Gameplay Objects

A large group of undisguised gameplay objects.

Gameplay Objects are type of objects that allows the player's creature to interact with, such as gates, teleporters, and bombs. Player can disguise gameplay objects as buildings, vehicles, fixed objects, or make them invisible. Many gameplay objects, such as bombs, power-ups, and crates, are simple single objects that function without a partner. On the other hand, keys, gates, and teleporters work in pairs. Keys unlocks gates of the same color, and teleporters teleport to a secondary teleporter created at the same time as itself. It is present in Spore Galactic Adventures.

List of Gameplay Objects Edit

  1. Gates with Keys
  2. Bombs with timers (short, medium, and long)
  3. Crates
  4. Explosive barrels
  5. Grenades
  6. Mines
  7. Jump Pads
  8. Teleporters
  9. Power-ups (health, speed, energy, armor, and damage)

Glitches Edit

  • A glitch which player can able to disguise the gameplay object into a creature, or even cell, unlike buildings, vehicles, or fixed objects. Load any Gameplay object, click on "Behavior" button, then, click on the "Normal" bar, and select "Disguised" bar. Once clicked, pick any building and edit them in Building Creator. In Building Creator, go to the Sporepedia, select the "All" button, and click on "Creatures" or "Cell", pick any selected creation, edit them, and click "Save and Quit" button.