The Friendly card awarded to species.

"Friendly tribes understand the importance of teamwork. They form alliances to share resources and prosper with other tribes."

Friendly Consequence Abilities[]

Civilization stage

Black Cloud: "This ability shuts down entertainment buildings and turrets causing unhappiness."
Fanatical Uprising: "Forces all nations to convert to your religion, giving you any remaining cities (after controlling 6) and allowing you to advance to the Space stage. City types do not change, so military cities stay military."

Space stage

Gracious Greeting: "This ability boosts your initial relationship with alien races."

Gaining The Friendly Trait

The Friendly trait is gained by socializing tribes. You don't have to necessarily socialize every tribe, you just have to have a majority of social takeovers. Make sure to have at least 4 tribes as your ally to obtain the Friendly trait.