You seem to be an interesting ally. Yes, we certainly should work together.

Reply from Zargoth Edit

Hmm... *checks the time logs* Ah yes we have. Indeed, it'd be nice to work with someone else for a change... old aquantiances get boring after a few billion years. So yes, I would like to work with you in omniversal destruction. Also, want to play a few games of "who can make mortals scream more"? I'd take pleasure in beating you.

Incoming demensional message Edit

Hail Antediluvian!,

Yes I heard rumors of your return Dark Lord. And I am glad that you have returned, Artmyris failed after all, as his goals were to high and he wanted to much in to little time. Sadly, my master did die indeed and his loss was greatly felt throughout the Chaos Realm. Now a power struggle is about to begin and for that I might need you help! Yes I wish to rule the Chaos Realm, and that you can show me the Ultimate God is not so ultimate woudl be great. Though we must be careful, the Ultimate One's attention should not be drawn to us, his power is said to be unmatched. I will follow you my lord, the armies of the Chaos Realm will be at your command!

You loyal new servant


We could work together..... Edit

"I appreciate your ability's, yet I could help further your accomplishments if you would ally with me and the Delpaxia.All hail Antediluvian." -Zev

Didact! Edit

Perhaps it should be stated that his concept is based a bit off of the Didact from Halo 4 (for origins only, of course)? --Wickle Fwickle (talk) 09:58, February 13, 2013 (UTC)

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