Fish are a type of food item and aquatic organism in Spore, appearing only in the Tribal Stage.


Tribal Stage[]

Fish can be acquired at a designated fishing spot along the coast. These fishing spots feature fish, visually similar to cell stage creatures, that leap out of the water constantly, and they appear as fish shaped icons on the mini map. Only omnivores and carnivores can hunt for fish, while herbivores gather seaweed instead. The Fishing Spears tool allows tribe members to maximize their fishing bounty. Using the Flying Fish consequence ability will summon the Sea Monster, providing a large amount of fish to the player's tribe. The amount of fish is dependent on the size of the tribe.

Galactic Adventures[]

A top and side view of a single Fish.

In the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack, "Jumping Fish" can be placed anywhere into an adventure as an effect from the "Nature Effects" folder, though they cannot be interacted with. There are also a handful of fixed objects featuring the fish, such as Fish Platter, Pile Fish, the Fish Market, and the Fish Hut.


  • Fishing is the second easiest method for collecting food, because the tribe usually has to go long distances to reach a suitable fishing spot.

The "Jumping Fish" effect in Spore Galactic Adventures.


  • The fish are fully modeled and appear to be made out of Cell Stage parts, being vaguely similar to carnivorous cells like Junior and Paa. Despite this, their tail fin seems to be part of their body segment rather than an identifiable creature part.

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