Filter Mouth

Filter Mouth.

The Filter Mouth is a herbivorous mouth appearing in Cell Creator and Early Creature Creator of Spore. It cost 15 DNA budget to apply to the cell or creature.

Purpose Edit

Cell Stage Edit

It allows the cell to become herbivore and consume the green plant buds flowing around the map, and they cannot harm any opposing cell. The cells with this part are often afraid of the carnivorous cells, while with herbivorous cells will remain unaffected unless it was harmed with the harmful cell part.

Creature Stage Edit

This part will function as an average mouth part. It will convert the creature into a herbivore, and gives abilities; level 1 bite and sing, and mating call.

Gallery Edit

Note: These parts are not available in Spore in general and cannot be used in-game besides accessing via unreleased editor.

Trivia Edit

  • It resembles cirri, or the mouthparts of a barnacle.