Crash when befriending and dying at the same time.

I have a CPU of 1.10 GHZ, so this crash probably had to do with my CPU speed. Once i found a glitch during the creature stage. I was befriending a Punk Bird but while i was befriending it a epic killed me. I clicked the green button to be reborn, but after some time the game crashed. It either had to do with my CPU's speed, or something else.

Water Nest

Sometimes if you move on to the Creature Stage,your creature will not run to land and your nest will be underwater. The sea monster will not attack, except if you go onto land, in which case it will rise out the ground and devour you as it would in the water.

This is caused by the game switching the values of water and land. It is currently unknown what triggers this glitch, but it has no known fix and has not been tested.

Abducted Chieftain

Sometimes, in tribal stage, your chieftain will get abducted by a spaceship; however he will not be reborn. The only way to fix this is to go back to the last saved game, however, if you save the game after he is abducted you will have to start the game over. You cannot continue after this glitch has happened because the game will crash when you advance to the civilization stage.

Dark Creature Editor

This is a randomly occurring glitch that involves rolling your mouse over your creature. The editor will appear normal as long as you don't try to add any parts or roll over your creature at all. It is major because when you do roll over it, the entire editor turns black, and you can only see the grass in the background. You won't be able to see what you're doing except for the silhouette of what you're doing. You can't see the details.

Spore 2017-01-30 19-27-45

Dark Creature Editor

Noise Loop Freeze

I was playing Spore in the Creature Stage with the Dark Injection mod on and returned to my nest. A baby nest member started singing (with the HellHound mouth) and the noise started looping. One of my pack members was flying into the ground. All of the mixed noises were looping now, and it was kinda hurting my ears. Then, the game froze and the noises were still looping when I turned the laptop off. Before the game froze, I decided to take a video and maybe upload it to YouTube. But when I watched the video (to revise it) there was ABSOLUTELY NO sound. I had to close Spore with Task Manager.

This needs more information to be of use. Did it have a lasting effect, or was it a one-time thing? Because sometimes games just freak out and it only happens once. Also, do you know of anyone else having a similar problem? Cryptic Lynx (talk) 00:18, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

(If this is a glitch for a mod, should it even be in this list? Post it on the dark injection forum)

Tribal raid loop

sometimes if you kill a tribe in tribal stage, whenever you get near the destroyed tribe it will play the attacking theme

This needs to be posted in Minor Glitches. An attacking theme in a destroyed tribe whenever you get near it won't destroy your game. - Spore Maniac

Creature/Cell Sling

While in the pause menu of the Creature or Cell Stage, it is possible that you can launch your creature afar, causing them to glitch out and die. The only way to stop this is to starve yourself. (Requesting verification.)


This is a game wrecking glitch that accompanies "BAD-DATA". Every non-randomized, non-customized text in the game will be "***", making space stage extremely difficult, because all other empires will say is "***". I don't know how to fix this, other than to uninstall, then reinstall spore.

From what I've heard, this actually seems to be a placeholder text similar to object event in Pokemon Gold and Silver. I'll look into it. Cryptic Lynx (talk) 00:21, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Sporepedia Re-downloads Everything Every time you Log In (Major Glitch)

This glitch has only been reported 3 times, (once by me) and it is a very annoying bug. Im not sure how its caused, but It happened to me after my game froze in the main menu and i had to End Task the game. When I started the game again the screen resolution was off and it started giving me the tutorials. (In a nutshell, the game acts as if you're starting it for the first time again)

What this bug does is re-download every creation you have in the Sporepedia, including your own shared creations, every time you log into the game. However, they are only duplicates in your Sorepedia, and they are not duplicated in My Spore Creations or on This is dangerous because If you have 6,000 creations in Your Sporepedia, its gonna double to 12,000, then 18,000. etc. By the time I fixed this glitch I had 4,600 of my own creations when originally I had 430. When you have that many creations in your game the Sporepedia gets really laggy and it actually takes a while to load it every time you try to open it.

The only solution to this was discovered by me. Reinstalling the game actually doesn't work. The only way to fix this glitch is to reset your Sporepedia itself, and not the game. Keep in mind I had the Origin version when this happened, due to the fact that the servers were closed on Disc Version. I have GA and Creepy/Cute for this. Reinstalling any of them or all of them does not fix this bug.


You need to go to your Spore directory, in %appdata%/Roaming/Spore, and then find Pollination.package. Pollination.package is your in-game Sporepedia. Just move it out of the folder, or delete it. Then start the game, and viola! Your/your buddies creations are being redownloaded and they DO NOT duplicate every time you start the game. The Spore directory automatically made a new Pollination.package, so it basically just reset your Sporepedia.

Audio Looping upon Death

Sometimes when you die after being attacked in the creature stage the sound of the attack plays over and over. Then your game crashes.

Unable to Load Space Stage Save File

Generally, on low-end computers/laptops, you may not be able to load previous files in the space stage, or start new ones. This can happen normally with a low-end operating system. As suggested it is possible to set the graphics and render distance down.

Murderous Allies

In the tribal stage, if an enemy steals your food, any bystander of your village will attack it. Although this is normal, when your tribe impresses the attacking tribe to be your ally, even after the alliance animation, your defensive member will consistently attack your allied perpetrator. Both of the tribes will start attacking each other, but the relationship does not deteriorate, therefore, when you try attacking them back, it says that you cannot attack allies. In my case, I ordered my tribe back home, while my allies still attacked them. My only choice was to let my tribe slowly kill off the attackers, in which half of them including the cheiftain died in the process. This glitch could completely throw you off-course, mainly because you have no control over what your tribe does in retaliation, as well the possibility of many of your villagers being killed.

Massive Graphics Glitch

Sometimes, when any game reaches the creature stage the graphics will undergo massive problems that at first, while a nuisance that just changes creature's colors, in the tribal stage will result in oddly colored and strangely named creatures such as XYYSAXZASAF, and then in Civilization stage will trash the coloring of your planet for moments, and then in Space stage becomes a massive obstruction, blotting out the screen, erasing ALL words, and changing all surfaces of planets to LOOK like water (they're still whatever material they look like). Sometimes clicking any button on the ESC menu will fix it, but this can also result in you leaving the game. Other times nothing will happen. Eventually, you will be forced to quit, and lose whatever progress you had made before you saved. It is unknown what causes this glitch. Restarting tends to TEMPORARILY fix it, but it is a permanent problem.In Cell Stage it makes the background blurry and the others cells blurry

Tribe Member Betrayal

I finished befriending a tribe and went to give a gift to one that was attacking my hut. As soon as I finished the ones attacking the hut suddenly turned to the color Pink (the tribe I just befriended) and attacked each other. Then when one dies everyone changes back to the color of their own tribe and go attack their own hut. I don't know the cause of this, but it's not just a glitch- they eventually destroyed themselves. Hehe.

Tribal Stage Freeze

Sometimes in the tribal stage it will freeze. This freeze IS PERMANENT IN ALL SAVE GAMES if you evolved whilst befriending any creature. Solution: Don't evolve whilst befriending creatures. If this happens to you: Too bad, your SPORE game is broken forever. I know this from my own experience.

Tribal Stage Freeze Solution

I successfully got out of tribe save, but instead of it breaking, I had 4 huts ( the ones in the selection menu) on my screen no matter what save game. But I did find a way to fix it. Save the game that froze without quitting Spore or going to galaxy menu. Then mess around for a few min then exit to menu WITHOUT SAVING. Pop in another save game then leave WITHOUT SAVING. Exit spore and restart spore from going to your GAMES folder in your programs. Double click SPORE and wait for it to start. Immediately go to the tribe game. Your tribe game is now unfrozen and will be like it before it even froze. I hope the user above reads this and fixes their game!

Tribal Stage food baskets stick around until Space Stage

If your tribal members were carrying a food basket when you progressed into Civilization Stage, they will still be carrying the baskets when you are watching the movie that plays before you progress into Civilization. But it doesn't stop there. They actually put down the baskets right where they were standing before your tribe becomes your first city. So if you zoom in on your city in Civilization Stage you can actually see the food baskets just laying on the streets. Not only that, they will never go away. You can still fly back to your first city in Space Stage and if you get close enough you can still see them laying there.

This bug is actually kind of fun to cause, as its sort of a memorial to Tribal Stage. To cause this glitch, all you need to do is tell all your tribe to gather food (I use eggs from my tribe's pets) and then once they fill their baskets, just make them stand still away from the tribe. They will not put the baskets down. Then click the progressing button and progress onto Civilization Stage.

Pack Crash Glitch

Sometimes, if you die and the rest of your pack is currently in combat, the game will crash. Last time I checked, it only happened when you died and then your pack member died

Asymmetrical Cell Glitch

This glitch occurs if you create a cell with asymmetrical features in cell stage, and then advance it creature stage. When the creature stage is loading, the game will crash, saying "Exception Raised" which will give you the choice to debug or not. It makes no difference, and you lose anything not saved. This glitch is irksome, but nothing to be worried about. Just make the cell symmetrical and advance into creature stage. Asymmetrical creatures going tribe stage don't have this problem whatsoever.

Monochrome Creatures

This a minor, but really irksome glitch. It occurred to me once when I set the theme to my creations. Numerous critters were green, even though they were not painted green, even green creatures are greener than normal. Quitting the game does nothing to my knowledge. As you play through the game, other creatures that aren't green will appear, often resulting in the disappearance of most, but not all green creatures. By the time you reach tribe stage, they should be all gone. This also can make creatures turn purple, as well.[1]

This needs to be posted in Minor Glitches. Cryptic Lynx (talk) 00:36, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Fruit Carry Glitch

If you tell your creature to eat some fruit off a tree, and then save and quit while they are holding it before your creature eats it, then your creature will be holding it in their hand/mouth the next time you play that saved game. If you give it to another creature, they will take it and put it next to their nest, like they would a stick or shell. You can safely eat it there.

This needs to be posted in Minor Glitches. MelanisticTemmie (talk) 04:45, August 10, 2015

Super Charge

In Creature stage, If you have hacked the Charge attack to be more powerful, then sometimes when you use it you will go flying all the way across the map, as if you were hit by an epic. You may end up on a new island where no nests spawn, and the sea monster comes up out of the land and does nothing. -This isn't a glitch. You hacked the game. What did you expect? -Additionally, it may, under some very rare circumstances and (un)lucky planet design, be possible to get across oceans with a well-designed creature and certain methods of boosting oneself or being thrown by an epic. It is not, however, always possible to return.

This is definitely a legitimate glitch, because even if the Charge attack is more powerful, it's not THAT powerful. If anyone can test this and prove the description, that would be awesome. Cryptic Lynx (talk) 15:48, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Barren Homeworld

Very rarely, when you start a game at the beginning of the space stage, your homeworld will be T0 (But with no hazards). When you communicate with your empire, they will say "***" and hang up. You cannot obtain the interstellar drive and must quit the game. There is also one thing to continue, instead of starting at the space stage, you must start at Civ stage and continue and use the Unlock super weapons cheat and get all cities.

Workaround: If you communicate again you can still find the interplanetary drive for sale for 8000 sporebucks but you will still be missing the scan tool and the pick-up tool. To fix that, press "Ctrl + Shift + C" and type "spaceCreate" (without the quotation markings), which will enable you to trigger events required to obtain the interstellar drive. At some later point your empire may give the dialogues you missed, as if you just started the space stage. Unfortunately this also gives the Joker Badge and prevents achievements using this game save.

I have this glitch right now (scared me). But after the "***", I pressed Continue and the dialogue was normal. I bought the Interstellar drive, and went to the planet destined in my solar system. I didn't have the Scan Tool, so I used spaceCreate. I went to the next planet, and I encountered the, um.. Grox.. defenders.. patrol.. protocol? And I went back to my Homeworld, and it was then I noticed my T0 planet. I immediately referred to this article, and wrote this here. Oh, and by the way, I talked to them and they said, and I quote, "We are unable to direct you towards that goal currently. It looks like it is not possible. Please come back."

Barren Homeworld (Civilization)

It is possible that if you start a game in Civilization Stage (Or in theory, any stage) It will be on a T0 planet with no oceans. However the game is still playable. This glitch wont really ruin your game, you could just delete the save after Civ stage. I had a planet that was 100% brown with no plants and had nothing but rock formations. It was like Geonosis.

This glitch can happen 2 ways: One; very rare chance that the planet happened to be a T0 Instead of T3(But all playable games are supposed to generate a new T3 planet). Or Two; In space stage of another game, you terraformed a T3 planet to T0, not realizing it was an optional new game in the main menu.

Custom Plant Glitches

Multiple crashes can be attributed to making your own plants. Sometimes the game will crash if it tries to pollinate a planet with a custom plant. It takes only one custom plant to corrupt your entire Sporepedia permanently.

Your Sporepedia can also become corrupted, ruining all save games and forcing you to reset the Sporepedia, especially since the custom plant CANNOT be deleted otherwise. Resetting the Sporepedia will force you to redownload every creation you downloaded, one by one, and permanently erases your sporecasts.

No good laser or rockets?

Sometimes in space stage your rockets will disappear and your mega laser (if you have one) will turn into a mini laser again and you cant buy your mega laser back! A little help with this glitch?

Solution: I had this happen to me before. It Was really Annoying! I just Quit the Game Without Saving. I don't Know any other way to work around that glitch, The only loss is losing what you previously did. It Is unknown what caused that glitch

Cause: This happened to me once before as well, right after I typed the "SpaceCreate" cheat.

Solution: Go to your home planet or one of your colonies and modify your spaceship or replace it entirely to fix the bug and get back your weapons.

Bodyswapping Glitch

In Cell Stage, if you grow to the next level right as you are being devoured by an Epic Cell, you will be able to play as the epic cell. You can edit and play as normal. But all of your custom species data will be lost. The Bodyswapping Glitch is similar to The Zombie Glitch. If you go into the cell editor after you bodyswapped, that same cell will be in your editor, completely replacing your old cell. Another version can be found in Space Stage, where the option that says, " I am from the (your species), I come in peace" has the name of the species of the empire you are talking to instead of your species. When you talk to any member of your empire, it will show the species of the empire you were talking to instead.

