature parts start acting haywire. This glitch is usually temporary.

Corpse Dissolving Glitch

This glitch is quite rare, Sometimes when a creature placed in an adventure is killed, instead of it falling over then disappearing it will simply stand there then fade away.

Mobile Crate Glitch

This is very rare and strange but sometimes when a spice crate is placed on a planet it will whiz around on the ground at high speed.

Invisible citizens

Sometimes during the tribe, civ, or space stages your creatures will turn invisible and you will only be able to see their shadow. You can still view your creatures in the outfit editor, though.

Spore 2013-02-03 10-37-21

A random glitchy planet

Shape planet glitch

You can meet this kind of graphical glitch when you go into a planet or can be caused by colonies before terraforming a high-atmosphere planet.

Ray from behind the ship

You may come across a glitch that makes a ray (I had an experience with a Heat Ray) or maybe a Laser that makes it come out from behind the ship. Simply save and restart the game.

Big sun glitch

Sometimes when you download the Dark injection v9 mod,when you get into the adventure creator the sun will be much bigger than your planet.Sometimes even taking up the full screen.If you make your camera at a certain angle, the sun will take up the full sky leaving it white. -note: this glitch requires a mod, is it even a glitch?

Hidden Empire Creature Glitch

Occasionally, when contacting a new empire (In Space Age of course) when the static covering them initially is supposed to leave, it doesn't, except for a partial area at the top, which flashes. Not game breaking, but can be annoying. Fixes itself if you leave the communications screen, and come back in.

Workaround: Leave, then enter the planet's atmosphere, and try contacting them again.

Unsold Spice Glitch

Sometimes, when you are in a colonized planet, there may be spice inside a town, but they do not sell you it, even if it's your own empire. This is usually fixed by abducting/stealing the spice box.

No eyes, no visibility

Invisible eyeless

"Maybe this invisibility will take out that limbless space slug Aurtrice!"

Sometimes, an eyeless creature will not appear in the Short-range communicator. You can still see the background and voice, however.

Tribes in Space

This is kinda rare, occasionally, when civilization stage is completed and you advance to space stage, you will find that your citizens are tribe members, it's odd, because you can do tribal stage things in space stage, to fix it, simply enter the oufitter (which is the tribal outfitter instead of the space outfitter now) and exit, when this happens, you are just an empire and not a tribe at the same time, but honestly, why would you want to get rid of this ultra-amusing glitch?

"Demon" creature, tribe, nation, and empire

On my older computer that I got when I was eight, I saw an allied creature that I socalized with, and it would NOT go into my pack, then later it would somehow go to a red face (for NO reason) and attack me. Then a similar thing happened in tribe stage, where a tribe I found randomly attacked mine AFTER I destroyed them. Then in civilization stage I found Red Nation was at a neutral face, I gave them a gift (I was trying to do a diplomatic takeover) and it turned to a RED face because I gave them a gift. In space stage, I tried to ally an empire but instead I wound up becoming their enemy, huh, weird. WORKAROUND: Kill off the creatures affected by this glitch. They'll revive at the face(red, orange, yellow, blue, green) that they were at before they were affected by the glitch. NOTE: I was using an unshared creature called Demon.

Messed up map

Sometimes, when you ally the first tribe you meet in tribal stage, after the totem pole cutscene, the mini-map will be totally different, but the real world map will remain the same.
Spore 2015-05-27 16-36-39

The glitch in effect. Notice the camera offset from the cell.

Messed-up Landmarks

On my previously mentioned old computer, a weird glitch affected a few landmarks. Sometimes the landmarks will turn white. Sometimes they float in midair. Other times you can walk through them. WORKAROUND: Exit to the title and go back into the save file you were playing.

Creepy Eyes

Sometimes in the Early Creature Editor, your creature might have its eyes looking straight down. This might produce the illusion of creepy eyes. WORKAROUND: Simply adjust the eyes to what you like.


The eyes when affected. Note, this was not adjusted! This was the glitch itself!

Invisible Rain

This was a glitch discovered in the Tribal Stage where rain sounds play even though there's no visible cloud or raindrops. WORKAROUND: Wait for another event of rain, it will most likely be visible.

Small Timeline Messups

A common bug that occurs. Sometimes, when doing something to raise the marker towards the green trait and then doing something to move it towards the red trait, the bar might appear messed up. The glitch fixes itself the next thing you do that is recorded.

"Statue" Epics

Rarely, in the Civilization Stage, you might come across an epic creature that is not moving at all. It can terrify the player, especially if it stopped while it was making a smile animation(therefore making it smile). At the right camera angle when it's smiling, you can make the epic look TERRIFYING as heck.

Creepy Epic

A glitched epic.


Sometimes when giving a nation Sporebucks to ally with them, the timeline might show that you paid 666 Sporebucks, even though you cannot pay that much at all!



Cell Cartwheel

Sometimes when getting killed by an omnivore, specifically Nosey, your cell might rotate a lot until you respawn. This is not annoying and can be really hilarious to the player.

