A creature using the Glide ability.

SporeGlideGlide is an ability available to creatures in the Creature Stage and within adventures in Spore Galactic Adventures. It is exclusively granted by the wing parts in the detail category, or by the Glider Pack captain accessory.

Glide allows the player to stay aloft for a longer time after becoming airborne. It functions similar to a double jump, allowing the user to achieve greater height and distance by flapping their wings (pressing the space key repeatedly) while in the air. Additionally, players with the Glide ability will fall with greater air control, and are immediately able to start flying in the direction they are facing instead of directly downwards.

Higher levels of glide provide more "flaps" per level, allowing for greater distance and height to be covered. All parts that grant glide also grant the Jump ability at level 1, so that players can conveniently get airborne creatures the necessary minimum height to glide.

Players can earn the Flight of the Bumblebee achievement for flying over 200 meters without touching the ground in the Creature Stage.

Parts that provide the glide ability are listed below:

Part Category Glide Level Granted Part Cost (DNA) Notes
Antisoptera, Fauxry Wings, Megachiraptora, Cassoworry Detail 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 25 / 75 / 150 / 250 Animated, each provide level 1 Jump.
Glider Pack Captain Accessory 1* 0 Only available to Captains, * While listed as 1, there are no limits to the amount of "flaps", so the player can glide indefinitely as long as they have energy. Each "flap" costs 100 energy per use. Overrides any other parts that provide the Glide ability.

Tips Edit

  • Glide can often be used to escape otherwise certain death, making it useful when fighting powerful nests or being ambushed and overwhelmed by multiple hostile species. Many creatures stop chasing when the player takes off.
  • It is recommended to use parts that provide a higher Jump and/or greater movement speed with Glide, as the former will provide more height on the initial jump, while the latter will provide greater forward velocity to cover more distance in a single flight.
  • Tribe members will also make use of Glide in the Tribal Stage as well to cover great distances faster.

Glitches Edit

  • Using the mating call while gliding, it will able immediately glide again (by pressing space/clicking the button).
  • Occasionally, when wings are placed on moving portions of a creature’s body (neck, limbs, etc.) and the creature’s flaps its wings to glide, the wing will glitch from one position to another, and back when the creature moves the wing back up. Albeit seeming abnormal, this is merely due to angling effects sometimes seen in the Creature Editor where a part “snaps” from one position to the next.
  • Though it is possible to fly forever through a glitch in Spore Galactic Adventures. If the player's creature obtains a speed power-up, then flies with a glide level of 5, the creature will glide forever, provided the played holds the left mouse button down.

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