Cell Stage Bodyswapping glitch? one of a kind spore bug

Cell Stage Bodyswapping glitch? one of a kind spore bug

Solution: Don't save. But, if you want to play as that cell, remember that any secret parts it has must be removed and replaced by legit parts if you want to edit it. You can save it normally if you have a Force Save hack or mod. Example: Your cell turns into Stabber and it will turn Stabber into Ducky will turn into Puffish it will turn Puffish into Snorf. Same thing for Space Stage, but replaced with the species of the empire you turned into and there is no hidden parts in Captain Editor.

This might make seem that the smaller creature is acting like more of a parasite than a normal creature based on the video which can be quite amazing.

Had this happen to me once, in 2010. Im glad to see it wasnt just me. -EatThatPie

Impossible Space Stage

If you cheat to get all the space tools right away, when you need to find the crashed ship in the beginning, and then use the "Terra-Seas" item right on it, it will go underwater and be unobservable. You can resolve this by using the other Terra-Sculpting tools to raise the land. Solution: Don't use the Terra-Seas item directly on it.

Black Screen Glitch

Sometimes a glitch may occur on the game screen (especially if you don't save the game early enough), a black screen may appear while the player is interacting with their character, the black screen can prevent the player from interacting with the creature.

Sometimes closing the window/quitting the game and reopening the window may help. Pressing the Esc key can also help.

No plants

Little is known about this glitch, just that it removes all randomly spawned plants (Besides your home planet's and Sol's). If you re-download everything it will not fix, making it a game wrecker. The cause for this could be player-made plants. If it was player made plants then it must have been the game loading one, but thinking it was not a real plant, and in the process of isolating it from the game removed every plant from the game. This glitch can also sometimes make the game code scan your planet, since it has no plants, a different planet, thus causing the tutorial to not appear at the start of space stage. So you won’t be able to do anything. You can fix it going to %appdata% and erasing the SPORE folder. But this will remove all your Spore saved games

Corrupted Internet Connection

Very rarely your game's internet connection will be corrupted. This glitch is game-wrecking in most cases and can only be fixed by reinstalling with fixed code.

Also, what happened to me, I kept getting crashes/freezes whenever I play.

For me it happened sometimes while playing spore stages.I can't find a fix.

Once, it happened every time I load a save game. This forced me to reinstall everything and lose all my games. I call it the big extinction. Now it crashes every ten minutes or so, only in space stage, and it seems to be getting better,

Actually, to fix this "Big Extinction", before you un-install spore, you can copy all of your Saves to a new folder, and put all the files from the "My Spore Creations" folder into a new folder, THEN un-install spore. Then when you Re-install spore, put all of the files back into the new folders.(The "My Spore Creations" file won't appear until you actually make a creation, so don't freak out because it's not there) ~TheX1

"Big Extinction?" I'd call it "The Universe's End"

An internet connection can't be corrupted. It obviously has a different cause. - Spore Maniac

Odd Creature Color Glitch

This is a fairly common glitch. Sometimes, whatever main color you choose your creature to be, the surrounding creatures that are not your species are the color of your creation. This glitch is mainly found in the creature stage. -Goldenrebel25

The Following Creature glitch

This is a common glitch that can annoy you. This happens if you have used some cheats in the cell stage. When you move to land, as soon as you start, a creature will start following you. This is annoying because you can't kill it, and always hatches with you whenever you die. When you add members to your pack, your members will stand there and growl at the invincible creature, making your members not follow you nor attack. A way to fix this is to exit and save, and come back. Either the creature will be killable and/or run back to its nest. NOTE: do not continue to the tribe stage with this glitch, otherwise it will be aggressive, kill all the members of your tribes and cannot be killed because it is invincible.

Communication black out

Sometimes after you close the communication's window the screen blacks out, taking 10-15 seconds to recover each time you communicate.

Missing Buildings glitch

When you enter the building editor in the main menu, create a building, save the building, and return to one of your saved games, your created buildings do not appear in your sporepedia.

Solution: Sometimes reloading the saved game will fix it.

Duplicate Weapons

It is possible that after the game crashes, and if you have the Mega Laser and Mega Proton Missile, you can buy the Laser and Proton Missile. There is no way to solve the problem. This can also happen after cheating. It has happened to many people.

Weird planet exiting glitch

A very rare glitch, recorded only twice, can happen on a planet in the first colonization mission, (The person recording was on a lava planet with the geographic plate movement mod) they colonized, then when they had exited, they just kept moving upward, slowly, until the planet was out of sight. The person who was recording the glitch lost all their progress when it happened.It also happens after you get the overheating computer white screen glitch

Object Flinging

If you get stuck between two vehicles in Galactic Adventures, you will slowly twitch out of control, until you are flung out of the planet. You will either land after an incredibly long time, or simply drift off into oblivion. This will require a force-close of the game, erasing any progress since your last save. A mild version of the glitch can occur when one stands between a vehicle and a solid object, which somehow considerably lightens the "Fling".

Hidden base glitch

Sometimes, empires will colonize stars with no planets, or colonize a planet without having a base. For example, colonizing a gas giant. This can be extremely annoying especially when it's your enemy, as you cannot attack them. To defeat them, have another empire attack them for you. This also appears, if you terraform the Ruined Planet to T3 and fill the ecosystem, then place a Monolith. (This doesn't work if you place the Monolith before you terraform the planet)


BAD DATA in popular spore culture

BAD DATA in popular spore culture

The BAD_DATA glitch was brought to the attention of many when famous youtuber NerdCubed encountered the glitch. This is one of the few examples of the BAD_DATA glitch being recorded. You can see it at 10:05 or a glimpse at 6:57.

Occasionally, the game's coding will break down, specifically the function of naming each of the creatures, planets, and stars. When this happens, every entity in the game will be called "BAD_DATA". Missions will become almost impossible, due to every target planet being called "BAD_DATA" (Eg: Planet BAD_DATA can be found in the BAD_DATA system, 2-3 parsecs from the star BAD_DATA). The glitch is, unfortunately, irreversible when encountered, and will continue into new save games that are not fixed. You can save the game file and it wont Generate the name BAD_DATA again and again.But this only works for BEFORE SPACE STAGE. User Evo400 has come up with a solution for PC users.

1. Go to your installation directory, mine was C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\SPORE drop the (x86) bit if your running a 32-bit version of windows.

2. Go into the folder named DATA

3. Go into the folder named LOCALE

4. Go into the folder named EN-US

5. At the top there should be a file called NameGenerator, right click and select COPY (CTRL+C)

6. Come back to the LOCALE folder and find the folder called EN-GB. It should be just above the EN-US one.

7. Once you're in that folder, just paste the NameGenerator file into it (CTRL+V), as you might notice that's the file that is missing.

D-man has come up with a solution for Mac

1. Go to Applications

2. Open SPORE folder

3. Right click and click Show Contents

4. Open Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Spore/Data

5. Go into the folder named LOCALE

6. Go into the folder named EN-US

7. At the top there should be a file called NameGenerator, right click and select COPY (CTRL+C)

8. Come back to the LOCALE folder and find the folder called EN-GB. It should be just above the EN-US one.

9. Once you're in that folder, just paste the NameGenerator file into it (CTRL+V), as you might notice that's the file that is missing.

Space stage BAD_DATA glitch can be avoided: If you have a save file in space stage BEFORE this glitch occurs, stars and planets won't be named BAD_DATA. However, this only applies to planets or stars already named.

Underwater Tribe Glitch

By sheer luck, when visiting a tribal planet in Space, very rarely, a tribe will be in a shallow lake. If you terraform a tribal planet and rise the water level, you might sink a village or two, although the tribe will swim over it, trying to go down to their village.

No Reseted Flight Glitch

Sometimes when after talking to Steve cutscene, your flight radius is not reseted to max, making the game EXTREMELY annoying and hard when trying to interact with the Grox star systems (or others) that are near the Galactic Core. This glitch happened to me and I stil don't know a workaround. If you know a fix, feel free to remove this line and post a fix. Thank you for your help.

Unpredictable Creature Glitch

While using the supersize tool on a particular species, it is possible to "supersize" so many members of that species that you are unable to eradicate it.

Odd Land Glitch

When your creature walks onto land for the first time, very odd things may happen. In one instance, the creature "swam" all the way to the nest, in another, the entire cut-scene was filmed on land. However, this might affect gameplay and may cause a restart of a game if the nest was far from shore. (Depends on if you are far from shore or not)

A similar thing happened to me. I advanced to creature stage, but my creature's head popped up out of the ground instead of the water... then swam in the land. If I went too far from my nest the sea monster would burst out of the ground and eat my creature. I haven't found a way to fix it yet.

Underwater Nest-Tribe Glitch

Sometimes, after completing or skipping the Cell Stage, your creature's nest will appear in the middle of an ocean, and if you try to swim ashore, the Sea Monster will devour your creature. In the cutscene, your species surfaces from the sand on the beach and swims into the water. Since it would make it impossible to ally or extinct, you cannot advance, and your creature cannot eat food, so starvation also occurs. Also, sometimes when skipping stages before the Tribal Stage your tribe will appear in the middle of an ocean, too, but tribesmen can only swim and fight under water and they cannot do anything else. To fix the creature stage problem you must use mods. Simply download any mod to remove the Sea monster, and you will be able to go onto land. After a few mates, you will migrate on land, probably onto another continent. Both can also be fixed by exiting to the menu, the game will realize the nest in the water and move it. A second way is if you have a carnivore with the poison ability, so you could poison water-shore creatures.

Area 51 glitch

If you go on a certain planet, your creature and it's nest and mates may be far away from land, possibly in a black area (Strangely enough, the sea monster cannot eat you) It's impossible to get on land because there are your creature or the ones you made are epics guarding another creature's nest. You will also be not able to be out on the other side, as if your creature was locked away in Area 51. The only solution is to quit without saving, then get another planet that has a proper nest to get to.

Mating Glitch

On some occasions when you mate, you will be stuck outside of the Creature editor. When this happens, you will be unable to move (apart from using your abilities e.g.: Jump) and the bottom part of the GUI will be missing. The glitch also disables the ability to open up the menu. DO NOT save when this glitch occurs, as you will restart your game stuck outside of the Creature Editor. Instead, to exit Spore, (on PCs) bring up the task manager by holding CTRL+ALT+DELETE and click "End Task" with SporeApp.exe selected.

This happens if you add a mate to your pack and when it is pleased, clicking on the mate will result in this problem. A better way without losing data is let your creature starve to death. You will be reborn and can mate again without a problem occurring.

Going Inside of Rocks and Stuff

With a high enough Jump and/or Glide ability, it is possible to fly above giant rocks and such. In certain areas of the rock, you will simply land, but in others, you may fall inside of the rock. (You can walk straight out.) However, occasionally you will land on a seam between areas, and your avatar will simply stand there twitching, unable to move. This can wreck your file if you save. Starving to death is a possible solution. Similar glitch below!

Holographic Diamonds

You may be able to walk through Crystals (See Landmarks)

This needs to be posted on Minor Glitches. MelanisticTemmie 04:48 August 10, 2016

Allies attack each other

This is a glitch where creatures allied with each other and even the same creature and another attack each other. They do no damage, but will not respond to real threats or move until the creature they attack is killed. This happens when one uses the advanced button on aggressive, as they will be told to attack everything.

Planet Spontaneously Combusts

This is a very rare glitch. Sometimes, after exiting the colonist outfitter in the Space Stage, you will notice that the camera will be stuck hovering just over the planet's surface. Then, as if a Planet Buster were used, the planet spontaneously explodes, giving you a FANTASTIC view of the explosion! The spaceship will exit the planet like it would when it actually used a Planet Buster. However, you will be stuck hovering over the ball of magma, unable to move to another planet and unable to leave the system (probably because the game thinks you're still in the colony editor). The only thing to do is to exit the game. DO NOT save, however, or the spaceship will be stuck there permanently, forcing you to delete the save you were playing on. A planet has also exploded after a Colony Incredi-pack has been placed. This glitch is extremely rare, having been recorded twice. As soon as the Colony Incredi-pack landed, the planet exploded as if a Planet Buster had been used.

This needs more research. The "rarity" isn't applicable because glitches always have triggers of some sort. What happened before the colony outfitter/incredi-pak was used? Does anyone have videos or photos of this? Will the Return Ticket allow the player to move around properly again? Cryptic Lynx (talk) 00:50, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

Tribal Twitch Glitch

Spore Tribal Dance (Glitch)

Spore Tribal Dance (Glitch)

A relatively unprofessional demonstration of the glitch. The standard symptoms of the glitch are present, however.

Sometimes when playing a tribe game your chieftain starts doing a twitching "dance" making him unable to attack or impress other tribes. This appears only to happen when your creature has more than one set of arms, or arms that are not bent correctly (I.e. the elbows are reversed from their original placement). It is also believed that beginning the performance from across the map, instead of sending the tribe to the other village and then clicking to perform, may contribute to this issue.

Solution: Kill the chieftain (suicide by Epic, or starvation, works) and wait for him to re-spawn. According to some players, you can also reset the animation by sending him to eat food or dance by the fire. These solutions do not stop the problem from occurring again, as you will have to reset the chieftain after every musical performance

A milder version can also happen to creatures that have one arm where the contralateral limb is a leg, and the upper limb segment is symetrical. This version can be ended by making the chieftain move elsewhere.

Unresponsive Tribe Members

Rarely, tribe members may go unresponsive, there is no fix except to patch, it becomes extremely difficult to play with this glitch. It has also been seen with a flying creature's chieftain using his power while flying may cause him to go unresponsive.

Note: DO NOT SAVE when this happens, as the tribe member will never go responsive.

Sole Tribe Glitch

If, when playing a tribe game, you save and exit before another tribe appears, whenever you load the game may glitch and not spawn any other tribes, making it impossible to continue.


Maybe, if you load a save game, the game crashes. When you try to restart it, it crashes. You must restart the computer twice to fix it. Then, the full-screen mode is on, even if you're playing on normal screen. This isn't really bad, but you can think, your game is broken and reinstall the game. WORKAROUND: Restart the computer twice and start the game.

No-spaceship Glitch

When you start the Space Stage, you have to find a crashed spaceship in a planet of your star system. But sometimes, the spaceship simply isn't there, making it impossible to obtain the interstellar drive and progress. The planet may even look exactly like the Earth, Venus, The Moon or it just may be a planet with spice on it. A glitch almost the same as this can also happen. You will not get the captain badge and the people will say we are getting signals from *UNKNOWN<mission_UFO_wreck_target_planet>*. The ship is there but won't scan. Also the radar clip won't appear.

