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A proposal to the Pure One Edit

Premier Yuorgi, representing the United Republic of Grubmolians
It has become apparent to both our Central and Galactic Governments that the actions you have took are agitating the peace of the United Republic, as well as the gigaquadrant. The United Republic has put up with your reckless behavior for too long, now. This is your final warning to retract your 'alliance' with the Divinity of Spodia, retract your recognition of independence of Spodia. Cease your imports into Spodia and remove any troops or ships that are placed in Spodian territory or there will be unforseen consequences. If you do not agree to these terms, it will be taken as an act of aggression, and war will be declared. If you accept our terms, we would wish to sign a non-aggression pact, and you may be treated to a handsome sum of money.

We are saying this out of a genuine fear for the peace of the United Republic and the rest of the Gigaquadrant. You need to understand that Spodia is nothing more than a terrorist group. They will do anything, whether it's moral or immoral, to get their way. If this means total genocide of a people, they will do it. We don't want any more lives to be lost to Spodia, nor do we want to lose any lives against a war to the Purity. The United Republic understands, and enforces the rights of freedom of religion, expression, speech, and movement. We do not hate, nor do we condone followers of Spodism as long as the Spodists in question are not causing any harm to themselves or the people around them. Spodia falls into this category, and as such we believe it is our right to intervene to protect our citizens and your citizens.

This is a last resort, we both know that a war against each-other would be far too costly, both financially and in death tolls. Please take the safer route, the easier route, and end your alliance with Spodia. It will save the lives of millions... and save you trillions.

Greetings Premier Yuorgi, trust me, Spodia is much more safe with us here, they adhere to the ways of Purity much more than you do. In turn, we will ensure that no such terrorist attacks will repeat themselves. You must understand that they are not only fighting for their religion, but also for their freedom.

They will be much happier with us. We will help them. They won't bother you any longer.

We do not want a war but if it means protecting our brothers, so be it. We have no men to lose, you do. We are already fighting the war against the Republic but it won't matter to you should you attack first. Do Not Tempt Our Wrath.
Premier Yuorgi, representing the United Republic of Grubmolians

Fine. If you are too blind to realize that Spodia is a corrupt regime hellbent on universal domination, then we have no choice but to declare war on you. We will see that you retract your claims, whether you like it or not.

A proposal for the set of rules and guidelines that will be used during this war between our two nations. Edit

Premier Yuorgi, representing the United Republic of Grubmolians
Due to the recent war between our two nations, it is necessary that the two of us work together to assure that there is no unnecessary casualties or destruction in this war. This war is not about the guaranteed destruction of either side, it is about the matter of New Spodia and your refusal to retract your claims of support for them.

I propose that these set of guidelines be followed in order to ensure that this war between the two of us isn't any more destructive than it needs to be.


Weapons of Mass Destructions, such as Nuclear Weapons, Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, and Radiological Weapons are not to be used or deployed on civilian or military populations unless one side has deployed these weapons on the other without prior warning. This includes the usage of Planet Busters, Star Busters, or any tool capable of rendering an entire planet uninhabitable, as well as the "Purification Project" and "Purifier Beam". We cannot stress enough that we do not wish for unnecessary casualties.


War Crimes will be completely untolerated during this conflict and must be considered unlawful during conflict. This includes the following:

  • Causing unnecessary suffering to body or health.
  • Torture or inhumane treatment of soldiers or POW.
  • Unlawful destruction of civilian or public property (i.e targeting civilian populations)
  • Unlawful deportation, confinement, or transfer of POW or Civilian Populations
  • Directing attacks (however severe) against civilians
  • Directing attacks against humanitarian workers, peacekeepers, diplomats, and ambassadors
  • Killing surrendered combatants
  • Using civilians as shields
  • Using child soldiers
  • Firing upon a Combat Medic with clear insignia
  • The Raping, Enslavement, or forced prostitution of military or civilian populations


The Capitals or Homeworlds of either side will remain untouched by any WMD or devastating invasion. In case of invasion of a capital or homeworld, the invading forces are to attempt to cause as little unnecessary destruction in order to protect historical and cultural values.

Once again, we are stressing that this is not a conflict about destroying your nation or destroying our nation. This is a conflict on the status of New Spodia and the avenging of the lives which have been lost due to the destruction of Mutypla's moon.
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Vice-Premier Expi of the United Republic of Grubmolians

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