The Galactic Core

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It is widely believed that the Grox are guarding some form of treasure at the center of the galaxy. There is no evidence for this, but we cannot discount the possibility.

- Scrolls of Order Vol. 10

The Galactic Core is located at the exact center of the galaxy, surrounded by the Grox Empire, which occupies some 2,400 star systems in the galaxy's interior. A supermassive black hole, the Galactic Core produces intense radiation powered by the tremendous amount of surrounding material, as much as one thousand solar masses a year, that it consumes. As one approaches the Core, the travel range of the player's spaceship continually reduces, complicating the already perilous journey to the secrets within.


The Core[]

We theorize that the center of the galaxy may contain vital clues to the origin of the Grox.

- Stone of Life 9

The Core is a uniquely colored black hole with two extremely large jets shooting out of its poles. The pointer on your travel range will go haywire, pointing in various directions as it spins around. Once you enter, a deep voice will begin to talk to you, congratulating you on your journey. At the same time, you are travelling through a large wormhole toward an unknown destination. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by Steve, who gives you the Staff of Life. Once out of the Core, your travel radius will return to normal.



Steve awaits visitors to the Galactic Core.

A player needs at least Interstellar Drive 3, with the limiting effects of the gravitational fluctuations, this is just enough to travel between stars, though the core has been reached with only the second level drive. It is also suggested to have a Wormhole Key, that way one doesn't waste time going through the galaxy's arms. To actually get to the Galactic Core, a player will have to travel through the Grox Empire, which won't be easy. Every time a player travels to another system, more Grox ships will be sent to chase the player. The Grox are an extremely violent race that will try to kill you regardless of what you are doing. The Grox ships have 2,700 HP and do approximately 150 damage per shot. It is suggested to bring a Medium Health at least, as well as a few Anti-Matter Missiles and Repair Mega Packs for defense. Auto Blasters are also recommended, as they will automatically counter-attack the Grox ships, even when traveling between stars. AOE Repairs are great as well, as they will completely heal you and your allies, who can soak damage while you run. Also, you need a shield for even further protection.

As long as a player does not stop at a system, but instead immediately clicks on the next system, the ships will not catch up with the player. However, once they do catch up they can not be outrun. A solution if this happens can be to land on a empty planet and drop a colony, and then pausing to be healed and planning the next path. The Grox will not follow you there. Alternatively, you can ally with the Grox, to stop them from attacking you. Be warned, however, as this will cause every spacefaring civilization you know, (or uplift and/or encounter later), to instantly declare war, and if you do not have Return Ticket, you will be chased by every Spacefaring planet you encounter on the way home, unless you had a very high relation with them prior to allying the Grox. An Interstellar Drive 5 is highly recommended.


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