Fruit is a type of food in Spore that can be encountered thought Creature to Tribal stages, small trees and shrubs grows the fruit, and provide food source for herbivorous and omnivorous creatures.

Stages Edit

Creature Stage Edit

Fruit grows on shrubs and small trees and can be eaten by herbivorous and omnivorous creatures, they may fall on the ground when hit with a pickup object. If the fruit is left alone for too long, it will rot and cannot be consumed. If an carnivore attempts to eat any fruit, it will instantly vomit it back up and gain no hunger benefit from it.

Tribal Stage Edit

Fruit can be harvested by omnivorous and herbivorous tribes. The cell stage consequence ability 'Refreshing Storm' also aids in fruit gathering, as it replenishes the shrubs and small trees nearby with fruits and then makes them fall on the ground.

If gathering canes are purchased and equipped to tribe members, it increases gather counts to collect the fruit, with level 5 gathering, this means 10 food per run.

Other stages Edit

Fruit does not appear in Cell, Civilization, nor Space stages.

Galactic Adventures Edit

Fruit can be put into adventures as a prop. It appears in three ways; as a Pile of Fruits, as a Basket of Fruit and as a single Fruit, only the basket and the single fruit can be held in the adventure.

Cancelled stages Edit

Fruits will be not appeared in the Molecular stage nor Aquatic Stage. It would be appeared in the City stage as a source of food for the city to use.

Trivia Edit

  • Fruits resemble a cross between mangoes and red pears from Earth.
  • If you look closely enough, you can see small numbers and symbols on the fruits' textures.

Bugs Edit

  • In Civilization Stage, if a tribesman is holding a basket with fruits it will stay in the city during the whole stage. Other than that the fruits don't make any appearances on Civilization Stage.