General Edit

Image Title Description
Published Author Published Author Publish an adventure.
Storyteller Storyteller Publish 50 Adventures.
Adventurer Adventurer Complete an adventure in Space Stage.
Grand Adventurer Grand Adventurer Complete 100 Adventures in Space Stage.
Mercenary Mercenary Kill 1000 creatures while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer Kill 1000 epics while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly Befriend 1000 creatures while playing Adventures in Space Game.
My Precious My Precious Collect 3000 items while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Major Contributor Major Contributor Give 500 gifts while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Red Shirt Red Shirt Lose 100 crew members while playing Adventures in Space Game.
My Hero My Hero Defend 500 creatures while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Demolition Expert Demolition Expert Destroy 1000 buildings while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Auto-Wrecker Auto-Wrecker Destroy 1000 vehicles while playing Adventures in Space Game.
Consumer Consumer Complete 200 missions made by other players.
Costume Piece Costume Piece Create 50 adventures with tribal, civilazation, and space actors.
Delerious Designer Delerious Designer Create 50 adventures using only your creations.
Terraformaniac Terraformaniac Create 50 adventures on planets that you terraformed.
Geared Up Geared Up Outfit 50 creatures with adventure parts.
Dabbler Dabbler Download over 500 adventures.
Aeschylus Aeschylus Create 10 Adventures.
Moliere Moliere Create 50 Adventures.
Shakespeare Shakespeare Create 100 Adventures.
Scientist Scientist Place 200 non-accessorised creatures into your adventures.
Going Tribal Going Tribal Place 200 Tribal Creatures into your Adventures.
So Civilized So Civilized Place 200 Civilization Creatures into your Adventures.
Emperor Emperor Place 200 Empire Creatures into your Adventures.
Architect (GA) Architect Place 500 Buildings into your Adventures.
Mechanic Mechanic Place 500 Vehicles into your Adventures.
Still Life Still Life Create 30 Adventures with no creatures.
Happy Times Happy Times Create 30 adventures with all peaceful actors.
Large Ensemble Large Ensemble Create 30 adventures with over 100 actors.
Granddaddy Granddaddy Have 10 other creators edit one of your Adventures.
Bestseller Bestseller Have your adventure featured by Maxis.
Epic Fail Epic Fail Fail 50 missions made by other players.
Chatter Box Chatter Box Comment on 200 different adventures.
Mad Skills Mad Skills Earn top ranks in 50 leader boards.
Maxis Super Fan Maxis Super Fan Create 25 adventures using only Maxis made creatures.
The Critic The Critic Rate 200 adventures.
Top Seller Top Seller Get 1000 of your assets to be used in other people's adventures.

Captain Edit

Image Title Description
My First Captain My First Captain Raise a Captain to rank 10.
Captain Academy Captain Academy Raise 10 captains to rank 10.
Fierce Warrior Fierce Warrior Unlock all four Warrior parts on a Captain.
Intelligent Scientist Intelligent Scientist Unlock all four Scientist parts on a Captain.
Industrious Trader Industrious Trader Unlock all four Trader parts on a Captain.
Joyful Bard Joyful Bard Unlock all four Bard parts on a Captain.
Faithful Zealot Faithful Zealot Unlock all four Zealot parts on a Captain.
Wise Shaman Wise Shaman Unlock all four Shaman parts on a Captain.
Just Diplomat Just Diplomat Unlock all four Diplomat parts on a Captain.
Universal Ecologist Universal Ecologist Unlock all four Ecologist parts on a Captain.

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