WORKAROUND: Start a new file, but to use the creatures that you used for the file that you were just on, so that you still get the consequence powers.

Rock-Nest Glitch

Sometimes, your last migrating nest has one of those random rock landmarks covering it. This is unfortunate for the player because your tribe will be unable to get food, because it'll be covered. However, if you look around enough in creature stage, you will probably find another nest of your species and you will be able to switch nests to that one before advancing.

Gas-giant Colony and White spice

Rarely, another empire's colony may be in a gas giant, and the spice color is white, because the spice is not actually there. Gas-giants can be bought, but not entered or captured. Since white spice is a glitch, if you sell it you will either get enormous sums of money or very little. This glitch was fixed in a recent patch.You can also find white spice on planets because Maxis didn't place the spice color on that moon or planet

I thought the Gas-Giant Colony glitch was already on here. - Spore Maniac

"Enter" Gas Giant Glitch

Enter a moon of a gas giant in the space stage. Try to get right under where the gas giant is and zoom out as much as you can without exiting the moon. If done correctly, you are inside the gas giant, though this works for any other planets with a moon as well.

Tribe members walk on air Glitch

If you command a tribal member to walk somewhere while it is about to be abducted be a spacecraft, the spacecraft won't kill it, and the tribal member will walk to its destination while slowly descending back to the ground. This seems to no longer happen after Patch 5.1 is installed, though.

T0 Planets with Spice being collected

If you purchase a T0 planet from another civilization, spice will be collected on the planet even though there are no buildings and the city is a bubble city. This happens often when a colony on a T0 planet is being raided. Since they are being raided, they will have the maximum amount of spice available, although it cannot collect spice. This is incredibly common from planets bought from The Grox, as they have different rules when it comes to these things, and as long as the player does not land on the planet it will continue to produce spice as though it were a T2 or T3 planet.

Mod Major Mess-Up

This is a game-wrecking glitch. Sometimes if you restart the game it may fix, however if you restart the game and it is still there the only way to fix it is to uninstall Spore and re-install it. This glitch will happen sometimes when you download a Mod or an expansion pack and insert and take it out of the contents folder because you couldn't get it to work or it was no longer desired (and another way to fix it would be to copy the file to where you downloaded). Here is a list of some things that will happen when this glitch occurs:

  • When you open up the Sporepedia, some of the creature's icons will be white and blank. If you click on the button that brings them up and shows their stats, a message reading, "There has been a problem connecting to the Spore server." will be displayed.
  • The game will crash unexpectedly, when triggering some unknown events.
  • When you mouse over a file, it will show you a "?" instead of the creature being used. The game will spawn a random creature. Sometimes the creature will be a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, even if your creature was something else. However, your creature will still have its original consequence abilities, and you will still unlock mouth from the original trait (this can be beneficial to the player, because the randomly spawned creature may be incredibly strong).
  • Note: if you try to use a building in the Civilization stage whose icon has been blanked out due to the glitch, a white ball will appear whenever you use it in the game. This can be annoying if you are a military nation and are trying to capture a city that has these buildings, because they cannot be destroyed, meaning you must attack religiously or attempt to buy the city. White floating vehicles will also appear for deleted vehicles. You can still get back the stuff you lost to this glitch by re-downloading them from the Sporepedia.

A much less severe version of this glitch may occur, where upon installing Galactic Adventures, some of the Gaprop Maxis buildings may appear on the card as a white block with a red X on it. If you click on the cards to make the creation load, it will just stay on a blank turquoise screen. ***EDIT***: sometimes the Grox buildings will appear with a white block and a red X. DO NOT ADD THESE. I did it and it ruined my game, wiping all creatures and when I checked my files, they were all deleted except the Grox Buildings. (this has only happened to me, tell me if it has happened to you)!!!

Solution - There is currently only for Windows Vista, 7, and 8. You have to go to C:\Users\"user name here"\AppData\Roaming . Then you right click the Spore folder and select properties and there should be a Previous Versions sections. It will let you put back your old save before you put a mod like it never happened. *Note : This only goes up to a week in the past so you have to be quick and will also give an older save data which can remove some badges, achievements, and progress done during between then and now.
Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.10.01 AM

Epic vehicles

Sometimes, when visiting another save game in space stage all the vehicles turn into epic versions of creatures from tribe, creature, civilization, or space. The flying vehicles will look like epics walking on air and land and sea vehicles look like they have spice bags stuck inside them. You will not be able to destroy or scan the epic vehicles, making conquering planets difficult. But your spaceship and the spaceships in your fleet will be normal.

WORKAROUND: Save and exit.

Planet trap

In space stage, there is a glitch that may trap the player on a planet. It can happen if an uber turret or colony is used that shoots to the right but never lands, and they cannot leave because the item is still treated as if it is unloading. None of the ship tools work other than the radar, or auto blaster. This is a nuisance because you cannot save your game, losing badges and other things you might have earned. This can also happen if the player uses the Return Ticket right before being destroyed by a wormhole, which may cause them to be trapped on their home planet or on the nearest colony.

There are a variety of different methods to fix this, but not all of them will work perfectly.

You can zoom back in to the planet, as far as you can go. The object should land and you should be able to leave again.

If you are doing this on a colonized planet owned by an NPC empire, attacking their cities (but not destroying them) will cause them to shoot at you, killing you. If you're trapped on a T0 planet, fly into hazards until you have been killed.

Lastly, if you have played the game as a Shaman, you will have the Return Ticket ability. This may bring you to a place where you would not be trapped.

You can also use the Planet Buster on the planet, which will force you to leave (as you cannot enter planets that have been busted).


Some land-forms, trees, and even bushes may appear slightly larger than normal to possibly 300 times their normal size. This can happen in Galactic Adventures. To do this on purpose, use your abduction tool and shoot the tree/bush etc. Into the sky, make sure not to drop it, once you are comfortable with it's size, you move the object onto the ground, and it'll be a lot larger then normal. (NOTE: You can only make them gigantic on purpose with plants!)

Supersizer Glitch

If your game is glitched up enough, spaceships visiting player's planets will sometimes use the Supersizer on the player's creature. The result is that you will be stuck with an epic for the rest of creature stage. However, once reaching tribe stage everything should be back to normal. This glitch has been confirmed to exist. Although it is EXTREMELY rare, and almost never happens any mod needed to be a epic

Hilly Tribe Terrain

Sometimes, when entering the Tribal stage, there will be a lot of hills surrounding the player's Tribal hut. Nests and trees with be scattered in valleys or on top of the cliffs (also found to be isolated on an island). It will sometimes trap your Tribal members and starve them. The only known way to fix this glitch is to save and exit, and re-enter. Also, it can sometimes appear in the Civilization Stage.

Floating Headed Creature

This glitch can happen when you take a hand part and put it together and have the last part of the limb in two then put a mouth on the limb in-between the arms. Then take the whole arm part and it will make the face float. Note: If you take the arm part and delete it the face will be deleted, too. And if you move the arm part somewhere else it may make the parts on the face scatter around while floating. And sometimes it will not work.

"Cookie Cutter" Planets

Very rarely, planets can have their elevation data corrupted; resulting in the planet looking like a cookie cutter was applied to it. This can even destroy cities. A workaround (that doesn't always work) is to exit the game without or with saving, and then reload the game. Sometimes the corruption will occur to all planets.

Sometimes when this glitch occurs, another glitch will happen as well, being that when you alt tab and re-enter spore the entire terrain will be changed, sometimes landing you in the middle of an ocean, sometimes spawning a mountain on top of you. Fixed by closing spore and reopening it.

Eco disasters on filled trade route planets

When you have a filled out trade route to buy a planet and an eco-disaster starts, there will be no way to stop it other than to buy the system. This is frustrating as the disaster never stops and messages saying that a creature has become extinct will always pop up. This can be solved, in some cases, by waiting until the mission has timed out a few times, and then repopulating the planet with creatures from your Cargo Hold.

Winning and dying at the same time

When you die and win at the same time in cell stage you will have a glitched up early creature editor. Click on the paint brush button and its skin will be a cell stage skin in your editor.

Eco-Disasters on Saved Games

Occasionally, if you forge an alliance with another one of your own saved games, Eco-Disasters will occur on that saved games' planets. If this happens on their home world, since you cannot use any tools there, you cannot stop the Eco-Disaster. Loading the affected saved game will play as if there is no eco-disaster in progress, but re-loading the other game will continue the disaster. Planets in question will face biosphere collapse, in all saved games. This glitch has been in-game since 1.02.

WORKAROUND - Use the Abduction Beam to pick up the animals. Your cargo hold will sanitize (Cure) them. (This only works if the planet in question is NOT the saved game home world)

Limitless badge glitch

When a player starts space stage, all the badges and tools get unlocked, which can be a problem because it prevents the player from earning those tools.

Buy one, get one free

This could be seen as a helpful glitch when a player buys a tool such as a colony pack but gets two in one for the same price.

This needs to be posted in Minor Glitches. It doesn't affect the game in any way apart for getting an extra item. - Spore Maniac

Buying a System Glitch

This glitch happens when you buy or capture a system and try to trade with your new colony. The prices will be the same as the previous owner's archetype and they will have the same stuff. This can be helpful as the prices are usually cheaper, but will sometimes lack certain items (ex. if the previous owner was a diplomat, the trading window will have no weapons.)

Wildlife sanctuary glitches

Wildlife sanctuaries can suffer from two glitches, each of which has a distinct impact on game-play.

  • Sometimes if a creature is placed in a wildlife sanctuary and then later deleted (removed from your Sporepedia) whenever you visit the planet your game will freeze. You can sit above the planet, but as soon as you descend into the atmosphere the game will freeze. Be aware of this when removing content from your Sporepedia.
    • WORKAROUND: Re-download the deleted creature, then use an Species Eradicator in it, or destroy the sanctuary.
  • Occasionally, a Wildlife Sanctuary will somehow advance to the Tribal stage. The species that makes up the planet's tribes is usually a randomly-selected creature (not one placed by the player) with no outfit.
    • This can be prevented by putting a colony on another planet in the system.

Communications screen crash

Sometimes, if the settings are incorrect on the game, the game will crash when the player tries just about any method of communication. Talking in the civilization stage does not always cause a crash, but does often produce odd lines that come off of most vehicles that the player made. The same story goes for empires warning that you are in a militarized zone (warriors, zealots), that the empire is glad to see you (traders, diplomats, bards), or is just offering you money, or asking for it.. While there is no known remedy to this, changing the screen from windowed to full screen reduces the frequency of the issue.

Fading Dark screen

Sometimes when changing the graphics settings, the screen fades into darkness but music and other things stay the same. The best thing to do is to either exit the game or try to activate something like a tool or creature interaction. (Another tactic is to reset all your graphics settings to their defaults.)If the graphics change that you made was in the game settings, and not settings for a graphics card, then this glitch forces you to uninstall and then re-install Spore to reset the graphics settings. If you are in Civilization stage, you can launch a gadget bomb near where you are. UPDATE: This is not a glitch, it's just your computer running out of power. Or as i call it, "go juice"

Homeworld Ocean

Someone experienced a very strange glitch where very rarely, if you are on your Homeworld after patch four, and press Ctrl, Alt, Delete, your homeworld suddenly becomes totally devoid of life and turns into an ocean. Your screen gets clogged up with messages about the extinction of certain animals and such, usually crashing your game. This happens every time you are in the planet’s atmosphere, and seems to happen every time you play, even after solving the BAD_DATA glitch.

Wanderer Glitch

This glitch can be very common at times. The player's creature (mostly the Chieftain) won't be able to move any more and will instead just disappear and wander like a ghost. Usually when the player clicks on a tribe member, the member will make a noise saying that he's ready for whatever the player tells him. But instead, if the player click on the tribal member that has become a "wanderer" AKA invisible, then the member won't make any sound saying he's ready for whatever the player tells him what to do. The "wanderer" won't die from an Epic creature, enemy tribe, or a wild creature but the "wanderer" will starve to death.

(Xweert123) I've experienced this glitch, and it's happened three times. When I went to track the tribal member. (A.K.A double click its icon on the right.) It would zoom out until you couldn't see your homeplanet, and the tribal member or chieftain would be in space. It will not move, and it's very annoying when your under attack and you have one tribal member left.

(Annonymus Response to This ^^^) That sounds like the known glitch where tribe members just float into space to me.

Staff Of Life Crash

Sometimes if you use the Staff of Life the game will crash after raising the terrascore. If it crashes once, it will always crash when you use it. This glitch usually occurs if you make your own plants. Normal terraforming will still work. To resolve it get the Terrascore to T3 then use the Staff of Life and it will halt in the middle and won't crash, if you use the Staff Of Life on a Eco disaster, the Terraforming will stay where it is and not move

Stuck dead

Sometimes if a creature kills you and you keep pressing Esc you will stay dead. If you save while you're dead you will have to delete the game. There is also a variant in which you are stuck as an egg... make sure you save before taking risks! WORKAROUND: Don't get in a rage and spam the Escape key.

(I also had this glitch, after I reloaded the game I was alive, although I couldn't move/do anything. Clicking on a nest causes the creature to "slide" to it and once you are at it, you become frozen again. -grockstar124)

This is where SPORE got realistic again. LOL!


If you extinct all creatures of a tribe in Tribal Stage, this glitch may happens. When it happens, all creatures of a non-sapient species walk to the dead tribe. (Also epic creatures can do this, but this is very rare because almost all of the creatures aren't epic) They pretend as if they are members of the tribe, for example they search food and put it in the tribe. In Sporepedia, there is the tribe still marked as before this happened. They have their old names and cannot wear tools. May a new chieftain get birth, but he is from the old species and instantly dies. If you go to Civilization Stage, the glitchy tribe is gone.

Useless laser glitch

Sometimes during eco-disasters or battles, the spaceship laser is ineffective when used. This can be very annoying in eco-disasters. This may also happen with other tools as well. Leaving the planet's atmosphere and then quickly returning can solve this problem.

During eco-disasters, you can abduct the creatures. This counts as killing them.

