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Greetings stranger, this is the chat channel of UNO, where communication with other civilizations occurs, with messages for various reasons. On this network area, messages are sent for various reasons of importance, and are replied to by the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders, or AIs which perfectly recreate the thought pattern of the leaders.

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For communications, please use Msg (with the "|type=post" to start a conversation), and you don't have to us a user signature. Please begin the title of the message with "Incoming Transmission", or "An unknown transmission", etc. If you want to put an out-of-universe message in a transmission, just put the message in brackets.

For out-of-universe user talk, just put your signature and write it as a normal message.


Angry Iteok Transmission[]

*The Iteok screeches*

How dear you trap us within YOUR borders??? Now we have no space to expand and it's all your fault! I demand you to give us more territory or you will be crushed, putiful alliance! The only real alliance is the Terridor-Iteok alliance! I wish you were destroyed by the Tyranites, worms. Bye.

- Commander Rhtarhiatrhos of the Iteok Khereg

Incoming transmission from the Tokzhalan Empire[]

Hello, and congratulations on uniting your galaxy under one flag and bringing it to peace!

Now, I should probably explain myself, since your knowledge of my Empire probably mostly relates to our sending of several million Drone ships to invade Ottzello in the recent galactic war there. First of all, that was the choice of my predecessor, Emperor Tokzhalat, and not myself. Secondly, the Drones were under the control of the Daleks for the entire course of the war, so if there were any civilian casualties - which there almost certainly were, because that's what the Daleks are like - again, it's not something that I, and probably not even Tokzhalat, would have chosen to do.

However, I will try to justify our choice to send ships into the galaxy in the first place. The evidence that we had did suggest that the civilisations of Ottzello were on a self-destructive and mutually-destructive path, and the only way to stop this was to destroy them and allow the Kralgon to assume control, at least temporarily. As for why we let the Daleks control them, it was the only way to convince the Daleks to fight in your galaxy, as part of our plan to weaken their forces and, essentially, get rid of them in some way or another. Given the lack of Dalek activity in this part of the universe recently, it appears that this plan has, at least in part and at least for now, succeeded.

I hope you understand, and that our relations may improve in future. ~ Emperor Mazipnos

Yes. I don't think there's anything more to say than that! ~ Emperor Mazipnos

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[]

Greetings, and congratulations in your recent successes and your unification of Ottzello!

I do not believe we have had any communication in the past, although I'm sure you're aware of the Tokzhalan Empire, a group that mysteriously seceeded from us and, of course, sent a large force of Drone ships to conquer your galaxy. I must point out that we are not the same civilisation, and although we are in a truce, and collaborate on certain scientific projects such as the Girdo Nature Reserve, we are not politically affiliated with each other.

Again, congratulations! ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Hmm... we're not sure about that. Although normally we only consider ourselves "officially" allies with fellow members of the Seven Starr Alliance... in your case, we will still consider it even if you don't join the Alliance, and we try to keep good relations with as many civilisations as we can regardless.

So... I guess we'll get back to you on that. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Just post a transmission on the adjacent communications board and we will respond. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel[]

Greetings Galot, considering our previous relations with your species, and your restoration of Titanozor, we made the descision to ally with rest of the UNO. The Loron we see are no longer a problem as we have almost wiped them out on several occasions. --DCP Representive 13:58, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission by Rambo Command[]

Hail UNO! We are honored by your transmission. And we are pleased that you are interessted in an alliance between our nations and that you are well aware of our history. We accept you offer of an alliance and we hope the alliance will prosper and florish throughout the years. Hail our new alliance!

Senate of Rambo Nation out.

Incoming Transmission of the United Republic of Cyrannus[]

Greetings Great Unified Nation of Ottzello! We have been studying your history and we are now glad that you have brought peace, justice and prosperity to the galaxy of Ottzello, much how we brought the same ideals and values to Cyrannus, many long years ago. We accept your alliance and we will nurture and honor it, long live our alliance!

We are of peace, always.

Apollo of the Cyrannus Republic

Incoming transmissive from the United Lanat Empire.[]

Yes, an alliance would be mutually beneficial. We accept and may the alliance always stand strong!


Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel[]

MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
We have anylized the ZenPhone, ZenPad and ZenComp. We already have our own versions that can be intergrated into the mind and body itself. However, there is interest my some collectors who seek more traditional technologies. We thank your for this gift as it would please them. We are unlikely to use them for advertisement as it no longer exists. --DCP Representitive 23:43, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Telepathic Readings!![]


Incoming Transmission from the Joran Planet Alliance[]

We will accept your request to ally with us, though we would rather keep to ourselves in regards to our military technology. But thank you for the offer. May this alliance prosper for years to come!

Joran Planet Alliance Foreign Relations Office

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[]

Yes, of course. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Reply - DSB Channel[]

We graciously accept this proposal of alliance. May our empires prosper for hundreds of years! - Priest Kenors, current Leader of the Defensive System's Bloc.

LequianP.pngComrade Liquid Ink 22:23, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from Paingler Imperium[]

"Sar enharra, Unified Nation of Ottzello,

We have received your request for an alliance. On behalf of the Emperor, the Imperium accepts such a request at alliance.

