A planet within the galaxy that is unplayable

Glitches are unwanted effects from the programming of any video game. Glitches can range from being helpful to a player, amusing, meaningless, a nuisance, or game-wrecking. Spore itself has many glitches, but most rarely happen. The most common are programming errors - like citizens wandering out of cities and getting stuck, or vehicles 'glued' together. Incompatible or damaged hardware can cause glitches, as they execute the game's code incorrectly or have broken drivers.

Minor Glitches

A random glitchy planet (Minor Glitch)

Minor Glitches have little or no impact on gameplay and are often more amusing than harmful. It is usually possible to continue playing despite a minor glitch. This category contains many graphical glitches.

Major Glitches

Major Glitches are ones that impede gameplay or make it impossible, or may cause the game to freeze or crash. Some major glitches are so severe that they may necessitate deleting a save file or even reinstalling the game to get around. Patches often address major glitches.


Occasionally, if you use Galactic Adventures Adventure Creator and make a creature in the space stage and possibly in Civilization stage, a giant picture of that creature will appear covering one quarter of the planet.

Patch 5 Glitches

The two main features that were introduced in patch 5 were the ability to make parts in all editors asymmetrical by holding down "A” and the ability to ride vehicle of all types without slipping off. These two things will obviously cause many new glitches.

Slave Epics

It is unknown what causes this glitch. In space stage in a planet, vehicles will become epics, but still have the same AI as vehicles. Attempting to kill one will instantly kill it.

Big Babies

Very rarely, when a baby grows to adulthood, its eyes and feet will still be surprisingly large, 2x bigger than other adults not affected by this graphical glitch.

Submerged Huts

Very rarely, if you start a game at tribal stage, your hut will be submerged underwater, causing your tribe to be stuck and starved.

Submerged Nest

Rarely, your nest will start the creature stage in the middle of an ocean or other body of water. Because this doesn't usually happen, you can't eat anything and there are no other species to attack or socialize with. Even more rarely, you can't go on to land at all without being eaten by the Sea Monster.

Freeze Baby Freeze

Sometimes in the tribal stage, (No matter how far your camera is from the baby) baby animals will not exhibit any animations, including blinking and breathing movements. This wears off when the mother moves or you do something with their nest.

Civilization Stage Crashes

Upon installing Patch 5 and GA, the game may crash when you try to start a game from Civilization stage.

Asymmetric Adventure Part Glitch

If you put an adventure part on an asymmetrical limb or another asymmetrical body part, the part will appear on that limb and not be symmetric. (This is most likely intentional, but is also logical, and yet again, a bit of a pain, depending on your intentions) When you enter the test-drive mode, sometimes that part may flip extremely fast just like masks do in the tribal editor test-drive mode.

Rotating Parts

If you place the Level 2 energy regeneration helmet on top of the Hop Gogs (the Bard part that looks like a mask and lets you dance) and use the orange morph handle to increase the Hop Gogs' power level, the helmet part will slowly rotate in place. If you let go, it will stay where it is.

This glitch also happens in the vehicle editors, as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vcgoBQfuhg It seems to happen when many small detail parts are place upon each other, and the one at the start is manipulated.

Bugged Vehicle Editor

Sometimes if you immediately go to the Sporepedia after saving a vehicle, and then go back to the editor screen, the editor will look bizarre, as seen at the end of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vcgoBQfuhg

Asymmetrical cell glitch

Little is known about this glitch, it is yet unknown what causes it. The only thing in it is that it causes the players cell parts to be asymmetrical, even if they are not holding A, and a cell isn't able to eat food, except using a proboscis on creatures. Once it occurs it remains in the game forever.

Skating Glitch

Sometimes when you download patch 5, creatures and your captain don't move their bodies at all. They can still do everything normally, but their body won't move at all and they never make any sounds. So when you move they won't move their legs so it looks like they're skating. The only way to reverse this is to uninstall and reinstall Galactic Adventures. This also happens to your space games where when you talk to an empire or your empire, they don't move or talk. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it looks really annoying and boring. The player can fix this by changing their graphics settings and restarting the game.

Sporepedia Crashing Glitch

Sometimes when you download patch 5 after you download Galactic Adventures, whenever you try to view your Sporepedia the game crashes. The only known way to fix this is to uninstall and reinstall Galactic Adventures.