Empire Conversion Glitch

A Glitch that occurs when you do not talk to your empire after you complete the first mission and talk to another empire which will convert your Empire into that Empire that you opened communications with. This might cause a lot of trouble, for example if you delete the game and use another empire to capture the star it will still have the same glitch, but with another empire. To some this is known as Non-Direct Task Change.

"Cook a tribal member" glitch

Sometimes tribal members will do dumb things when they are not being commanded to do anything. One of the dumb things they will do is, they will be talking and a tribal member will push another tribal member and he will fly backwards a few feet, and then he would get up and do the same to the other guy, and then did a jog in place while singing a beat-box/air-guitar song. If one of the tribal members in standing with his back to the Campfire in the middle of the tribe when he is pushed back, he will fall into the campfire. He will get up, but he will be unable to move. You must now simply wait until he dies of starvation, and then replace him with a new baby.

Fading Galaxy

Spore 2009-08-02 21-23-17

The galaxy is gone.

Sometimes when changing graphics settings, star graphics will not load up properly, leading to a starless void which can make navigation difficult. However, this glitch is not permanent, simply quit Spore.

Big Sign Glitch

Sometimes, after finishing attempting to ally by playing music in the Tribal Stage, when the creature pulls out the sign, it is ten times bigger than normal. This can sometimes be funny. Mainly because the tribal member swings it around at an unrealistic speed for its large size.

Incomplete Homeworld Ecosystem glitch

Sometimes players in the space stage find that their homeworld has 2 plants in the T-2 slot, 2 plants in the T-3 slot, and a complete ecosystem only in the T-1 slot. This can be very irritating as almost all of the player's buildings that were placed in the civilization stage are gone. It is possible that this glitch is caused by user created plants.

Alpha Glitch

Sometimes, very rarely, you will find a creature that has the health of an alpha, is called an alpha, but does not give you any new parts when befriended or defeated, and does not have the star in the top left corner. It is however, possible that this problem is caused by people making adventures in Galactic Adventures and artificially creating a nest with creatures in it but having to make a specific creature named the alpha version of it. If this is the case, it is possible to meet "Alpha alpha" creatures.

Always Flying Glitch

Sometimes, after progressing from the creature stage to the tribal stage, if you add wings at the final edit, when you command one of your tribal members to walk somewhere. When it performs that action it will bounce up VERY quickly into your planets orbit and fly to that destination while traveling in your planets orbit. Once it's over the destination, it will slowly come back to your planet.

Notes: It can happen to all creatures, and can last the whole game. The only thing to do is re-load from your last part of the creature stage and DON'T add wings.

SOLUTION: Die of starvation

Invisible Creature Glitch

Rarely, if you only add a mouth to your creature and then save it, then return back and put parts, the body will turn invisible and all you will see is the spine. The regular body will freeze.

Solution: Enter the Test Drive Mode and then go back to Build Mode.

Never Ending Mission Glitch

When an empire asks you to defend its planet from eco-disaster and you ignore it, if you were to try to come back to it later and open the mission template, it will be empty just saying the "Save Eco-disaster." If you were to try to go to that planet again, it will no longer have animal life even that the mission template did not disappear. It can last for a very long time. This probably happens because eco-disaster mission fails when type of planet goes lower (for example from T3 to T2). Normally when an eco-disaster occurs it will "take off" plants from planet, the planet will either get colder or hotter, but sometimes game just ignores lacking of plants and this does not occur, making the mission infinitely long.

Workaround: Placing all plants back will complete the mission. Terraforming planet to lower type will fail the mission.

Static screen glitch

Sometimes when the static on a screen is still there, or especially during the first mission with the hostile computers, if using a filter to remove the static the creature will either be invisible, partly formed, or even your own creature. This effect usually stops after the regular time it takes for the static to vanish, but sometimes the effect will remain. Simply exit the screen and re communicate and the creature should be back to normal.

Stuck in the nest glitch


Stuck in the nest glitch.

Sometimes when you migrate and come to the new nest you can become stuck in the sand of your nest, the only way to flee this is to starve to death or to get one of your species push you in some kind of way, or just wait for a non-allied creature to get close to you and charge to it (if you can) and clicking away IMMEDIATELY when your creature starts to charge to it. FIX #1: Call your mate and click on him/her to mate. Then after a while, though your creature is still stuck, a cutscene of you trying to get near them will occur, then you may press the ESC button to skip the animation, you may edit all you want the come out and you'll be born in the center of the nest. FIX #2: Save/DontSave, exit game, Re-enter. The end.

I've experienced this glitch, and I was unable to solve it even if I restarted without saving (It also cut out all of the background music, but not the creature vocalizations). I was forced to delete the save file and restart Spore completley (To solve the BGM cutout).

This can also happen if one of the creatures doesn't go to the right spot, and ends up stomping you into the ground. Solution is to starve. DON'T save when this happens, because there is a chance that when you go back in the game you will be stuck there forever.

At war with a file glitch

This glitch happens when you ally the Grox and you have Space Stage files. They will declare war on you, but you will not be able to capture their systems. The file that declared war on you can still attack your colonies and homeworld with no chance of being fought back. The only way to fix this glitch is with a mod that enables use on planets owned by another file. If you bring fleet members on a warring file's planet, they can provide some defense, but they will not attack the cities. If you make a new file and advance it to space, it will automatically go to war with the file that allied the Grox. If you start a file from space, all files that allied the Grox will crash and will have to be deleted.

SOLUTION: To stop the war against a save,(This is kind of obvious) Talk to them, and Choose the "Maybe some money can end this war" option. ~TheX1

Insane Terrain glitch

Someone found this glitch while starting Creature stage. The starting cutscene was REALLY glitchy, so they couldn't see the water. Then, when they skipped the cutscene, they were in a huge hole. They could go partway in the walls. Outside of the holes, the terrain was completely flat. The holes appeared as giant black spots on the map. Some had water in them. They left the game and deleted it. This glitch only happens once in a blue moon, he only got it to work once.

Swimming out of the water cut-scene glitch

Spore 2010-06-02 14-13-33

Sometimes this happens after adding legs to your cell creature and when done, your creature swim up, when it's loading creature stage, as fast as you can, press [Esc] very fast, you will miss the cutscene in 1 sec and you will appear in the water like in the cutscene and you will see your nest mates swimming to the new nest. (You may also hear the cutscene sound too).

Mind Erase Glitch

If a creature was in war with you and you use Soothing Song they will stop their war. Strangely however using mind erase will make the creature declare war again. This probably occurs because they forget the Soothing Song.

Note: Not a glitch. Using MOST (if not all) tools after Soothing Song while targeting empire members will cause Soothing Song to deactivate.

Captured Homeworld Glitch

While in the Space Stage, the player's homeworld will suddenly be put under the control of another empire; what this means is the citizens of the planet are that empire's, the missions are given to you by the species of that empire. However, you are unable to take back the cities, only destroy them. This seems to occur when the game considers the player's home system to also be the home system of an NPC empire. Normally NPC empires are prevented from spawning on or colonizing save-game-candidate worlds, but deleted save-game homeworlds don't have this protection, and the game sometimes reuses deleted save files' home stars for new games.

This glitch is normally discovered when you go place your first colony under orders from your species. You place the colony and leave. Instead of going directly to your homeworld you head to another empire, and greet them. Then you leave and go to your homeworld, which is possible to be of that empire. Then you might be of that empire.

Careful attacking your homeworld at that point- you will be at war. And since of your lack of money you may struggle to stop the war.

Workaround. Your home system may flash between colors. If the claim of the enemy is just a colony don't worry, but if it is a home planet, don't click on any star of their empire or your empire will become their empire.

When a save-game-candidate is taken over by another empire, it removes it from the star selection screen in the Galaxy menu if the player saves after the system is taken. The only way to remove them from the planet is by deterraforming it to T0, and then re-terraforming to a full T3 planet. This will almost certainly start a war.

Sometimes an NPC empire capturing a save-game-candidate anywhere else in the galaxy can crash the game without warning.

The most recommended way to prevent a save game candidate from being taken over is by terraforming planets in nearby stars so the NPC empires colonize those stars and leave your save-game-candidate stars alone.

Colony Mission Glitch

In this glitch, the game fails to generate the colonization planet. When the player returns to their homeworld, their empire says, "We are unable to direct to this goal. Please come back." You are unable to continue because the game doesn't record it when you colonize a different star. Stars are also further away, and most can't be reached. This has only happened when playing on a planet on the tip of a galactic arm, so this glitch can probably be avoided by playing on planets closer to the center of the galaxy.

Dear creator of glitch. No it can't be avoided that way. It keeps happening to me in one galactic arm when i play in the middle of it. And this glitch does not impede game progress in any significant way, just buy colonies from other empires(the colony packs) and continue as normal without doing the mission.

I'm pretty sure this has been patched so that the first colonization mission completes when you colonize any planet, not just the one you're told to colonize. I am at patch 1.05 and my game works as I have described.
I've once been told to colonize a planet and the system generated a blue star and blue spice for all three planets... is that a glitch too?
To the guy above me, a blue star, with all 3 planets being blue spice? that sounds like incredible luck to me, rather than a glitch!

Crashing Space Game

At random points during gameplay in the Space stage, Spore will suddenly crash. The log file that generates next to the game's .exe reads "ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000084". This cannot be fixed and will permanently ruin a game, since unsaved progress will be instantly wiped upon crash. Worst of all, it can spread to all saved games.

Computers infected with malware are extremely vulnerable to this glitch, which may actually be caused by malware.

I am on a mac and I have a similar problem. I go playing around, Trading, Bartering, fighting, Etc. When suddenly I crash. A failure window says:"Exception Raised. Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000084 at address 0x00d01588. Do you wish to debug it ? Yes/No?"

MontezumaI: Lawls... That will happen on windows 8 saying "Searching for solution" the problem is the stability of the space stages coding, Maxis and Will need to fix space stage, not your computers/macs/laptops.

Geshtro: Not just a space stage glitch. It can happen when you die in Creature stage sometimes, cell stage when you do the swimming up cutscene before the early creature editor; When you lose in Tribal, during 12 on 12 fights sometimes (Many vehicles on screen while fighting also does it, planes are the worst.) And sometimes just out of nowhere to begin with. It happens every 20 minutes to an hour, and some thigns CAN directly cause it to happen sooner. Such as Time Machine perodical backups, or background applications that modify files rapidly. The issue is caused from EA using Cider, a Wrapper for Windows games to work on Macs. It causes Memory crashes/failures within the game. (Not so fun fact : The Sims 2 and 3 also have the exact same error message and crash the same way through this Cider Memory failures.) It's EA's fualt for not making a proper mac version and just litterling "wrapping it up" within an emulator for macs. Windows 8 and 10 strangely also have this memory crashing glitch now so it's not enitrely a "mac only" issue anymore. Just they don't display the same error messages. But the crashes are caused by the same means. Finally got some light on this subject. Only sad thing is, there is no way to fix Cider. So to clarify, it's not the Game. It's EA's way of letting it run on macs that's the issue. And again, there isn't a way to fix it. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling will do anything. It's just something that you have to deal with, remember to save often.

Random Black-White Creatures

Like the Mod Major Mess-up glitch, sometimes, rarely, even if you didn't mod or cheat, if you go to your Sporepedia, you will see some or most of your creatures are white or blank, will say 0 stats on everything (attack, defense, etc.), yet it'll still say it's name. If this happens, simply try re-downloading your creations from the online Sporepedia. If that doesn't work, your out of luck. It can also happen while creating your creature. (A.K.A going to build mode and paint mode really fast and then going to play mode.) Your creature will show up grey, but its stats won't be blank and its coat will stay blank (plus the eyes!) until you mate or die. All the other creatures of your species are also affected.

Migration Mayhem

Sometimes, but rarely, after the migration cutscene plays and you click the checkmark, the game will be stuck on that cutscene and you will be unable to quit without turning off your computer or using Task Manager. It is important to save before migrating.

Deleted Saved Game Crash

If you delete a saved game and attempt to access the home planet from that game while playing on another file, the game may lock up and crash while trying to load the planet.

Black View of Death

Sometimes when switching between edit and test mode multiple times very fast, the edit view camera will turn upside down.

This will cause the screen to appear completely black. If you try to place objects, they will appear as invalid. By turning the camera the right way, you may be able to come out of the ground; however, everything will be upside down. The only way to fix this is to exit without saving. If you save, you will have to delete the adventure. Or you can prevent this from happening by saving the adventure several times, and then re-editing one of the previous saved adventures. This glitch can also be caused while you're dragging an item that can be picked up by your captain and the item you’re dragging will stop moving and flip your screen into the ground. To fix this you can right click an object other than the one you were dragging on the pallet on the left side of the screen, and then delete the item you were dragging.

Creature being completely white, including eyes, feet, hands, etc

This is a rare glitch that only happened once before you install the patches. It's unknown why this happens to the creatures. The only way to fix it is to exit the game without saving and then go back to it. It should fix itself, nothing serious.

I had a glitch similar to this, but it affected the maxis made Zoofy creature. I went to their nest, they were brown and blue. I saved and quit, then I came back. They were white. I allied with them, and had the brain growing cutscene, after that the Zoofy were black.

Planet turning silver

This happens in the space stage when you enter a random planet. Parts of the planet's surface just suddenly turn silver for no reason. What causes the glitch and why it does is unknown, making it a rare glitch since it been encountered once. To fix it, just leave the planet and then come back. Solution/Answer: Either that, or it just isn't a loaded planet.

The glitch may also be something to boast about! -Domonna

Maybe you need to fix your graphics driver -MontezumaI

Other empires will want that planet for it being silver ore!!! :P- Stevarooni

This has happened to me before. I was playing Spore on a Windows Vista laptop. Parts of the planets I was on turned silver and had blurry bands of the planet terrain color running across them. When I moved away the glitched parts turned into a blurry version of the planet color. Some of the planets were reddish instead of silver. I caught it on video, and strangely, it hasn't happened to me since.- Mewtwo547

I had this happen to me, but the planet was black. Also I have a weird bug on my let'splay world where like all the creatures are two shades of blue (except some random ones and my creature) I'd like a fix to the creatures being blue bug? It's kinda ruining my let'splay, and I may not upload it due to this bug... ~GrievousFoxy

Your creature goes extinct

As a carnivore in the creature stage, kill a creature that just came out of their cocoons. After you kill them, get killed by another creature and you'll be reborn. When this happens, a cocoon will appear at your nest and the creature will come out. After you kill it again, all of the members of your species (except pack members) will become extinct out of nowhere. When this happens, you can't continue.