Edit Maxis Cells

Fun fact, but you can actually edit Maxis' cells! The way to do it is open Sporepedia, Open a user cell window, click edit. You will be presented with a editor. Now, don't change your own cell, but open sporepedia again. Click on Maxis Creations, then Maxis Cells, and double click a cell you want to edit. Volia! Not only you get hidden parts in normal editor, but you can have 5 vertebrae too! Happy making! Note: The cells cannot be saved if that cell has hidden parts. I also said cell 8 times.

Undeveloped tribal stage

Sometimes, in tribal stage, you can find a nest of your creature before you updated them tfor the last time.

This does not do anything to the game. Notice the nest, and the way one creature ( the tribal one ) IS UPRIGHT with a smaller eye and different legs, and the rest have big eyes and are around the nest ( undeveloped ones). This may not be a glitch, and could just show not ALL of your species are sentient yet.


Flaming Planets Glitch

On occasion, a planet may be generated looking like a Planet Buster was used on it. The planet can still be explored and entered.

Dancing Creatures

I once had my creature jump up and down while standing right next to a friendly creature. For some weird reason, the NPC flipped over on its head and starting repeatedly turning around. Its legs kept spasming hilariously. It's pretty funny! I tried it with some random creature, and then I killed it. The creature kept doing this while dead. I stopped it by consuming the creature's remains(as an omnivore). It even happens to babies!

Grounded Spaceship

This is when a spaceship is on the ground. Yep. Just on the ground. It goes forward, and it immediately clips back to where it was when it started. I actually had this happen without any mods, so I don't know the cause.

Spore 2016-06-18 19-33-52

As you can see, the spaceship on the ground is throwing up clouds of dirt and rocks, which usually happens when you bonk into a cliff or mountain with your ship. So maybe it thinks that it is running into a cliff or mountain. It does not affect the game and could even make things easier when raiding the planet, as they cannot hit you with their laser and cannot come to defend their colony. It is fixed when the spaceship either somehow reaches a ledge or just fixes itself.

Planetary Theme Glitch

Walking on water glitch

A captain and a creature standing on water.

Swimming in lava glitch

Same two creatures, swimming in lava without dying. (No modifications made to health values; creature's health bar is visible as proof.)

Switching between planetary themes in the Adventure Editor can cause some silliness in test mode, namely switching from row 6 column 3 to row 6 column 1 on page 1, or switching from any theme to row 1 column 1 on page 1. This can result in walking on water or harmlessly swimming in lava. This isn't detrimental to the game, and can be used for some interesting stuff in adventures. Affects both the captain and any creatures spawned on the planet.

UPDATE: It appears R6C1 and R1C1 are just glitched in general. You can still stand on water or swim in lava on either theme no matter which theme you switch to them from. It even works if you change a color on the theme and then switch back to its default color through the themes page!

Lava Zombie glitch

Sometimes on GA, if you move creatures into lava and press the Test button, they will die like normal, and sink into the lava. However, if your captain (made invincible of course) goes closer to where they died, the creatures will pop up, screaming and waving their arms like they do when they die in lava, and sink down when the captain moves away. It's currently unknown what makes this glitch happen.

Homeworld Colonized glitch


Image of the glitch.

If you get a pirate raid on your homeworld just as you are colonizing a planet, the colonized message will mistakenly say your homeworld's name instead of the planet you just colonized.

Additional Note: It's not just the homeworld; I had the same thing happen with a normal colony--treehugger0123

Backwards Cannon

Adjusting the morph handles of the bevelled lozenge if a ye olde cannon part is on it, may cause it to point backwards, or have 2 barrels pointing in opposite directions. Moving the cannon fixes it.

Overactive Refrigeration Ray

If you have a T2 planet that has a perfect atmosphere and only needs to be a little bit colder to qualify as T3, if you use the Refrigeration Ray, the planet's cooling will accelerate long after you've taken your finger off the mouse. If you're not paying attention, the planet will become so cold it becomes T2 in the other direction.

Workaround: Just tap the mouse for the Refrigeration Ray, stabilize the T-Score the moment T3 is hit, and have a Heat Ray or Meteor Showers at the ready to counteract the glitch. Alternatively, you can just use an Ice Storm or alternate between the Cold Cloud Seeder and the Cold Cloud Vacuum.

Adventure disappears from a planet

Very rarely, an adventure will disappear from a planet, letting the planet be colonized.

Hologram Scout Glitch

Sometimes when using hologram scout, if you click on the captain card then click outfitter then exit, you will switch to the view of your spaceship. You can still move the hologram as far as you want, but you can not move the spaceship. To fix this glitch, just click the pickup scout button.

Spice Creature

Sometimes on a glitched planet, the cars that collect spice will instead be a random creature from your Sporepedia

This does not change much, but it does look strange. The creatures will usually be epic-sized.

Spice Creature
A image of a creture holding spice

Glitchy Ship Tools

Sometimes, very rarely, after you load one of your space stage games, all of your tools will be glitched up and have glitchy icons.

Workaround #1: Quit without saving.

Workaround #2: Save then quit.

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