-Imperial Transmission Relay of Cora. Atom9a 23:19, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Ermitant Empire[]

Representing the New Ermitant Republic is: Fleet Commander Nondarrrt (Communications)
Hmmm...how can I say it in your language... cors we wanna ally yoo dood let do dis

Incoming Transmission from the United Republic of Cyrannus[]

Greetings, Unified Nations of Ottzello

We would be honoured to colonize your galaxy, as we would be honoured for you to colonize a few systems in ours. Long live our alliance!

-Apollo of the URC

Hail, the Unified Nation of Ottzello! I send this transmission in thanks of your generous support against the Confederacy in the Great Cyrannus War. Your impressive fleet will go along way to restore order and peace to Cyrannus. In regard to which army to send, the Senate has decided to send the multi-species army instead of the Loron. It appears that their former reputation still exists, but I understand now that with the System in place, they will behave themselves! Your position in this war will only strengthen our young friendship.

-Apollo of the URC

Great news, Kralgon Emperor. We are sure to send you a fleet of our finest ships under the command of General Sesoka (Sorry no information written on the wiki yet) to aid your assaults on the Trucinex colonial sector. And please, my friend, do not worry about the incidents on the Universal Boards, we are a progressive nation and I fully believe in second chances. Thank you again for your aid, my friends!

-Apollo of the URC

Incoming Transmission[]

I guess an alliance sees fit in our eyes. We accept.

- Shka'Tun Councillor

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[]

Greetings, Unified Nation of Ottzello.

As I'm sure you're aware, the Kraw aren't very happy at the moment. So, the Tahar Emperor contacted me with a plan. This plan is to make "advertisements" (apparently a sort of positive propaganda in this case) and broadcast them across the Kraw Empire (the Tahars would take care of that part). These would help calm the Kraw down, and the rest of the galaxy would follow, allowing outside intervention to step in and stop the Kraw Galaxy from going down its current counterproductive and self-destructive path, and also preventing the formation of any new "Friendly Republics". The Tahars specifically suggested Ottzels to star in the advert; is there anybody who could do this, or would you prefer to leave the Kraw Galaxy alone? ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

I don't know why they wanted Ottzels; I'd guess that it's the main species that Krawians imagine when thinking about UNO, as the galaxy's culture is very focused around single-species empires. I'm sure that Galot will be fine, and if not, we can always use CGI. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Transmission from the Pepis Empire[]

Sure, we'll take a Pepis-Otzello alliance! - King Peptain


We the Dragonian Empire accept the Proposal of Trade route.May the relations of our Empires improve

Dragonian messenger ship[]

The Dragonian Star Empire wishes to propose an alliance with the UNO.

Incoming Transmission - Pepis Empire[]

UNO, we might need some assistance. We found some Loron, who attacked us for no reason. Don't you have a grip on these guys!?! Well, we started to found a new colony, but those Loron "rebels", if they ARE yours, exterminated our attempt. Well, we are trying to attack, it just ain't working. So... yeah... HELP! - King Peptian


Yes, we know we have enough technology (possibly) to defeat these guys, but they have strength. MUCH strength. - King Peptian's Military General

Transmission 2[]

So... we have to fight them on our own? How did you capture your guy's Loron? - King Peptian

Another Transmission from the Pepis[]

Hey, uh, yeah, guys? We could use your help; it is NOT the Loron (We joined the SSA and the shiny techs, so no bother). We could use help training our right now untrained army. - King Peptian

Incoming Transmission from the Nuns of Conflict[]

Kryther, representative of UNO. We have heard much about you, you and your false gods. We have seen your member races, mutants and artificial races! We do not like what we see....we shall turn down your offer for an alliance, as our Empire brothers have fought with another member of your empire; the Loron. We feel as if it would betray our brothers if we were to ally with you. Also, your mutants, the Ottzel, and your artificial races, creatures such as the Gaal and Galt, disgust us! We would rather burn them to ashes than ally with them! We wish you good luck that your empire is purged of such beings unworthy to live!

- Keldar Taran of the Nuns of Conflict

We refuse your offer of a trade route! We shall not give you our precious resources, as then you would become stronger! We shall not give you our Shidium, which is by far one of the strongest minerals in this Universe! You are unpure, and once your filthy ways have been cleansed, then we shall make allies of you! However, for now, we wish not for a trade route or alliance of any kind! Now, if you wish not for war, I recommend that you stop making fools of yourself.

- Keldar Taran of the Nuns of Conflict

Incoming transmission from the Keiternyan Star Empire[]

Hail Unified Nation of Otzello,

I represent the Emperor Kyantay VII from the Keiternyan Star Empire. We have recently reached these sectors and we have already heard of a mighty nation having this place as their home. Now that we have contacted you, my Emperor wishes to open peaceful negotiations with you. We have respect for the vast territories you control and we would like to know more about your empire. Also, if you agree, we wish to establish a trade route between us. We think that we can both profit from this agreement and we hope that your opinions shall be positive on this matter. We thank you very much for your attention.