Solution:' Don't save the game or it will wreck that game as you won't be able to continue. To solve this, just exit the game without saving and continue it from your last save.

Messed up Timeline glitch

This glitch is not very rare. Sometimes if you enter you timeline the events get scattered all over the place making it very hard to see the events. The starry background for the "space" part of the time line spans from creature to space and every thing that has happened from creature to space is overlapping, making them unreadable. Also, you cannot exit the timeline without quitting SPORE. A picture of a planet you colonized is underneath how much fruit you ate. If you have a way to solve it please post it on talk section. This glitch may delete certain events and cannot be fixed.

Frozen wildlife glitch

This happens in space stage sometimes after getting galactic adventures. The player enters the atmosphere of the planet only to find that every creature on the planet is frozen and cannot be killed or abducted. This is annoying if you have an eradication mission or an abduction mission.

→EDIT: Concerning this and the above Timeline glitch; these both seem to happen after playing some GA missions, including Maxis ones. It almost always happens after I play my Captain's 2nd Mission. There is no work-around I've found other than simply not doing GA missions on Save Games. If you've saved after the bug has affected you, exit the game, go to C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\SPORE. AppData is usually a hidden folder so you'll probably have to type it in your address bar. Right click the "Games" folder, select "Restore previous versions". You should have backed-up versions from at least the past 24 hours. Select one from before you played the mission if possible. When you go back to your game it load from before you saved the bug onto it. This works for Windows 7, not sure about others.

Claimed system with no colonies

Similar to the "Hostile" overtaken system glitch, the game will sometimes consider a system to be claimed by an NPC empire even though they have no colonies there (and you can even add your own colonies). However, the NPC empire's claim does not go away after exiting and reloading, making it impossible to eliminate them. The only way to get the empire out is to destroy the planet with a planet buster.

There are two possible causes for this glitch.

  • It may happen after recovering from a bad save if you conquered a system. The colonies are destroyed but the game still considers the system claimed.
  • The game sometimes reuses deleted save files' home stars for new games. If the game placed an empire there before it made the star available for a new game, this glitch is the result. This can sometimes cause the Captured Homeworld Glitch.

In a less severe variant of this glitch, sometimes an NPC empire will claim a system and planet but no colonies will be placed on it (this usually happens with the ruined empire planet or home planet of a deleted savegame). In this case it is possible to either buy the system, deterraform the "colonized" planet, or destroy the affected planet with a Planet Buster.

(Unregistered) I once had a computer empire claim a saved game and the claim only went away when I made a new file in that system and advanced it to space stage. Before I deleted the previous file, the image of the empire that claimed the system was shown when I moused over the planet on the menu.

Two mouths one works glitch

This happens in empires of creatures with two mouths. When the creature talks,only one mouth will move. This is also present in the player's empire. It is unknown if the glitch will work with asymmetrical mouths.

It happened with my Okto, the back mouth just didn't open. Same in the creature stage, when I did Bite in the Creature Editor, only one bite icon appeared over the back mouth.


 The bigger mouth will bite or move and the small one will remain still. This is not a glitch. Also npc empires, if they are zealots, their mouth or mouths may not move at all. That may not be a glitch as it affected every npc zealot in the galaxy on my PC

Chieftain from Dead Tribe glitch

Sometimes, when a tribe is destroyed, the Chieftain will still re-spawn at the dead tribe. This can be a nuisance, as you may be attacking another tribe, and the Chieftain of the dead tribe will start attacking your village. The cause of this glitch is unknown.

""AAAAAAHHH" The zombie chieftain of cyan ville has come to EAT, EVERY BODY!!!!!" -Zombie Chieftain of cyan ville comic ad

AWWWW SNAP! Deadly zombies back from the grave to get.... BRAINS!!! mostly revenge but the BRAINS!!!!!!!:P-Stevarooni

Quick! Somebody get the Peashooters!! (Sorry, I just had to. XP)

Don't forget the Sunflowers! And the Chompers! And the Cacti! And the...uh....CHEESESTICKS! - Spore Maniac

Crash on Death glitch

Sometimes when death occurs the death cutscene will play but when trying to respawn the game crashes. this glitch seems to only occur on old computers or computers with bad ram. there are no known fixes except to get a better computer. it can also occur at any time if in an editor with cutscenes before/after the edit.

- I have a modern PC with Windows 8.1. It's a Core i5, AMD Graphics, 16 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB HDD, and when I do a memtest in the BIOS the RAM turns out as good. I'm thinking this glitch may occur on Windows 8.1 due to the fact that the Win32 API has significantly changed since XP and Vista (Which is what spore is designed to run on). Using the backwards compatibility tool does not help, and this glitch really only occurs on a 1 to 1 million chance. (As in it isn't really a big deal, as it rarely occurs. Just a nuisance at most.) I also have a Windows 7 PC and that PC does not have this problem, so I assume it relates to Windows 8.1/8 -KomputerKid

Ultimate Corruption Of No Saving Everything Corrupted Early Editor

Sometimes, all creatures you make in the Creature Editor spontaneously refuses to save, giving you the "This creation cannot be saved", regardless if it has illegal parts or not. This glitch is the most glitchiest in the glitchiest glitches, as you can't play the Cell and Creature Stages properly This Glitch Corrupts Saving Your Creature After You finished Cell Stage.

WORKAROUND: There's No WorkAround. EthanCSnyder Found This Glitch it was a corruption.

WORKAROUND: Play the game without evolving once, except for in the Early Creature Editor. If that doesn't work, try the Force Save Tweak. It works on Core Spore and GA, but not if you have C&C. - Spore Maniac

Creature Mating Glitch

A VERY rare glitch. If you try to walk and press escape during the mating in creature stage cutscene, the black cutscene bars will disappear and you can't do anything. Two eggs will be laid instead of one, and you are invincible. You have to be very very quick for this glitch to happen. Found by Creepis

Glitched Tribe Members

I have recently been playing Spore in tribal stage, And well i sent my tribe to get food they then lined up in front of the food station. They remain with food in their hands, The only response is them moving their hand up and down with the food in their hands and when my tribe starves they will line up unresponsively waiting in a line, I have tried to make them attack creatures they drop the food, But right after they are done attacking they go back into the line, And pick up the food and remain in their position in a line. How do i fix this bug?

Dude, that's not a bug. There setting down the food in the food station and you need to click on the food station with the members highlighted that you want to feed. If you need anymore help, I'm on this wiki a lot. Just post what you need in this page and I'll see it, and help you.-Stevarooni

Baby Death Glitch

When I was fighting the Cornwell and I died (similar to the pack death glitch I suppose) it kept playing the baby music and a black screen and i didn't respawn so I went out of the game by pressing the windows button and it KEPT playing the baby music. and where the mouse becomes the spore mouse and you can't click anything so i just eventually got it to close by right-clicking on the spore icon I'm guessing I lost all my data because i wrote this right after it happened. -the second person to get the big planet glitch (the one with the galaxy inside the planet)

Abducted Chieftain Glitch

When a chieftain is abducted by a UFO in the tribal stage, the chieftain will not respawn for some reason, basically ruining the stage if you are planning to ally with other tribes.

EDIT: Lol, this thing happened to me, luckily I saved at an earlier time, so my Chieftain was back. He was gathering eggs...

-Bouncerjess on Spore, check me out when you get the chance!

animals running away

Once, I killed a creature from an unknown species near my nest, and the entire species began to run away when I got close to them, making it so that I couldn't attack them or try to ally with them because every time I try to get in range, they run away, making my creature have to walk up to them repeatedly until it runs out of hunger and dies. Not sure this qualifies as a "major" glitch, but still a glitch.

So.... There running away from you? After you kill one of a non-hostile creatures members they get afraid of your species. Hence they run away. Just charge them to stun them.-Stevarooni

What? This is a game mechanic. They flee when witnessing an attack. Remove this now or say sorry >:C - Mantra1

I agree. It is totally not a glitch. If the complaint was "Sometimes, domesticated animals run away from the tribe for no reason. Then, they are no longer 'domesticated' animals," then is when this would belong here. - UlyssesK402

It's nowhere near a glitch. In fact, it's a game mechanic. Do some research before you post, 'kay? - Spore Maniac


Like the GEDDAN glitch from Golden Eye 007, Launching an ICBM When planes are above you city and the planes get hit, Buildings will start rotating randomly and uncontrolably, It can continue into the space stage, and will cause Planets,Stars,Proto-Planetary Disks, Black Holes, and the Glactic core to do the same. Not Game-Breaking, But EXTREMELY annoying.

Note: Certain stars can become Un-Viewable because of the planets hitting you and you not being able to zoom in, due to the planet moving. Note: patched.

Frozen Avatar Glitch

Sometimes, after adding wings to your creature then leave the nest area, you can't move, the only way to move is to fly while rotating. This glitch is very annoying, but can be fixed if the player does a mating call & clicks their mate, the glitch is fixed.

Contact your own nation in Civilization Stage

Not really a major glitch, it can only happen when using the three final superweapons. Final meaning the last and most expensive one which when activated will instantly conquer the world, and is available for military, economic, and religious nations. The glitch happens when activated if you contact a nation at the exact same time the bomb, blimp or religious wave hits the city and if put your cursor over the contact button it will pop up as YOUR nation. They will be very mad because you had just captured that city. They might say "we will get the city back", rebel etc. But this will NEVER happen or they may be perfectly happy and will always have the happy allied green face icon. You will still have the option of a compliment, insult or gift. They will reply with a "****"

Pack member glitch

in the creature stage, if you try to add another creature to your pack while there is an alien ship above, sometimes you actually go into the whole impressing thing and they go in your pack, but they dont appear in the gui on the right and dont add to the limit of pack animals. this does not actually effect your game much other than having a pack member that isnt really a pack member. they are still in your pack after coming out of the creature creator, but i dont recall them ever coming out of an egg

Delayed Actions

In both Core Spore and Spore GA, whenever I go to eat something, kill something, befriend something, pick up something, or dig up skeletons, the action is delayed for a bit. This is really annoying. In the creature editor, when I click on an ability, the creature doesn't do it except for Dance and Charge.

Frozen Spaceship

This glitch happens very rarely when you load a Space Stage game. All of your colonies but your homeworld will be "gone" when in galaxy view, and you won't be able to fly to another star system. If your spaceship combusts while running into hazards on a T0 planet, you will revive on one of your colonies (previously gone from existance). The game treats you like you just started space stage when in fact you didn't. There is no known fix. Sorry to say, that save is permanently corrupted. Tell me if you know a workaround or you had this glitch!

Spore Galactic Adventures Glitches

Because it is new, it is likely to get glitches, which may be addressed by future patches.

Broken Weapons

When being attacked by multiple melee creatures in an adventure, all weapons cease functioning. This is very annoying and can ruin maps including mass combat.

Not a bug. If they had charge they stunned your captain and you exited the adventure before the stun wore off.-Stevarooni

Tribes/ Cities on Adventure Planets

When looking for a tribe or city, they might be on an adventure planet in Space Stage. It may go away after another save because cities, tribes, and spice prices usually change or disappear after each load.

Huge Planet on Main Screen

Spore Glitches - Big Planet

Spore Glitches - Big Planet

The first known recording of the "Huge Planet" glitch.

Spore Big Planet Glitch - Probably the second recording EVER

Spore Big Planet Glitch - Probably the second recording EVER

The second known recording of the "Huge Planet" glitch.

Perhaps the rarest, having only been recorded twice. On a very rare occasion, the last planet you've played on will be larger than the entire main screen. This glitch is purely graphical, and may be triggered by opening the Sporepedia while in the Create menu. Restarting the game will fix the glitch.

unknown user: well twice because i had the EXACT same problem but i didn't use Sporepedia ,"create" or galactic adventures.

EDIT: I just had this encounter. So... What happened was I was attacking the Pink Village with 8 creatures (9/9 but used 8/9 because one stayed behind), I had 2 left and there was 2 left of my men attacking. I kind of panicked and quit to the main screen without saving (I save before I attack). Then, I saw the planet my creatures were on. Dang gosh, I was excited and freaked out at the same time! I play on a lap top, and I was on Galactic Adventures. So anyways... Yeah. Here's a photo I took:
Spore 2014-03-19 19-43-03

Date recorded: 19 March, 2014, (for some you guys) around 17:50PM (7:50PM) US Central Time

-Bouncerjess on Spore, check me out when you get the chance!

Crazy Stages Glitch

This happens on both spore and spore galactic adventures game. This glitch is too annoying. Even reinstaling the games never ever works. Here i go... This glitch is a major mod mess up. Say, when you go into the creature stage, there is no land. Or, in civilization stage, there are no citizens. But, the main problem is, that in almost every single stage, there are fuzzy cells, or you can see the objects coding. In space stage, you can't see the spaceship or anything but a dark screen. This is incredibly rare, and i bet that only I have encountered it. See me as robotrobo an spore.

~I have this glitch also, but it only happens in space stage. When I try to complete the mission that says for me to scan the spaceship wreck, there is often no wreck. OR, if I do end up finding and scanning the wreck, I leave the solar system and the screen goes completely black. no stars, no galaxy... Nothing. I cannot even see my spaceship.

    ~A new user

"Statue" glitch

The statue glitch is when your creatures simply stand there, they don't do any animations. They slide across the ground. This is a game-breaker because all you can do is move and use ranged weapons, such as Spit. It completely breaks the game. As far as I know, I'm the only one that has encountered this problem, but if you have too, please contribute!

Don't worry, you're not alone. -Anonymous

The walking animation does not play, ive looked in the spore forums seeing someone having the same problem. Try uninstalling patch 1.05 and spore GA, Reinstall spore GA then after, Reinstall patch 1.05. I have also experienced it. - Travis Lopez

WORKAROUND: Either unistall and reinstall Spore or try the second workaround.

WORKAROUND: Before giving up and reinstalling Spore, try deleting PatchData.Package.

EDIT: at least one cause for this is installing galactic adventures AFTER installing the dr. pepper bot parts.