Missing Animations Glitch

This is a known compatibility issue with Spore Galactic Adventures. If you install patch 5 right before or right after installing Galactic Adventures, every creature animation (i.e. jump, walking, attacking etc.) will be gone and when your creature moves in test drive, the creature stage, or an adventure, it will make your creature look limp and lifeless and will be moving as if it was being pushed by something. The simplest fix is to copy all the .package files from Spore "Data" folder into Spore Galactic Adventures Data Folder. This should bring all the animations back. If this does not work, the other alternative fixes are to never install patch 5, or install everything in this order: Spore>Galactic Adventures>Creepy & Cute>Patch 5. This problem also occurs if you install the Bot Parts patch as it upgrades the game to version 1.6.

No-Leg Glitch

Legless creatures may occasionally crash the game, making the Slugger achievement difficult to obtain.

No Chieftain Glitch

If you are in the Space Stage on a Tribal Stage Planet and abduct a tribe's Chieftain, if you put it back down, it will become a Villager.

Captain Helmet Glitch

To get this glitch to happen, you must follow the instructions listed here. Create a long, thin, wormlike flat creature with legs (best creature spine at full length) and put it into the Captain Outfitter. Get the energy regeneration helmet from the scientist row and put it close to the eyes. Now get a jump jet and put it anywhere on the captain. Legs work best. Now, in the editor (and sometimes adventures) use the jump jet and the captains helmet will start randomly changing angles, but the helmet will return back to normal once the jump jet is done. This glitch is very amusing and almost makes the captain look like he is wearing some kind of suit that is alive. The glitch is probably caused by how there is an arch around the captains head area when he is happily launching himself into the air.

Frozen Land Cell Glitch

If you keep your cell parts to the third brain upgrade, sometimes your creature will freeze, but other creatures will keep moving. Strangely your creature is still having its breathing animations and is acting out its standing animations. It is a very strange glitch and can maybe be solved (if your game doesn't crash) by waiting to get eaten. If you're going for the survivor achievement, i'm sorry but that's all I got for you as a workaround.

Bot Part Glitches

Glitches involving the new Spore Bot Parts.

Floating Legs

If you have a 3-jointed Bot Legs, you can raise the lowest joint of the leg, and the feet will be raised into the air as well. If you make the feet raise higher than the body, the body will sink into the ground.

Singless creature crashes game

If you use the robot mouths, they won't have a singing sound, if you try to socialize a creature with the singing tone, the game will crash.

Spore Creatures Glitches

Wrong colour glitch

The one on the right is what it looked like before, the one on the left is what it looked like when saving.

This glitch is pretty interesting it happens sometimes in the place where you save your creature. But once you saved it and you go back to check it, it’s fixed. It changed back to normal.

Wrong music glitch

This is a glitch that causes the music to be different than it's supposed to be. For example, on Baysee, it may play the Arclart vs. Cricktor music. This glitch can usually be cured by progressing. Pretty much for the example above, progress to the battle scene, and it should fix itself. But sometimes this glitch may progress to completely shut off your file's sound! However it usually occurs during replay mode, so it isn't too big of a threat (except for replay-mode part hunters).

Sound shut-off glitch

Rarely, Most sounds will shut off (i.e. Dance hits, Digging, Calling, grabbing, Etc.) Most common in trunkle.

Bubleebu mouth glitch

This glitch will often occur when your gameplay creature has a Bubleebu/Ohi mouth, but the creature's body doesn't make the Bubleebu sound. For example, it will probably happen if your creature has a Supupie body and a Bubleebu mouth. This will cause either the sound to shut off like the wrong music glitch, or the backgrounds will bug out on screen. Strangely enough, the Salafend mouth will not cause this, so this glitch isn't caused by mouth type.

Sound effect shutoff

This glitch causes the same thing as the major version of the music shutoff glitch. It usually happens when your creature's mating call is soft. The main symptom is the sound effects shutting off when doing a mating call or getting near (In Spore Hero)Noodlin's beach. This glitch always progresses to completely silence your file, and the only cure is to delete the file. However, the bodies that make a Supupie noise are less likely to cause this, because of their deep mating calls. But bodies that make the Broogus noise are extremely likely to do this, so don't use those! (Remember, it only happens if your gameplay creature has a Broogus, Gorgue, etc. body, so don't be discouraged by other creatures that make this sniffly noise.)

Stuck In Water

Sometimes this happens if there is a fruit in a smaller lake of water and your creature goes to eat it. Your creature will get stuck, and cannot leave the area. The fruit also cannot be eaten. To fix this you must die from starvation, sending you as a baby back to your nest.

Frozen Game

There is a major spore creatures glitch where your whole game freezes. It starts when you press a button to skip the intro or to start the game. Also touching the touch screen freezes the game. There is no known reason why this happens, as it happened to me one day. There is also no known workaround.