Keiternya out. --Captain Jinkyax 10:12, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Greetings Valzo of the Unified Nation of Otzello,

We have recieved your message and we thank you for your warning. Now we know that if our trade route is established, we will have to have it guarded against criminals. We hope that our further relation with you will constantly become better and that one day our trade route will become an alliance. Maybe it is an idea that we send our most respected captain, captain Jinkyax Cai to meet with you, Royal Valzo, so that our friendship will become stronger. We await your reply and we thank you.

Keiternya out. --Captain Jinkyax 15:33, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Greetings Valzo,

We are happy to know that you would like to meet Captain Jinkyax, so we will pe planning it in in his agenda. He will come over as soon as possible. We hope our traderoute will be secure and that it will bring much wealth to all of us. Maybe we can discuss the details of our possible alliance during the meeting?

Keiternya out. --Captain Jinkyax 07:45, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

hey Technobliterator, maybe it is an idea that I send you the png file of Captain Jinkyax or something? To make the meeting or so. Thanks!

Incoming transmission from the Zoles Imperium[]

.png Representing the Zoles Imperium is: (Communications)
Hello, UNO. We have already noticed your efforts in fighting the Wranploer Legion, and we accept your request. Just don't destroy any more Cold Relays, please.

Incoming Transmission from the Cognatus Remnant[]

Greetings, Valzo of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. On behalf of the people of the Cognatus Remnant, I accept your request for an alliance.

-Voro'Acetee, Leader of the Cognatus Remnant

Incoming Transmission[]

We have decided to follow the first option. As for your request for an alliance, we have decided to decline. For now at least. We however, grateful for your decision to obey the laws of the Declaration of the Empire. Some foolish civilizations did not.

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel[]

Greetings, Valzo, it has been some time, although gone for a few months in this universe in our time, it has been several years for us in that spatial prison of which we have no idea why we were entrapped. We know what it is like to exist in a state of dystopia. We are also saddened to find the First Gigaquadrant in this state. however, the forces of chaos just keep coming. Please send us all the data known on the Xi'Arazhula. --Emperor Wormulus II 21:20, November 26, 2011 (UTC) (you don't have to send me a lengthy explanation, just *we sent you this* if you reply).

We will analyse the data file you sent and make an assessment on their strengths and weaknesses. The Galot and Norosaurians luckily have survived. The Galot wish to try and recover the Ottzello genome, although the general consensus is that any traces have likely to been purged in the Annihilation. --Emperor Wormulus II 23:08, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Question about the quote "We live for one Purpose; to survive"[]

I find this to be a little bit odd. Doesn't this mean they survive for the purpose of continuing to survive? --Wickle Fwickle (talk) 10:58, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Well...yeah? :L--TaldarPic.png Technobliterator TC 17:35, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission[]

Greetings to the honourable leaders of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. I am Potentate Aeresius of the Cyrannian Empire. When the Empire was initially formed, you asked us if we wished to ally with your civilisation. It saddens me that my predecessor chose not to. As such, I wish to formally extend the hand of friendship toward your great nation, and I hope that you will respond in kind. Kalos Mercu.

We are pleased with your decision. May our alliance be prosperous, our trade be lucrative and our militaries be strong.

Incoming Transmission from the Aekite Union[]

To the honorable leaders of the Unified Nation of Ottzello:

As a new member of the Seven Starr Alliance, we are making contact with all other member nations. We are learning much about your empire and would like to maintain good relations with your glorious state.

Please reply when you are able,

- Aenoch Colos of the Aekite Union

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel[]

MiniGrimb.png Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Greetings Kralgon Emperor. We feel honoured from your support to our cause. We are indeed in the safe zone, financially. In Andromeda we welcome your military support, although we have not been able to commit our forces in the Mirus galaxy. We took all that was useful from our former holdings in Mirus, but now it looks as though it will become the next stage of the war. This is why we ask for allied support in Mirus. War has not yet reached it, but the Xonexi faction is building its counter-strike. Thus we need our allies, like you and the Tralor, to make them feel crowded out.

Incoming Transmission from the Indoctrinate Collective[]

Greetings, Unified Nation. We thank you for your offer of help and gladly accept it. With your help as well as the aid of many other civilizations, we shall make history in the Gigaquadrant.

Incoming Transmission - New Republic Channel[]

Greetings, honourable representatives of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. The tides of the universe are an ever changing force and while we do not agree with your decision to accept the legitimacy of the Empire upon the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus, we understand it. Before the dark times of this galaxy, I remember vividedly standing alongside your greatest leaders and warriors at Loktia Resort during the Great Cyrannus War and though I will not go so far as to say that I enjoyed the experience (being nearly killed several times will do that to a person), I valued the time spent getting to know my Ottzelloan counterparts.

Now in the modern age of the Gigaquadrant, much has changed, but my respect for the Unified Nation of Ottzello has not. While our civilisations differ on many key and in many cases fundamental points, we will not let that impede the chance to further relations with those who seek order in both the Borealis Galaxy and the Gigaquadrant against the dark forces of the Dominion and all those who would ally with them. As such, I welcome the renewal of the alliance of old between the Republic and the Nation of Ottzello and look forward to meeting your representatives in the near future.

Kalos mercu.