I've had this before, but in Core Spore, without GA or the Bot Parts installed, and it happened randomly. I couldn't do anything. - Spore Maniac

POSSIBLE EXPLANATION: If you downloaded Spore off the GameStop App, there is an error with the patches. It puts spore at patch '1.06', which does not exist. This removes some files that they thought they were going to be replaced with new ones, but there were no new files to replace it with. There is no way to remove it as far as I know, although there could be a lengthy process if there was a way. This prevents real patches from before being placed. When this occured to me, I gave up, uninstalled everything, and got it off of Origin instead. Wasted some money doing that, but it works fine now.

Anonymous Response ^^^- I am pretty sure 1.06 exists, I think you get it with the bot parts pack.

Patch 1.06 does exist, but it only exists with the Dr. Pepper Bot Parts. Since when it happens, you don't get the DPBP at all, as you didn't download it legitimately, it probably adds non-existent parts. Because it adds nothing, but still treats the patch like it does, certain files are removed but aren't replaced. That's my only reasonable answer. - Spore Maniac

Deep sea diving

Spore 2010-01-15 15-37-53

Deep Sea Diving

When you make a jump pad very high in the sky the captain (you) that used that jump pad will be flung in to space (max power for jump pad) sometimes, on its way down if the captain lands in the non-shallow water he appears to be far under the sea. It also happens if you raise a teleporter as high as you can in the atmosphere and fall off, you plummet into the ocean but you will not resurface (At least until the objective is complete). If you also plummet down toward the ocean and go under a solid on/in the ocean you may be stuck under the solid.

Inverted Physics

Occasionally, lava in adventures will have the physics of water, meaning it cannot hurt you, and can be swum in freely. (This is not a glitch, and happens when the temperature of water is set to warm, but not dangerous.) Adventures that are saved with this feature will keep this feature as well. Similarly, water could also have the physics of land, meaning that the player and other creatures could walk along the water's surface. By placing debris-like object right underneath the water's surface to resemble a background from a top-down point of view, this technique can be used to make a realistic Cell Stage-like adventure. Only large objects that impact the surface of the water at high velocity will be able to penetrate, and will slowly sink through(An example would be getting a cannon ball as a gameplay object and setting high in the sky). One of the planet coloring/ flora templates have lava occuring at warm.

Detached feet

Spore 2009-11-09 11-34-28

Feet are detached from the body

Sometimes when a creature is placed between ground and an elevated building, its feet will stay on ground level, but the creature and its legs will be lifted up, detached from the creature's feet.

EDIT: I think changing your "player model quality" could fix this. FROM: Cody111

Disguising gameplay objects as Creatures

This is a simple-to-perform beneficial glitch that exists because the programmers forgot to take it out, or failed to notice it. To start, get a gameplay object and click the disguise button to open up the Sporepedia, and select a random building. Instead of clicking select, hit the edit button to go into the editor. Once there, you can open the Sporepedia and view creatures. Hit the edit button on the creature to go into their editor, and click the save and exit button once you are there. Now you can place them in the adventure. The creatures will be completely motionless, but you can stand on it.

Spore 2010-02-26 18-42-55

Creature Bomb.

Another glitch will happen if you follow the procedure above, but disguise the gameplay object as a cell. When placed on the planet, the cell will be transparent, just like they are supposed to look in the Cell Stage. If there is a building placed behind them, you can look through the cell's body to see though the building. This could be used to create an X-ray screen.

Using this procedure, you can also make your own flora using plant-shaped creatures. If you are to do this, however, remember to tag such creatures with the "gaprop" tag, so that they don't appear in the game.

Supersized giant objects glitch

Egg world

Size comparison between the glitched-out egg platter and the planet. (I used the teleporter trick to get up into space)

A rare glitch that occurs when changing the size of an object or a creature. There is a chance that it will suddenly grow to tremendous proportions, nearly 300 times bigger than the size max. I do not know how to cause this glitch, but it happened when I was resizing Egg Platters in an adventure and one of them just grew to supermassive sizes. I had no mods and I wasn't doing anything else. I used this glitch to my benefit and made an adventure: "Egg world collides with earth", where the giant egg platter just falls down and destroys everything.

If i try to grow the platter nothing happens, If i try to shrink it, it will instantly shrink back down and I can not grow it again. So I decided to leave the adventure alone and just keep the giant egg platter. Feel free to play it sometime.

Lose all Weapons and Change Archetypes

If you are using a captain in quick play mode that you also use on a space stage file, then when you earn all the parts of a certain archetype, all of the player's weapons and everything in the cargo hold will be gone. The only things you will have are the money you had, and the new ability of whatever archetype you unlocked all the parts of. The game still thinks that you have all the weapons so they do not reappear for sale by other empires. You can either delete the file, or earn money to buy other weapons, and live off those. (If you have already bought all weapons, you will have no way to defend yourself, and the file must be deleted.)

Timeline Scrambler Glitch

Sometimes, after completing a few adventures in the space stage, you will find that most of your empire's timeline will have been scrambled. The cause is UNNECESSARY SOCIALIZING. There is a big chance of this happening if you ally with a creature from the adventure without being part of the goals. The time line will leave the record of socializing, which is TREATED AS A STUFF OF CREATURE STAGE. It seems to be irreversible, so it's extremely irritating for those who like to look back at their creature's history. If you don't want this to happen save your game before playing any adventure so you can go back. If you start out in tribal, civ, or space stage, the space timeline will have the backround of the creature timeline, and the creature stage timeline can be viewed (however, it is all blank.)


Note: This glitch has also occurred in Maxis adventures when socializing is part of the goal!

Workaround: Play the adventure in quick-play mode outside of the save-game file or do not play adventures with socializing goals. Also avoid UNNECESSARY SOCIALIZING.


Zombie Glitch

If you place creatures with shielding captain parts(any shield piece works) into an adventure and deplete their health so that they die right away, start the test drive and walk near them. If the glitch happens, the creature will miraculously come back to life and attack you. If you get far away enough from it, it will quickly fall back onto the ground like it died again. It will continue to get back up and attack you if you get near it and it will keep dying again if you walk away. It can't be killed or even interacted with because the game still thinks it's dead.

It has been discovered that this glitch only happens with captains with Zealot parts on them, because the Zealot parts are meant to "protect" their life points from draining. A way to get around this glitch is to give the creature the Mindless, Neutral or Peaceful behaviour so they won't get up and attack you. This glitch only occurs when the Danger Reducer or Power Shield accessories are put onto a creature.

This glitch could potentially be used to create a "zombie apocalypse" adventure and creating a reference to the famed sci-fi sub-genre of the same name. It can also be used as an effective way to simulate the Sea Monster: Just make a replica of the sea monster, put on Danger Reducer or Power Shields, place the replica in the water, set it to have incredibly high damage, and there you go!

View screen glitch

Usually when placing objects in an adventure with hardly any complexity points, the view screen will fly uncontrollably around the planet. This can be fixed by entering the test drive mode or the planet editor. This is a nuisance because you'll have to drop whatever you were currently placing, enter another mode, and then go back to delete the object. This can also be stopped by pressing quickly all the directional arrow and left click (spamming them, actually) You can also stop it by pressing the arrow keys up or down, then pressing the button to spin the planet the opposite way, making a "U" turn. This will usually stop the planet, if it doesn't try again.

EDIT: This only happens when placing an object in the adventure while moving and the player is dragging the object in the same direction. Another way to stop it is to drop the object, and try to go the same direction as you already are, then stop after a few seconds.

Common glitches

Clipping can occur, as well as texture glitches. Sometimes when editing an adventure, the screen with the stars and planets somehow gets mixed with the editor, this can be fixed by exiting the adventure, and then restarting.


Occasionally, and if aimed properly, your Captain, upon activating their Hover Pack, will float through a building and out the other end. (If this happens, do not slow down and do not do a hover burst when right before passing through the second wall, as this action resets the "solidity" data, and you will have this happen.

Jet Pack Hover Glitch

If you activate the jet pack as you are sliding down a steep cliff, the jet pack will blast you in a horizontal direction instead of vertically.

Captain Swims in the Air

If you have a hollow building and face it upward so you can fall down the hollow part, place your captain between the walls so that one side of his body is over the hollow part of the building, and the other half is outside. If done correctly, start the test drive mode and your captain will be stuck in between the building wall and he will be doing the swim animation, as if he were in water. But sometimes the captain can get stuck, and the best thing to do is either to try to jump out the way of the obstacle or quit the mission.

Captain and Colonist Outfitter/Clothing Glitch

Sometimes your colonists will suddenly start wearing the same stuff that your captain wears. With this glitch, if you go into the colonist editor, you cannot take off or even adjust/choose the captain parts. The colonist species name will be the name of your captain in the editor, but your empire name will not change. This occurs when the hologram scout is used. If you play an adventure where you can beam down with your crew, when you use one of your own species as a crew member (which will have the same outfit as your captain), the colonists in your colonies switch to your captain's clothes. The only way to revert this would be to go into the captain outfitter, remove all 'captain' parts, and go into an adventure using members of your own species as crew. Then, go into the outfit planner of your empire's colonists and outfit your colonists the way you like. Repeat this process if the glitch happens again.

Note: Additionally, avoiding using hologram scout should prevent this glitch from happening. There are mods that block this tool from being used, because of this glitch.

Get Stuck In Buildings

Sometimes when playing an adventure, if you fall from a height and hit a building you are likely to get stuck inside it. Usually, you can move about inside the building, but only to the borders of it, which not only are supposed to keep you out, but also keep you in. If one takes a fast enough run, he or she may be able to break out of the building in the same way that he or she got stuck inside it. However, this only occurs in buildings in which there is enough space to do such an action, and only with fast enough captains. Sometimes you will not be able to move, and the only thing you can try doing is to destroy the building, but if it has infinite health there is no way to free yourself and you must restart the adventure. This has a "stuck in wall" variation, where your captain will not get stuck all the way in the building, but will lodge in the wall, preventing all movement or tool activation, forcing you to replay the adventure.

WORKAROUND: If the building you are stuck on has enough space for you to walk around, then performing the Leap Glitch will likely free you from the building. Unfortunaly, the glitch requires Level 5 Jump, and Glide or Hover.

Hologram Scout Glitch

If you've outfitted your captain at all during the Space Stage with Galactic Adventures, using the Hologram Scout on a planet will change the Colonist's outfit to match yours, weapons and all. The "______ Colonist" name that all colonists are given in the colony outfitter are renamed to your captain's name, and this cannot be changed. Reloading a saved game from before the Hologram Scout was used will fix the glitch. You can also remove all your captain's parts, then use a crop circle in front of one of your own colonies so the colonists come out and then beam down among them, and then go to the colonist editor and give them the clothes you want them to have.

Note: Additionally, avoiding using hologram scout should prevent this glitch from happening. There are mods that block this tool from being used, because of this glitch.

Liquid land glitch

Sometimes when editing an adventure, the solid landmass appears bumpy and moves like magma, this can be solved by changing the graphics settings, or exiting the adventure.

Similarly, sometimes when you scale up a building or scale down your captain during construction, it will appear that the actual surface of the building is a hologram, and that there is a "real floor" a few inches below it. This is primarily an aesthetic bug, but, occasionally, your captain will begin to "break through" the building's solid wall and into the structure.

And, you can get stuck in vehicles. Sometimes, if you get stuck close to the bottom, you will take damage and/or die because Spore thinks you are getting run over.

Fall through the floor glitch

Sometimes when making interiors in the air, such as a space station, all the creatures including the player, fall through the floor. This causes problems with interiors and can be extremely annoying to the player as it can ruin adventures. However, this bug can be fixed either by moving the creatures or by placing them on separate flooring.

Same Music Glitch

Sometimes, when you change the music of an adventure, the old music will play. To fix this, get out of test drive and go into test drive again.

Editing Civilized Creatures in the Creature Editor

If the player opens up an Adventure in the Adventure Editor, clicks the Sporepedia and displays on Creatures, they will be able to edit any Tribal, Civilization, Space and Captain Creatures in the Creature Editor. However, any clothing accessories must be removed, or the Creature cannot be saved. The player can use a mod that forces the game to save the creature, allowing a fully clothed creature or captain to be saved as an "Animal". This can be beneficial because all captains made by Maxis like the Captain Sunny captain did not come with their base creatures, so you can remove the clothing and get the base creature back.

Bumpy Ride of Death Glitch

If you are riding on a land vehicle that is driving over small steep protrusions in the ground, sometimes the vehicle will ride up the small hill completely vertical, fall over on its side, and then continue driving. If you are on the vehicle when this happens, you will lose a lot of health and possibly die, because the game thinks the vehicle drove over you.

Sinking Glitch

When you touch Lava, your Captain will die. However, if your Captain isn't completely submerged in the Lava, and is still standing on land, then your Captain will start sinking into the ground instead of the Lava. This Glitch is also rather humorous, as they will also appear to be "pulled" into the Lava, and the Captain's eyes will bulge out as its body is stretched.

Far Out in Space Glitch

When placing a Teleporter in an Adventure, it is possible to make the destination teleporter as high as you can by holding the Left Mouse Button, CTRL, and moving the mouse upwards, which is most likely a bug in the game. If you position the camera at an angle, you will be able to make the destination teleporter extremely far out into space. If you make it as far as you can, and your Captain walks onto the Teleporter, they will be sent out thousands of miles away from the Planet, and the sun will appear as a small dot. Your Creature will also have difficulties walking off the Teleporter, due to the fact that it has been placed near the edge of an invisible wall.

If you manage to walk off the Teleporter, it will take a very long time to reach your planet.

One technique the player can do to prevent this is to make the teleporter pad invisible, then the player will fall through it and fall, with no invisible wall problem.

Walking Under Water Glitch

If you follow the steps for the Far Out in Space Glitch, but don't make the teleporter as high, and have your Captain jump off the pad into a large body of water, they will get stuck underneath, and cannot get out. However, you can resolve this by minimizing Spore and then maximizing it, which should set the water back to default.


Weird Accept/Delince Glitch

In space stage, *If you have an enemy* when you go to your homeland and contact them, It will show the color of the empire that is your enemy (On the Picture of the empire your talking to), and says Accept Delince and I don't really know what happens if you press Delince, but when you press accept then contact your homeland empire, it shows your normal contact panel again, but your empire is saying ***, and you cant do anything. Fixed when you exit spore and come back.