Game unsensitive on certain parts

The game won't register certain sections as part of it on startup. Removing mouse focus and return should fix it.

Spore Hero Glitches

Broken Creature Editor in Play Now Mode

Sometimes a single save slot can become corrupted, causing the game to stop responding when entering your Creature Editor in Play Now mode using that save slot. The music will play still, but the Wii menu will freeze on a black screen. You will not be able to do anything (including entering the Home Menu) and ejecting the disc and reinserting it will not fix it (but it will detect that the disc has been ejected and will show a message). To fix this and be able to edit your creature, you will need to delete the save file slot in Play Now mode that is broken. Reloading the broken save file will not fix this and the issue will occur again when you enter the editor. You can still edit the Stone Idol and any other creatures, but the game will break when you attempt to edit your creature using a Nest.

Creature Editor shows incorrect Creature Level

In the Creature Editor, the ability menu shows your creature's Creature Level. However, the level shown in the ability menu is sometimes incorrect, being reported as being one level lower than the actual level it is, causing players to be confused about the level of the creature. The level shown outside the ability menu is always correct, and is the actual level that the creature will function as.

Can't Stop Walking

Sometimes, even if you're not moving the control pad around, your creature just can't stop walking! This can occur in ANY wii game that uses the nunchuk, and can be fixed in any game by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Usually caused by connecting the Nunchuck while the Stick is offcentered, but it could (sometimes) be low battery in the wii remote.

Freezing Creatures

Although rare, sometimes if you give fruit to certain creatures, the game will pause and an empty speech bubble will appear. After a few seconds it will disappear, but the creature you gave the fruit to will be frozen, and you won't be able to interact with it. This can be fixed by exiting and then re-entering the level.

Continuous Battle Music

Sometimes, the combat music won't stop, even if you have paused the game or exited the arena! The most known fix for this is to save the game, and turn off your console. This can also happen with the editor music and other music like the collect part music, which can be fixed by exiting and re-entering the area.

No Background Music Playing

Sometimes when you enter a level, no background music will play whatsoever. It is unknown what causes this glitch, but it may occur if the Spore Hero disc is dirty or scratched.

Floating Parts Glitch

Occasionally, when editing or making a creature, after you get any part (except arm and legs) out of the palette; you will get the "Spit-Newly Acquired" or "Bite-Newly Acquired" or whatever abilities you would get from the part you picked, even though you haven't put the part on your creature. If you let go of the part, you will lose your newly acquired ability. However, if you undo, then redo, the part will be floating in mid-air; you'll also have the ability you gave your creature back. The part will even stay on your creature when exiting the editor.

  • Note: If you hit the check-mark with the floating part on your creature, it will not be there, and it'll be useless, even in combat.
  • Using this glitch allows exiting the editor with a footless/legless creature. Because the game was not programmed to handle legless creatures, loading the legless creature will almost always cause the Wii menu to crash in such a way that the whole console is locked up. The power and reset buttons on the front don't work, and the only way to turn off the console and be able to continue playing is to remove the power.
    • If you can somehow load a legless creature without crashing the Wii menu, when moving your creature around, it will act as if it has no legs or feet.

"Install Feet" Glitch

Sometimes, after you install the feet to the idol, the goal will still be there, and installing feet again does not trigger the Quest to be completed. This glitch blocks further progress in Play Now as the Quest must be completed in order to progress to the beach. However, wikian Roblitzmanguy has beat the game with the Install Feet glitch on. Solution: The save slot is broken and no progress can be made on that save. Make another save game and complete the Install Feet quest.

Asymmetry Glitch

When editing a creature sometimes parts on one side may suddenly disappear. This can easily be resolved by clicking the remaining part. However, sometimes the glitch may occur after you have clicked the check-mark, which is extremely annoying if you are editing a creature such as Beast, Patman, Yacque, or Goglu, as they can't be changed back.

Freeze, Spikee, Freeze

Rarely, if you battle the Spikees, the whole game freezes. Not even the Sporeling moves. This can be fixed by reseting the game.

Mushroom Grove crashes

Though rare, sometimes when you enter the Mushroom Grove, the whole game freezes. This may be because the Wii Remote needs charging or because your creature has one leg.

Spore Hero Arena glitches

Legless Creature

When editing a creature, drag off the legs, but don't delete them. While holding the legs click on the 'done' button, your creature will have no legs! You will still be able to kick, but you will crawl along the ground like a legless PC Spore creature. This method can be used for mouths.

Floating horns

A Pediculous part floating, when it should be attached to the mouth.

The Pediculous detail part can not stay on the Rostrum mouth part, it will just float slightly behind the head or whereever you put them on the head.