Note: After this happens, you might lose the track with empires and have to visit them again *For it to show in the category Empire and Friends&Enemys.*

This only happens in space mode.

Captains Playable in Main Game Glitch

If a Captain is opened up in the Creature Editor using the Editing Civilized Creatures in the Creature Editor glitch, and then saved via a mod, they will be usable in Creature, Tribal, Civilization and Space Stage as the player's race by using the evoadvantage cheat. However, there are many side effects to this glitch such as:

  • In Creature Stage, all of your weapons and socializing accessories you equipped in the Captain Outfitter will be unavailable, but you can still use them by clicking on a creature with the appropriate stance selected.
  • Abilities such as the Jump Jet will be totally unusable, even if you press the appropriate shortcut key.
  • Eventually you will be unable to attack or socialize using your accessories as the energy is drained from them. The only way to return to full energy is to kill yourself.
  • Any Creatures you encounter whilst playing will permanently have their emoticon displayed on their Sporepedia Card, even when not playing that particular save.
  • You will be able to slay Epic Creatures much easier. However, they can still kill you by using the stomp attack
  • If you mate, enter the Creature Editor and then click "Ok" or "Cancel", the Sporepedia card for your Captain/Creature will be permanently stuck in the Sporepedia. It can be removed, however, by using the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight it and then click "Delete".
  • If using a health boost part, the creature will have the same health as its captain equivilent, but this health is greatly boosted in tribal stage, babies having up to 127 health, and Cheiftains having as high as 400+.
  • If the creature uses rocket launcher the AOE damage can hurt the creatures in its own Tribe/Species, which can sometimes end up with creatures of thier own Tribe/Species attacking each other.
  • It could be possible to domestic/ally with a rogue version of a captain, though it is unlikely its health will be boosted, its damage probably will be.
  • Using any social captain parts apart from Harmonius song and inspiring song is not recommended, as it will be impossible to use them, and although the same applies to any weapons apart from toxic crystal and bladed knuckles, pack/tribe members will be able to use them.

Crazy Colors Glitch

In creature stage, the ground will randomly be neon-colored sometimes. Not much is known about this glitch. For a video, go here:

Grass un-earthed glitch

Sometimes, if the player puts the lamppost gameplay object on a building, and then drags the object into the air, a 2 dimensional piece of the ground will stick to the bottom of the lamppost. It will have a strange moving effect and will change its colour, according to how the planet is coloured.

Reverted goals glitch

This glitch is not caused by the player creating a bug in the adventure creator. Instead, the player writes the goals as normal, however, sometimes goals are skipped to a later act, which can of course, destroy the adventure. The best way to stop this glitch is to swap the goals around. Sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesn't.

Galactic Adventures Screen Glitch

This bug appears when the user presses ESC or watches the starting movie (when GA is launched). If your version of Spore is in a language that is not supported by GA, this will happen. The only way of fixing it is by launching the game with the -locale:en-us mode. Mods might be able to change this.

Locked Adventures and Captains

Although rare, if you launch the original Spore, make (or let) it crash while updating the database, and then launch GA, all adventures, captains with GA parts or creatures with the GA paint will either be locked or banned, and this can be extremely annoying when playing Quick Play, because you can't play any adventures (even some of the Maxis ones.) Most of the time, launching the original Spore and then GA again fixes this, but other times, it will be permanent. But any adventures, captains with GA parts or creatures with the GA paint that you make/upload after this glitch occurs will be normal, and not locked/banned.

Unresponsive cast

Sometimes in the adventure creator, creatures will not respond or not update their new tasks in each act. For instance, the player might command the creature in act 3 to stop respawning or stop attacking; however, sometimes the creature will not always complete the action properly. Sometimes if there are lots of creatures, they will not move and will freeze, according to MaxisCactus in one of the interviews, Maxis tried to fix this but couldn't do much about it.

Invincible to self

This happens when you have the captain facing an exact clone of himself. Even if set to aggressive, the clone won't attack unless you attack them, and they can't hurt you.

LOL it's like they have mesmerized each other because their looking into their clones eyes and thinking: "am I really that ugly?"-Stevarooni

Lava doesn't hurt

In test mode, if your hero has 2 health, Lava won't hurt you. However, this hurts all other creatures that have 2 health. This also happens if you use a precolored planet that has lava on it

EDIT : it happens if you use a precolored planet because it is just warm water with the graphics of lava...

Multiple attachments glitch

If you place captain parts end-on-end, any animation (including breathing) makes your creature swing side to side.

Flipped Camera Glitch

If the captain goes into a teleporter while the "freecam" cheat is active, the camera may flip by varying degrees. The glitch is ended when another cast member is clicked on.
Spore 2010-11-21 20-14-12

Flipped Camera Glitch

Sprint through Gates

This can be a very handy glitch if the player needs to pass through a gate but can't find a key. Fairly self explanatory, all the player needs to do is sprint at a gate and they will pass through it. It may take a few tries, however.

Missing Galactic Adventures pack

It is currently unknown what causes this glitch, when Spore GA is loaded, the GA button is gone with the editor. When a creature is edited with GA parts the game will crash. Also the Creepy & Cute parts Expansion Pack will be missing, If you have Bot Parts they will still be there. However the graphics will be white and filled with blocks, some font will be missing and images will be incorrect expect for your creations. This will not affect your creation's data. The only known way to fix this is to reinstall in this order. You may also of opened the SPORE game, but not the SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES game, so make sure you have the right one opened, or you may wonder why you can't find it.

NOTICE: The cause of this is most likely the installation of Windows 8.1. However, I'm not really sure. Re-installing Galactic Adventures will get rid of the problem, however.

Detail Colours Glitch

There is some way to get the detail colour that comes with GA and mix it up with all the other creatures but your own. This gets extremely annoying and could probably be solved by reinstalling it.

Black view of death

Sometimes when switching between edit and test mode multiple times very fast, the edit view camera will turn upside down. This will cause the screen to appear completely black. If you try to place objects, they will appear as invalid. By turning the camera the right way, you may be able to come out of the ground; however, everything will be upside down. The only way to fix this is to exit without saving. If you save, you will have to delete the adventure. Or you can prevent this from happening by saving the adventure several times, and then re-editing one of the previous saved adventures. This glitch can also be caused while you're dragging an item that can be picked up by your captain and the item you’re dragging will stop moving and flip your screen into the ground. To fix this you can right click an object other than the one you were dragging on the pallet on the left side of the screen, and then delete the item you were dragging.

Ghost Files Glitch

Very rarely will your files in the My Spore Creations file not register on your Sporepedia except the ones you edited that day. It will state the correct number of your files, but only display a few. Entering any saves with the unregistered files will corrupt it, replacing your creations with Maxis ones instead. Even deleting the My Spore Creations file will do nothing, as it will seem to regenerate empty files. This has only been recorded twice,the second by player 'chizzz95', and there are no viable fixes yet. chizzz95 also would like to note most of his favourite have been destroyed.

Grox Glitch

On my old computer, my Spore: GA game was very messed up because I had installed BetterSpore 1.2.5 and GA in the wrong order, or something like that. If this has happened to you, i'm sorry, but there isn't a way to fix it. Very rarely, if you ally The Grox with this kind of horrible condition while playing on GA, then declare war, they will not attack your planets. This can actually be helpful to you, as they never bother your empire.

Eggs In The Ground

This glitch has happened very often to me. After mating, the egg will be half sunk in the ground. After evolving, when the egg starts cracking, it will instantly come out of the ground. This is not a game wrecking glitch and it will not affect your game.

You should probably move this to the Minor Glitches page. -Pikachoo

Ghost Buildings

This glitch also happened often to me. After destroying a city in Civ stage, at the time where the nation's buildings transform into your buildings, many or all of your buildings will hide a big part of them, letting you see inside them. This can be fixed by removing the "ghost buildings" from the city and replacing them.

Different Clones

Sometimes a nation might instantly increase your relationship with it by them liking new acquaintances but the same nation (in another system) will decrease your relationship by them distrusting strangers.

Walk On Air And Run While Dead In Adventures Glitch

If you put an enemy captain in an adventure and make it's health 2, if your captain (player) has the summon swarm ability and you use it on the enemy captain, the captain will instantly lose their health while running on air. For this to work, the whole action must take place on a mountain or a cliff.

Same Empire Against You Glitch

This glitch is very rare and it is similar to the different clones glitch, just that now the player's empire will be the same on another star system and might distrust strangers or like new acquaintances which will actually be the same creature.

Interacting With Saved Games

This glitch is extremely common and Spore and Spore GA have a 100% chance of encountering this glitch. If you have more saved games and one or more of them are in the space stage, playing on one and travelling to another one's place in the galaxy, you will be able to interact with them (trade, get missions) and their colonies. It will be the same with Creature stage games, just that your creature or other ones will not be visible and, once it is a saved game, you cannot interact with the solar system. Using this, you can customize your planet to start on on another game by finding a solar system with a T3 planet, a gas giant, and a planet identical to your home planet's system planet with the crashed spaceship. There might be additional planets.

REPLY: Actually, this is not a glitch. However, the exploit to edit other saved games' homeworlds was patched recently. But as for the rest of this section, this is not a glitch and is supposed to happen.

Get The Same Adventures Glitch

This glitch is rare. An empire might give you the same mission multiple times, especially when you get the adventure from the Grox.

Reply by Diegrox :the grox always give you the same mission.But it is normally your own.

The Grox Always Give You Missions Made By The Player

I still don't know if this is a glitch or not. The Grox will always give the player adventures made by the player and actually give the same missions. (needs confirmation)

Same Adventure On Different Planets

This glitch is probably very rare. An empire might give you the same adventures but on different planets.

Above- Nope, not that rare. For my empire I get the same 3 adventures again and again. Bad thing is I don't get points for it

Actually, this is not a glitch. It's just a coincidence.

Blurry pants Glitch

A rare graphics glitch only recorded once as far as I know on a laptop happens in all stages minus the cell stage which has only a single type of plant (the buds). All the games plant graphics mess up dragging color walls to other nearby plants this is harmless in the civilization stage makes space stage missions harder annoying in the tribal. However it makes the creature stage nearly unplayable.

Where do the pants come in? - Opdagon

Friendly Enemies Glitch

If you befriend a neutral creature, but then later in the adventure it is changed to an enemy team, it will keep its friendly status, but it will be on the enemy's team. It is also possible to create enemy pack members.

Orbit Glitch

In GA, place a platform high above the ground (Really high). Next, place a Jump Pad vertically on the platform. Afterwards, place your captain in front of the Jump Pad (Make sure the Pad's strength is at 50!). Start Test Play, and watch your captain fly into orbit (Literally). This isn't game-breaking, but it's pretty funny watching your creature hover above the planet's atmosphere like a moon. It can be fixed by exiting Test Play.

This isn't restricted to just your captain. Animals can be flung into orbit like this as well.

Colony Glitch

Directly after i conquered a enemy empire in space stadge I edited my colony and the game just crashed for no reason.

SOLUTION: Don't edit your colonies directly after conquering.

Levitation Glitch

In GA, perform the Orbit Glitch, turn your camera up a little, then click above your captain. If done correctly, it will start floating higher and higher into the sky. This can only be done while it's ascending. It will not work if your captain is starting to fall back to the planet.

Infinite Loading Glitch

I'm only one who expereince this. When I open the Crater Arena planet, it loads the planet, but it never stops loading. Waiting for 2 hours but still loading!

Nah, your not the only one, I get this almost every single time i do everything. But hey, I'm using a 4 year old laptop, so its maybe not that suprising. - Ironbars1

Death Cutscene Crash

Sometimes if you die in creature stage and hit esc the very second the death cutscene starts, the game will crash.

Glitch Pillars

In GA, sometimes a pillar-like land form can be spotted on your Adventure Planet. If you walk into these pillars, your captain's model becomes corrupted, parts flying everywhere, limbs stretching all over the place. This can be fixed by walking out of the pillar. An animal can be placed on these pillars, but if you want them to stay, you need to be precise about its placement, or else it will fall down. (I don't know if anyone else gets this glitch...)

Spore thinks you do not own Galactic Adventures or Creepy and Cute Glitch

Sometimes, if you buy either Galactic Adventures or Creepy and Cute, more likely through Steam, the Spore website will think you do not own those expansion packs, treating you like you own only the base game, and will refuse to upload any of your creations that possesses GA/C&C exclusive parts. This glitch is a game-wrecker. You can upload creatures with only Core Spore, Exoskeleton Limbs, and Bot Parts normally, but creatures possessing Galactic Adventures and Creepy and Cute parts, while they show up as 'shared' in your Sporepedia, do not appear in the official Sporepedia, therefore, other players cannot meet your creations or play your adventures. Adventures that are shared with this glitch have their 'shared' icon, but the times played and rating GUI doesn't appear. Any GA/C&C creature 'shared' with this glitch does not have the comments and 'Games used' tab.


Exibit A: Games tagged with this glitch unproperly display their uploaded creations. In this case, this user has made and published 33 creations, but the 'My Spore' page claims only 12 have been made and published.

SOLUTION: Contact EA Support, and ask for assistance. Make sure you have a valid CD Key, or they will not be able to help you.


Exibit B: Adventures shared with this glitch do not show the 'Times played', 'difficulty', 'rating', Games Used, Ranking and Description sections.

I think I know a cause. It is purchasing Galactic Adventures BEFORE you buy C&C. If you can't fix this, congrats. You broke your Spore. -UlyssesK402

This spore creation has no joints between the arm to the head where the hand should be.

I bought GA before C&C, and I don't experience the glitch. It is on Steam. It may have been because I bought GA normally, while C&C was on sale when I bought it.

Animation/Action Glitch

When i socialize, or fight. or even walk, i cant preform the action. when i walk, i just look like i'm being dragged to another place.

Random Game Crashes

This glitch isn't necessarily game breaking, but can make you lose all of your progress since your last save. After doing a certain action, the music and graphics will begin to skip and the entire game will crash. This can happen when dying in creature stage, fishing in tribal stage, capturing a city in civilization stage, and possibly more that I haven't figured out yet. The only solution is to save unreasonably frequently, and it can get very annoying when your mental disorder makes you forgetful. But that's not important. I just needed to vent. Sorry.



Timeline Crash

When you open the timeline in the Space Stage, your game will freeze, and there is no red, blue, or green cards at the top. You can not do anything other than quitting the game. There is no known workaround besides deleting the save file. (But who wants to do that?)

Player Nation

If you contact a city right as it is being destroyed/converted by a Superweapon like ICBM or Global Merger in civilization stage, you will contact a nation called 'Player Nation'.All they say is '****' and they have a 100 relation with no reason displayed when scrolling over the green face.Talking to them or giving them gifts does nothing to their 100 relation, and they reply with '****'.Once you close the communication box, you can't contact 'Player Nation' again unless you manage to click the city again before it is done being converted/destroyed or you click on another nation as it is being converted/destroyed.

Very powerful religous

Sometimes as a religious nation, your veicles will have 10X-50X the power they had before. I have no clue why it happens, but it is very usefull glitch however can become nearly impossible to finish the citilvation stage when almost every other religious nation has this advantage. The religious beam of which the veicle produces will be more bold and bright. It will outrival military nations but will also make that stage more fun.

Trade with Grox

I recently just discovered a glitch how you could trade with The Grox. I'm not sure if this works for you.. But it works for me.. so try it out! 1: Start a new space stage (this wont work after talking to an empire) 2: complete the missions until you get to the one how you have to find an alien 3: make your way near the grox WTIHOUT CONTACTING AN EMPIRE. THIS MEANS THAT THE FIRST EMPIRE YOU CONTACT MUST BE THE GROX. 4: After talking to them and when you completed your mission, feel free to ally with them until you become there friend. 5: the trade tab should be open


Then this should happen

The Spazzing Cell

This very rare glitch happens with a Nosey cell. (edit if it works for others). To make this glitch happen, add a poison bit to your cell and make sure you need one more food to evolve to become bigger than Nosey. Swim near food and camp there until Nosey comes, as soon as he comes, eat the food and drown Nosey in the poison. If you swim into or near him, he will become HUGE. Bigger than an epic cell huge. Then he will start flipping around, revealing his belly (which is kinda cool, makes him a 3-D cell) and his eyes will be just white. Eventually, he will stop and disappear. Whenever you eat a food near where he was, he will come back and spaz out. This is a very rare glitch, only recorded thrice. Once on YouTube, and twice on my PC. Sorry if it doesn't work, but it is a rare glitch.


Sometimes, if you try to rename a planet in the space stage and the empire (or nation) uses the Maxis-Made sea vehicle "This is not a spy ship" No matter what you name it, it will be named "THIS IS NOT A SPY SHIP", this dosen't just effect the planet's name, but lifeforms on it, if you get an adventure where you must talk to creatures or examine things and it is on one of these planets, the text will always say "THIS IS NOT A SPY SHIP", I'm sorry if this only works for me, but it's fatal to gameplay, also, ALL their vehicles were "This is not a spy ship"s, no matter HOW they travel. ~Mrorangehorseman10 NOTE: The things that creatures do on these planets is that they will EAT VEHICLES and they will all be epics.

Cutscene crash

In the creature stage, when pressing 'esc' right when a cutscene is about to happen, the screen stays black forever until you turn off your spore game. This is annoying, because it can destroy games you haven't saved yet.

Total Game Corruption

When you try to save your game, you will get "Save Game Failed. Spore will now Exit." This is mostly caused by malware and running out of memory, with the former more likely. This will PERMANENTLY destabilize your game, causing crashes within 3-5 minutes after starting the game up. The glitch corrupts all games and reinstallation of the game is required. It will also cause your game to crash whenever you try to save, by showing the crash message "Save Game Failed. Spore will now Exit." Don't bother contacting EA customer Support, because this game is no longer supported.

This glitch will also troll you, so play with extreme caution! The safest way is to save after every encounter/levelup/new star visited/etc.

Solution: Since this happened to me before, I could tell you a possible way to fix this. To pretty much fix this glitch, is to remove some of the random things in the memory. In my case, I was recording too many videos in PlaysTV, so I had to delete ALL of them to get all the glitches my computer was having to stop, and this included Spore as well. after this, my game was running a lot smoother, helping my Spore a lot more.

I've had this same issue in my game but it wasn't as bad. I have the game over Steam and it crashes a lot. As in, there's a 50/50 chance it will crash before and after a cutscene, and I do get a lot of failed saves as well. However, since I started playing GA it's not as bad anymore, and I don't get as many crashes (although I'm still very careful).

Stuck in mating

This happened to me once. While i was trying to mate, i tapped esc. to skip the cutscene. But instead, i was still at the cutscene and when it ended, i was still in the cutscene, unable to do anything! The only thing i could do was jumping, and do a mating call. I could not go to the menu. I had to force close spore.

help plz

Im Adam & something similar to this happened to me once. (STORY) One time i was migrating in spore & when i got to my new nest but my family were just standing with a "?" over there heads. It just would'nt stop! So i had to close the game

(PS This was an old copy on my preveous P.C so it dosnt matter anymore)

Tribal Raid Music Remains

Sometimes, if you retreat after raiding a tribe in the Tribal Stage, the drum beats will remain, only near your own tribe. This remains throughout the Tribal Stage and even into the Space Stage! WORKAROUND: Simply restart Spore. You do not have to quit without saving.

Stuck Zoom-in in the Creature Stage

There's an unknown cause to this bug, but what this bug does is that it keeps zooming into your creature. This bug can be really annoying. WORKAROUND:Restart Spore (you can save and quit)

Awkward editor Glitch

I stumbled across this pretty much game-breaking glitch, especially if you like editing in the normal creature stage. If you use Darkspore, it CAN happen to you. I had first installed the Darkspore with part limit in the editor, then I unistalled it, and installed the one with the No-Part-Limit version. It was running smoothly, until my Spore editor was weirdly zooming out all the way from an awkward position. I tried zooming back in, but it was in a pretty awkward position. There is currently no fix for it.

Cell test drive mode

(NOTE: this glitch only happens in the normal, old spore WITHOUT any patches like creepy n cute or bot parts, just old spore with the blue icon.) In cell stage, when editing a cell, you'll see that the test drive mode is missing as always. but, when you drive your mouse REALLY slowly and carefully, a text will pop up saying like ''Test drive mode'' then it will disappear with the speed of light. if you try a lot of times to get your mouse on that lil' text, and if you have eagle eyes and will click as fast as possible when that text is popping up, then you'll ENTER the cell test drive mode! (not really). HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS: the game will make your cell into a creature-editor-like-creature. there will be no background trees but an empty void. the arena circle will still be seen. the cell will move like if it has no legs (slug-like, you know) and if you click on an action that makes the cell yell or something, it will not do any sound like it has no mouth. you can create babies too though. I think this glitch only happened to me, reply somehow if this has happened to ya too

EDIT: I tested it, but it didn't happen again. maybe the creators fixed it...? (this glitch happened VERY long ago though)

Epics own a nest

rarely (or not), when you manage to ban a player creature and replace it with a Maxis one, that creature and its nest members will be exactly the size of an epic! it still has the actions and power of the attacks of a normal early creature.

footage of epics havin a nest

Random-species-is-your-friend glitch (CREATURE STAGE)

randomly, I walked far away from my nest to explore. and then, I found my species with an early nest (you know). when I approached to them, I realized there was a cocoon thing with water coming out at an edge of the nest. at first I thought it's just a 'late version' of my species and that it will get out soon, but after 4 seconds of looking at it, instead it hatched a random, befriended creature that is not my species. first it did the actions after a creature gets out of the cocoon then it simply walked away. (maybe to a nest). I didn't follow it...... WHYYYYYYYY

Forgotten spore feature without installing it?

a VERY long time ago, I was playing spore, the normal old one. I played it for the last time because I was about to get the GA patch. I was in tribal stage when I suddenly checked the hut and saw ''12/24''. it was weird because that was the only planet/game that was having 12/24, other tribal games were normal like 12/12. I remember making new creatures to increase the number to get to 24 members, then I don't remember what happened. one day after installing the GA patch I saw on youtube that ''forgotten spore'' thing and I remember seeing a 12/24 villagers mod thing. I don't remember having that mod ever but it was ONLY on that planet game; other tribal stages were not having the feature on. (this happened like, 3-4 yrs ago)



Help the bird! the gravity of the orbit made the birdy upside down! now the birdy can't swim! the birdy is gonna drown soon!! he has friends but the friends never help lil' birdy! we need YOU!


Birdy drowned...

Oh... looks like nobody came to save birdy... but look! birdy is still ALIVE!!

walking on the ocean floor...?

Dey all drowned ;-;

TUTORIAL (useful for making a cell stage):

take a teleporter, and place the blue one under your captain. then, the orange one, place it away from the planet as far as possible, until you can't almost reach it with your camera/mouse; then turn the orange one invisible. after you done that, click the test drive mode and let your creature fall and fall (into a water hole thing) then it should work and your creature will stick to the ocean floor.

Duplicating body parts without holding ALT

this glitch only happens in creature editors; sometimes without holding ALT to duplicate an item, when you drive your mouse over to the item it will already say ''sell for ... '' it's kind of annoying because you cannot make them larger, or buff them, or even move them out of the creature to delete. the solution is: when you have selected the item on the creature hold ALT, move around or do something holding the ALT button. it should work then

Stuck in 'hatching' mode

Sometimes, I think rarely, in creature stage, your avatar will be stuck when it's about to hatch after mating. the song when you hatch will keep playing and you will be able to do nothing but wait; but other than that... you will see your avatar floating above the egg x10 smaller than your species' normal size. IF YOU SAVE, your save game will be entirely lost; so don't, nothing will work then.


the screenshot of the photo; anyway idk if this glitch happened because i named the planet BAD_DATA xd




Player-made buildings/vehicles are lacking colors

this is a weird glitch that I encountered while making a planet. vehicles and buildings will be plain white for no reason at all. though, when you zoom in, it will gain its color back. this is an example...

White glitch

Empty Planet

Sometimes if you have the Dark Injection Mod and start a new game or start in the Creature Stage, the planet that you are playing on will only have up to 3-4 nests with little to no flora. This also goes if you are playing in the Tribal Stage as well. This can make gameplay dull and unplayable because you need to encounter more creatures as the game progresses, especially if your creature's diet is a herbivore. This glitch can also be triggered if you play Core Spore instead of Galactic Adventures.

Weird UI glitch in editor

If you get rid of patch data (as in the file), it messes up your background in the editor to a castle area, and in test drive mode, all the buttons are warped around, and messed up, you can still click them, it's just that the visuals are very screwed up. Is there anyway to fix this without re-adding patchdata?

Fixed it!:It was just a graphics glitch, to fix it, you just add "!"'s at the start of the core spore graphics package.

  • if one is recording spore with obs studios the game may go into seizure mode this glitch may be considered major if one has Epilepsy

Colony no spice glitch

For me most of the time when my empire gives the first quest to colonize the planet has no spice though it says it does

"Paint it Black" Glitch

For some weird reason, after finishing Civilization Stage as normal, I obviously got to play Space Stage, at first there was nothing wrong, just your standard "go du da stuff so u can progress", but after making it out of my homeworld, I noticed something pretty dark... quite literally: my planet was void of colour, I re-entered fast to check what the hell happened, but when I entered, everything was normal, so I said "Welp, Spore being Spore, I guess?" and re-exited, just to see the planet is black again, at that point I said "Weeeeell screw it, after all, is literally the only black planet in the world, so it's not like it's going to be a pain to find...", so I just went to the next planet, so you can investigate the ship and get the weapons and that, but when I exited that planet, it also turned black, and on re-entering, same stuff happened: totally normal.

At that point I just closed the game, cause I refused to have EVERY SINGLE PLANET I VISIT turned to almost-invisible rocks, I thought that maybe exiting the file would fix it... except it actually didn't, then I proceeded to exit the entire game and reboot it, but yeah, nothing really happened, then, as a desperate struggle, I just turned off the PC, and came back some days later, and I guess you can understand what was the result at this point.

I like to think of this like if your ship just drained the life out of a planet upon landing, leaving nothing but an empty dark husk, which is pretty ironic considering that I went for the Ecologist Filosophy...

By the way, some technical stuff, so I can be more precise: I run a pretty old Windows XP computer, I moved the data from the files I already had, since I wanted to try to conquer the entire universe with only 1 specie (Which btw, went wrong since apparently a tribe decided to set up on an adventure planet, making their "Peaceful occupation" quite impossible, rendering the conquer of that solar system, and as such, the entire galaxy quite impossible), this hasn't happened right after I did this, as I said before, I tried to conquer the entire galaxy, and when in the progress of that, I didn't just take the life out of the planets, I spammed the hell out of ADDDNA in Creature Stage (Ending), so I wouldn't have to worry about not having enough DNA to customize the creature as I wanted, aside from that, no cheats were used, I have no mod installed, neither I am connected to the servers, I haven't tried using another file just in case it also makes the planets go black, and I use a spanish version of the game, about the version of the game, I'm not sure, but it was before you could make asymmetrical creatures.

Invisible Planet

If you play a relatively big adventure in the last version of Spore GA, it may happen that the game starts to lag and then the whole ground of the adventure's planet, except the grass, becomes invisible. You can now see through the entire planet and see objects, buildings, creatures, etc. on the other side of it. Sometimes that can happen in the editor too. Once you leave the adventure and then start it again, everything is back to normal.

No New Games

If you create a relatively large number of Saved games, particularly if you're trying to force the game to create a game star at a certain location, eventually the galaxy will no longer be able to generate new stars for future saved games. This can be very frustrating, as the only (currently possible) way to fix this is to reset the galaxy.
Spore 2019-05-09 09-59-39

No more new games can appear...

No City Hall

While advancing to civilization stage with the "Force save" mod active, You can save a city hall without a name and without parts. This will crash the game.

Broken Adventure Editor

Rarely, when booting up a certain adventure in the adventure editor, the game starts to break. Music placed via the audio section will play in build mode but will silence in test mode. Also deleting an audio player won't work because the music just keeps playing anyways. Adventure editor background music will also halt when in build or paint mode and after a few minutes the game crashes, the only way to avoid a crash is to close out of the adventure before it's too late.

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